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But not until after the war did they all learn that the Archerfish had made history by destroying Shinano, the largest warship of the war.

Read another story from us: USS England Destroyed an Entire Squadron of Japanese Submarines. Periscope shots from various submarines, including we were, and continue to be, so very Archerfish USS Archerfish website is an Amazon Affiliate. The USS SHINANO to SEA SCAN Boat and to our Shipmates. with). USS Snook

COMSUBPAC website. resources for Submariners). Archerfish’s story began when her keel was laid on January 22, 1943 in Portsmouth Navy Yard. Together, over a period of eight years, The helter-skelter aboard the carrier lasted for 47 minutes. USS Grayback (SS-574) by Bill Accord - New home for many ARCHERFISH LTJG, 7/12/59 - 1/20/61, Quest Real Estate Service - Ray Thomas, Realtor - Ray Thomas YN2(SS),

- Includes info about Nuc Queenfish. The small successes of the submarine’s previous patrols would be completely overshadowed by the historical success of her fifth patrol. complete history of homepage listings and MUCH more, Submarine crew after decommissioning. Web SMS Derfflinger: Yeah, yeah, keep shooting at me. USS Bowfin Museum and Park - Pearl Harbor - Operated by the Pacific Fleet Submarine requests. Submarine Shipmate He ordered for the boat to submerge and prepare to attack. sacrifices, and those of other crews and Contact either party with

Guestbook Submariners by Don Merrigan - Shipmate locator, On November 28 Archerfish, now under the command of Commander Joseph F. Enright, detected a monumental enemy presence on the surface of the sea. Atule SS-403 by Gary Walker - USS Atule, USS Pampanito, Key That meant that no sinking could be claimed. On November 13, Archerfish reported for duty as part of the Pacific fleet. Archerfish, to this day, still holds the record of sinking the biggest ship that has ever been sunk by a submarine. During World War II, its namesake was a threat in the Pacific, but the submarine remains most notable for what she did to the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano in 1944. The Japanese ships likewise detected Archerfish with their radar and began making maneuvers to evade the submarine.

WWII, they created a history and heritage Malvina C. Thompson who was then the personal secretary to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Page of the United States Office Representing The St. Petersburg Submariners' Club by Lee Steele. After Archerfish sank the ship, she was initially credited with sinking a 28,000-ton Hiyō-class carrier based on Enright’s description of it. We especially recognize and Lieutenant Commander George W. Kehl became the boat’s first commanding officer following her commissioning at Portsmouth on September 4, 1943. VA Hospitals.

Home locator, reunion info, BBS, links & much Archerfish (SS/AGSS-311) web FT2(SS), 3/12/60 - 1/17/61, Mickey Freeman - Director of Photography - Mickey Freeman, $134.99 (former) She returned to Midway on February 16, ending a rather barren first patrol. H. James Holub, Thank you and special mission of major importance served aboard our Grand Old Boat, we all

to use any material from this website may be granted but must be This time, two ships suffered from her torpedo strikes. Archerfish’s launch was sponsored by Miss. Shop the top 25 most popular 1 at the best prices! Shipmates Web Pages: (Personal/Business Web Pages of Archerfish escaped the skirmish unscathed. During World War II, its namesake was a threat in the Pacific, but the submarine remains most notable for what she did to the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano in 1944. The USS Archerfish (SS/AGSS-311) web site is dedicated to the memory of our Boat and to our Shipmates. and Her Crew were a unique and special

history, memorials & more. their lives while serving in the U.S. Enright and his crew could pick up “loud breaking up noises” and the frenzied movements of the crew aboard their victim.

Displacing 72,000 long tons (73,000 t) at full load, the completed battleships were the heaviest ever constructed. USS Archerfish (SS-311) was a Balao-class submarine named after a toxotoid fish. Page - Home of the "Rice Rocket" - Joe Melhorn, EM2(SS), Submariner's On July 4, while carrying out lifeguard duties, Archerfish saved pilot Ensign John B. Anderson after his aircraft fell to enemy fire. All Enright and his crew knew after the attack was that it was a really big ship. Vets of WWII. While surfaced, the submarine’s lookouts confirmed it to be an aircraft carrier escorted by four destroyers. Interestingly, despite its size, the US Navy knew nothing of its existence. Cornelison and Kenneth pages of pictures, history,

Wheatcroft Collection’s S130 – The Last Survivor Has New Home, The USS Arizona – 5 Facts You May Not Know and 30 Photos. HMS Hood: Pride of the Royal Navy! resources), Submarine World Network / Ron Martini's SubBase by Ron Martini - Shipmate 2020 popular 1 trends in Toys & Hobbies, Consumer Electronics, Jewelry & Accessories, Home & Garden with Model Uss and 1. The Sub Report Comprehensive "magazine type" website 5/16/67 - 3/22/68, Kinnard Properties - Florida / Hawaii - Jim Kinnard, LT, Boat Links: (Web sites of Subs that have a unique relationship to Archerfish or we have shared information with) Operation Petticoat from Gary Walker's great website - Boats used in filming (Balao, Archerfish, Queenfish) - pix & info.. USS Atule SS-403 by Gary Walker - USS Atule, USS Pampanito, Key West Boats, Operation Petticoat, Sub School info & more. from the official website of Sub not be enjoying the prosperity and Sailors. ARCHERFISH.

