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Also they are making a Korean drama about this comic if you wanna watch it.
Fans of the popular webtoon “True Beauty” have been waiting for this news since 2019 when the first reports of the adaptation into drama were released.
This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. It started off okay, with great potential right? No spoilers! That girl has an inhumane thigh gap, which okay, if that's your style, then rock it, but if she is seriously going to look like she have a good amount of healthy fat on her without make up, and then a thigh gap and a thin waist with make up, that seems unrealistic, and is frankly selling an incorrect image on make up. According to netizens finding the original pictures are from AOA Could you imagine if he found out the truth? After binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy comic book fan masters the art of makeup and sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl overnight. Eeeeekkk im crying inside. I really hope Jisoo from Blackpink is Jugyeong, JiSoo from Strong Girl Bong Soon is Seojun and Cha Eun-woo is Suho! Which is not a bad start for story telling but they ruined anything valuable in that plot point because she had to get saved by her boyfriend yet again and nothing was actually solved. But its a sad but a happy ending! I think The Boyz former member Hyunjoon (Hwall) really suite to play as Seojoon! Now i cant wait until True Beauty will release its new drama series. And neither does her boyfriend! … I didn't liked it as suho was supposed to be her real soulmate.

Imagine if jisoo plays as jugyung all blinks gonna support this. Jin would be nice for seojun as he can sing, STRAY KIDS HYUNJIN CAN ALSO SING TOO. It's. It was happened in Korea. I live in America and I really need this series on Netflix ? If you would like to know more about the webtoon and the cast Korans wants for the adaptation check our previous article here. I like the idea of an ugly girl doing her best to improve herself, but the problem with True Beauty is that the main character never really has to struggle. I wanted him too at the start but.....then i thinked that i dont want to see him suffer as second male lead like in "Extraordinary you"? it's not possible. i have seen the vote for bts jin and kwon hyunbin jin has the most vote but they say that hyunbin has the most vote i'm dissapointed,, jugyeong- that one actress person or possibly jisoo but she could be busy cuz yk stuff I just like to know if it will be available on netflix in america, I love how everyone is OK with Eun woo casting Suho Lee . Look at it pwease??? Suho loved her so much and she forgot him in just 3 years I'm done with this...suho saw her first and he fell for her even with her flaws. Please ? Art is freaking amazing, Mc looks like she could be good at the start but she turns out to be kinda dumb, and there's no character behind them at all, its like.... the stories missing more plot ideas, idk its just a love triangle, It's a cheap thrill read, and I would not recommend to anyone looking for an actual message and a good plot. Sign up with Email. Okay :) thanks for coming to my Ted talk, 4/5 stars (edit: I changed it to 4.5 stars because I just saw that my average rating was 2.77!!

Anime season charts; Watch anime online ... (not an absolute true) high school girl who has been in love with the cafetaria men because they have the same taste. please make it so suho: cha eun wo Firstly, she is not a beautiful girl so people do not care about her and treated her badly. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

For those of you who want to read the webtoon in English, you can here.

As most of them were romance between..., I just vote two stars. Now i cant wait until True Beauty will release its new drama series. i think that she should just decide who to be with because she starts out by liking suho. But then, the main character develops this horrible cycle of self doubt, which she then has to be reassured by a hot guy, but then there no way a hot guy could like her, so she get's even more insecure! And seojum must be her brother 's Cha EunWoo for SuHo and VIINI It will so coolll❤️ I'll watch for sure❣️. I'll go and HOPE Seol Hyun will be cast as Jugyung and Eun Woo as Suho. i do to i think he will be a perfect for the role of a e-boy-ish bad boy-ish sweet-heart-ish charatcher??? The only interesting characters so far are the men, because despite all of the women in this story, they don't have to viciously attack and hurt each other just to feel better! The reason it's not more than a 3 that it's a little cliche . We all want Blackpink Jisoo!! Laure Feb 4, 2020 Updated : Apr 24, 2020 155,811 Views "True Beauty" Webtoon / Yaongyi's Instagram . I don't like thinking about how good someone looks all that much. ?ar u agree with me?? ?? Could you imagine if he found out the tru. Jungyung: Jisoo

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