what episode does zac find out about the mermaids

Zac's Choice Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. When Erik arrives on the scene, he is shocked that Zac is already the sole merman in town.

Zac finds a Moon Ring on the ocean floor, and when he gives the ring to Evie, the mermaids know it's no ordinary ring -- they have to get it back. Mako: Island of Secrets is an Australian television programme for children and teenagers. On the night of the full moon, Zac and Ondina sneak away to Mako, and Ondina reveals her plan to destroy the chamber. Cam approaches Zac on the beach to try to cheer him up. Zac struggles with the truth that he is a real merman, the parents that raised him aren't his "real" parents, and that Mimmi is his natural sister. Be the first to contribute! He isolates himself from all of his friends and refuses to accept Mimmi as his sister. Pick one: Cam tricked nixie and Zac. Directed by Grant Brown. Two new mermaids come ashore to try to break Zac's connection to their precious Mako Island, even as a new merman sets his sights on its powers. Sirena, Lyla and Nixie follow Zac to school, but the school principal confronts them and takes Sirena's Moon Ring. Luckily, she torpedoes away before he recognizes her. He and the mermaids head to … Title: This "H2O" sequel follows Zac, a boy who accidentally turns into a merman and threatens the existence of three young mermaids who guard Mako Island. Mimmi takes a job at the marine park, where she meets Chris, a young man who is desperate to get into a dolphin training program. When a young mermaid follows Ondina back to Mako Island after a mermaid council meeting, it could spell trouble with the pod. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. When David tells Carly that he doesn't want to celebrate the Ocean Café's second anniversary, she and Sirena plan a party anyway. During a full moon ceremony, a terrifying beast emerges. Weilan casts a knowledge transference spell on Zac to help him pass a biology test.
A confrontation with some local boys causes Zac to use magic. After overhearing Ondina blaming her for Evie's loss, Weilan runs off. Since mermen are rare, the two develop a friendship. Parents Guide. Zac brings her to Rita's house where she, Nixie, and Sirena try to use Moon Rings to heal her but the rings are spent. Against Nixie and Sirena's advice, Lyla helps Zac get to the Moon Pool. Sirena gives Evie mermaid lessons, which rubs Ondina the wrong way, while Erik tries to get to the bottom of Zac and Cam's falling out. At the marine park, Ondina and Mimmi get into trouble when a dolphin splashes them and a little girl sees them transform into mermaids.

Zac risks his life to shut it down and restore the mermaids' magic. When Rita's cat, Poseidon, steps through a puddle of mermaid powders, he is transformed into a person. Unfortunately, the invitation isn't extended to Lyla and Nixie. When Erik learns that the trident stone is the missing element needed to activate the merman chamber, Zac gives it to the mermaids for safekeeping. Zac enlists Cam's help in his search for the trident. Episodes Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure. While listening to Sirena sing, Lyla has an idea: If Sirena sings the "Enchantment Song" to Zac, he'll fall under her spell. While showing off his brand-new smartphone, Cam takes video footage of Zac swimming as a merman.

Lyla and Sirena try to use the Moon Ring to stop the rain, but they create a blizzard instead. This FAQ is empty. The Trident is active and dangerous, and the mermaids must take it from Zac. Carly and Sirena plan a surprise party for David (Café's second anniversary). When Evie comes down with a fever that causes the temperature in the room to soar, Carly suspects that her friend is keeping a secret from her. vs: Evie found the underwater Camber powered by the Moon ring. Rain keeps the mermaids indoors and unable to look for Zac. Behind Sirena and Lyla's backs, Nixie helps Cam get into the Moon Pool to unlock the Trident.
Erik goes over to Rita's and tries to explain the reasons for his actions to Ondina.

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