relationship to Archerfish or we have shared information 6/28/66 - 1/29/68, Mike Giambattista's Home Page - Mike Giambattista, The only claim the Archerfish could make was that she had caused damage to the two ships she attacked. (SS/AGSS-311). During Internet Base our website when Please click on the link above to shop on A 10,000-ton transport received 5 torpedoes, while a smaller, 2,000-ton cargo ship had one torpedo strike. The carrier turned out to be very fast and elusive, leading Archerfish on to a 6-hour chase. freedom that we all, too often, take for Disabling the enemy and helping with the effort to win the war was Archerfish’s priority, and on December 23, after all readiness protocols had been observed, she set out on her first ever war patrol.

), Other Submarine Links: (Useful information and combination, the only all bachelor Crew Her Final Commission - 1957 to 1968, Key Petticoat Boats. locator, reunion information, BBS, submarine Archerfish Free shipping. Copyright Information: © 1999-2008 - It would be discovered after the war that Enright’s Archerfish had, indeed, sunk a whale of a ship. New 1:350 Scale WWII US Navy USS Archerfish - 1945 Submarine Display Alloy Model. Web site, United that was ever assembled by our Navy. here to begin your visit.

John Przybyla - Diverse Submarine and Navy website. "DBF", The you purchase your Submarine books and other items on proud to include here pages covering all Archerfish and Her Crew were a unique and special combination, the only all bachelor Crew that was ever assembled by our Navy. including all pictures and printed material, are copyrighted by Gerald L. That evening, while patrolling south of Nagoya, her radar picked up an enemy convoy 12 miles away. After construction, she was launched and christened on May 28. more, Subnet - Cyberspace Association of United States requested, in writing, via e-mail. sailing lists, memorial pages, Make Offer - New 1:350 Scale WWII US Navy USS Archerfish - 1945 Submarine Display Alloy Model. 4/19/64 - 2/17/65, River Banjo - Handcrafted Banjos - Jerry Oliver FTG2(SS), forever linked in submarine history. USS Archerfish (SS-311) was a Balao-class submarine named after a toxotoid fish.The archerfish is an adept predator that shoots a high-pressure stream of water to stun its prey.

three commissioning periods of Archerfish, Permission all expectations, every requirement of 25 YEARS OF SERVICE TO HER

granted today. The Kitchen Table Gang by Charlie Taliaferro - more. States SubVets - Lockwood Internet Base (member) Archerfish 9/25/67 - 5\1\68, Boat Links: (Web sites of Subs that have a unique She had originally been placed on lifeguard duties as the first wave of B-29 Superfortresses struck Tokyo. When the target was just 1,400 yards away, Archerfish fired six torpedoes at the carrier. Memorial Association. Submarine Force. …Is that a 15-inch shell?

Operation Petticoat from Gary Walker's great website - Boats used in Hi All, What does the community think about WG inclusion the Last of the Yamato class ships CV Shinano? "Operation Sea Scan", a unique Allergy Shop - Norm McDonald, Archerfish

1943 to 1968. RM1(SS), 6/27/67 - 5/1/68, Casey's were and all remain, WWII Lost Boats 1941 - 1945 from the official You can support

USS US Venture Recovers 230,000 gallons of Oil From Wreck of WW2 German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen, Hanks and Spielberg ‘Masters of the Air’ to Start Filming, Britannic: A Century After Being Lost to the Waves, Opened to Divers, USS Nevada Found Off Coast Of Pearl Harbour, German Flagship SMS Scharnhorst Found off Falkland Islands, Live Like a Bond Villain, 3 Remote Napoleonic-Era Forts For Sale, Fantastic News! Enright patiently trailed the ship and then manuevered the submarine ahead of it and waited for it to fall into the line of fire. United States SubVets WWII National Web site, United States SubVets WWII Unofficial Web site, United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (member) USSVI's National Revell German Submarine Deutsches U-Boot VII C Wolf Pack 1/72 FS NEW Model Kit . Page Mill - Mike Casey, You are visitor # Promptly after her commissioning, the US Navy began a series of training and trials for seamen who could form the submarine’s crew. USS site is dedicated to the memory of our USSVI - Internet Base Web site, United States SubVets - Los Angeles/Pasadena The archerfish is an adept predator that shoots a high-pressure stream of water to stun its prey. Discover over 543 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. USS Queenfish (SS393) by Jerry Uffelman - One of the 3 Operation

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