which of the following statements is not true about solid state media?

16. 11. A.

Compounds – Common salt, Sea water, Marble, Mixtures – Brass, Sand, Petroleum, Chalk, Air. Solid-state storage can be found generally in three form factors: solid-state drives (SSD), solid-state cards (SSC) and solid-state modules (SSM).

50. Good stories as well as bad stories spread and stick transferring items from memory to a storage medium. 34. Does not have a fixed melting point and boiling point. It has a fixed proportion of constituents by mass. Define a mixture. Which storage term used to measure capacity is approximately a billion bytes? Which of the following interfaces sends several bits at once? Which of the following is a good practice to follow to avoid scratching or damaging an optical disc? Name a non-metal which is a good conductor of electricity. Which term is used to describe large businesses that require special hardware geared for heavy use, and maximum availability and efficiency to fit the needs of their hundreds or thousands of workers? You want to help ensure that unauthorized people will not be able to view the files on a given medium. 52. 24. Which of the following kinds of access refers to reading or writing data consecutively? 43. 5. Name a liquid which can be classified as a pure substance and conducts electricity. a. We can distinguish a solution from compound by the process of distillation. What technology works with specially coated optical discs to etch labels directly on the disc? Some computers improve hard disk access time by using which of the following, which consists of memory chips that store frequently accessed items? The property/properties which enable copper metal to be used for making electric wires is/are: (a) Copper metal is malleable and ductile, (b) Copper metal is good conductor of electricity, (c) Copper metal is ductile and has low electrical resistance, (d) Copper metal is sonorous and an excellent conductor of electricity. Fungible offloads ... TrueNAS Scale gives iXsystems a foothold in converged systems. What is the process of copying audio and/or video data from a purchased disc and saving it on digital media called? 53. the computer locates operating system in storage and loads it into RAM. Why are they called single-session discs?

false. What kind of storage is an Internet service that Tweet. satisfaction. This substance is: 59.

Which of the following are homogenous in nature? Non-Metals show brittleness because they are hard but liable to break easily. Therefore aluminium can be considered as a metal because it possesses these properties. Writing is the process of transferring items from storage media to memory. Share. State whether this statement best describes an element, a compound or a mixture. NAND flash is generally used in enterprise SSS products because of its higher capacities and faster erase and write times. nothing you'd be afraid to see in the newspaper.

A pure substance is one that is made up of only one kind of particles and those are maybe atoms or molecules. The resulting lag time is known as latency, and one way enterprise administrators have traditionally dealt with high storage latency is by short-stroking the hard disk drives in the storage system. 4. Diamond is a non-metal which is extremely hard and a good conductor of electricity. (d) Other than carbon which shows allotropy. An example is a salt solution which is a mixture of two pure substances like salt and water. All the matter around us is not pure. Which of the following kinds of RFID tags contains a battery that runs the chip's circuitry and broadcasts a signal to the RFID reader? a hard disk that is mounted inside the system unit is sometimes called a permadisk. applicants' religious affiliation, age, family composition, or Choose the solutions from among the following mixtures: Solutions are sea-water and soda-water remaining is mixtures. 1. b. SSDs generate more heat.

15. | (ii) Compound: It is a substance consisting of two or more elements combined chemically in a fixed proportion by mass. What are the two types of pure substances?

While SSD prices have decreased dramatically, SSDs are still somewhat more expensive than HDDs. a. SSDs have lower storage capacities. Using the same channels as your consumer, hinders the communication with them. partial. Water, Salt, Mercury, Iron, Marble, Diamond, Wood, Nitrogen, Air, Graphite, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sugar, Chlorine. A popular use of CD-RW and CD-R discs is to create audio CDs. The use of microfilm and microfiche provides all of the following advantages EXCEPT ____. Using the same channels as your consumer, hinders the Some personal computer manufacturers provide a hard disk configuration that connects multiple smaller disks into a single unit that acts like a single large hard disk.

In a planar design, all the cells are laid out next to each other on one level; 3D NAND layers cells on top of each other, thus making it possible to increase capacity without increasing the chip's footprint. What is the size also referred to as? 3.Sugar solution, salt solution are examples, 3.

Which of the following kinds of cards stores data on an integrated circuit embedded in the card? Which of the following is not an element?

What best describes the process of writing data? should reflect a mature and responsible individual and include

Graphite is an allotrope of carbon and a good conductor of electricity. A DVD-ROM uses all of the following to achieve a higher storage capacity than a CD-ROM EXCEPT ____. Whereas solution are homogenous mixture which is completely mixed and can be separated. This video (at left) with Demartek LLC founder and president Dennis Martin delves into solid-state storage technology best practices and developments surrounding the technology. Today's CPUs can process data much faster than HDD storage can supply it. Malleability is the property of metals to be hammered into thin sheets. (ii) Heterogeneous mixtures: The mixtures in which the constituting substances remain separated and one substance is spread throughout the other substance as small particles, Examples are starch solution and soap solution.

Do you know how HPE GreenLake services work? What name is given to those elements which are neither good conductors of electricity like copper nor insulators like sulphur? It can be separated into its constituents like sugar and water by physical processes. they contain moving parts. So, it is not an element. (a) Mixtures are the substance that contains two or more different kinds of particles or substances mixed together by physical methods.

E. Social media implies a A standard CD-ROM is referred to as this kind of disc because manufacturers write all items on the disc at one time. What is the term for a narrow recording band that forms a full circle on the surface of a hard disk? Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True Of Social Media? 10. That's why write operations are slower than reads with solid-state storage. 35. What is the simplest RAID storage design? Mixture consists of two or more different kinds of particles or substances but not chemically bounded. Because there are no moving parts, SSDs require less power and produce far less heat than spinning hard disk drives or magnetic tape. Define a compound. Which of the following refers to the process of writing on an optical disc? As the number of bits per cell increases, capacity goes up, but performance may dip.

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