tradition of throwing peanut shells on the floor

As a Singapore, I’m embarrassed to say that I have not been to Raffles Hotel and had never tried anything mentioned in this post. Still have questions?

The final phase will work on finishing touches and see the hotel closed from the end of next year, right through to the second quarter of 2018. I got up to take a few photos and that’s when I noticed the sign: Quite possible the one place in Singapore where littering is actually encouraged. After its presence was discovered, the tiger was shot at least five times before receiving a fatal blow. Logan’s Roadhouse is my favorite peanut shell littered restaurant.

I wondered what happened to the Ground Round, and so I did a little research. Among them, Time Magazine, BBC, Nine News, Amnesty International. There’s many a story to be told that has taken place in the plush confines of Singapore’s jewel hotel, Raffles.

Back in the 90's when I visited I was told the reason was because when raffles was built there used to be lots of cockroaches and by dropping the shells on the floor patrons did not know if they were stepping on the roaches or the shells.

Turns out, the chain still exists – there are 30 locations in 13 states – but there were more than 300 locations in the '80s. . In fact, last week (June 5, 2017) I was on Arte, a Franco-German cultural channel speaking about Somerset Maugham in Sarawak where I live. I report on Australian business, news, and international relations, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change.

Best part is the bottomless peanut on shell that you can eat and throw the shells all over the place.

Really quirky and cute! Alot of honky tonks used to do that, they had the bar snacks (peanuts) and it just got where it was easier to sweep the floor at closing then all the tables and bar?? When the waiter returned with the menu, I was in for a bit of a shock. What people might not know is that the tiger was the last of its kind ever to be shot in Singapore. Raffles entices many a guest...including tigers. As a full time senior writer, editorial manager and self-described experience junkie, Molly has written thousands of articles about Milwaukee (and a few about New Orleans, Detroit, Indianapolis, Boston and various vacation spots in Wisconsin) that range in subject from where to get the best cup of coffee to an in-depth profile on the survivors of the iconic Norman apartment building that burned down in the '90s. She served as the Narrator / writer-in-residence at the Pfister Hotel from 2013-2014. Though I don’t remember seeing any thrown on the floor. This week, I took my kids to AJ Bombers for the first time and they were absolutely enthralled by the free peanuts and how it was customary to toss the shells on the floor.

The shells on the floor remind me of sitting outside at a crab shack in a small beach town. I guess having to avoid constantly sweeping the floor is as good a reason as any to start this tradition. Composers and chansonniers have often looked to beauty for inspiration for their next tune.

He was back at work the next week...moving a bit more carefully. I would never think to throw my garbage on the floor unless it was one of those places where throwing peanut shells on the floor is the gimmick. It’s only at the end of the day when the bar is ready to close that the peanuts shells are finally swept away. Those who have hid your drinking at home, how have you done this, eg putting the alcohol in soft drink cans? It wasn’t as expensive as I was expecting and the food was delicious! Soaks up the tobacco juice on the floor. I'm all for it. Peanut shells are somewhat like sawdust on the floor, very absorbent.
. I think someone mentioned that you can have cheaper options at any bar at Clarke Quay or Orchard Road , I’ve done this a few times, most recently in 2010, glad that a friend was paying for it! We didn’t even step foot inside the Long Bar, but did enjoy lunch at Raffle’s Empire Cafe.

At that time, the Ground Round was known for playing silent movies, having a mascot named Bingo the Clown, a pay-what-you-weigh night and, of course, the peanut-shelled floors. The peanuts or monkey nuts are very small and not very tasty, so I prefer to crack them open and throw the shell AND the nut on the floor! In his 1889 book, From Sea To Sea, Kipling describes the hotel as “a place called Raffles Hotel, where the food is excellent and the rooms are bad.”.
It was the back drop to the ultimate age of innocence film.

. What is it about peanut shells on the floor?

(Image: Supplied by... [+] raffles).

But in the next morning when we went there for breakfast, the floor … I finished my study abroad year with a stopover in Singapore, and a Singapore Sling at Raffles.

How Georgia’s blue drift changes politics nationwide, Live coverage of 2020 presidential election, 3-way Georgia Senate race heads to runoff election, Ex-Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville wins Senate race, 'Hamilton' star changes lyrics of song for voters, Trump signals he won't try to declare victory prematurely, Battle intensifies over which votes will count, The Obama-Biden economy outperformed Trump's, Celeb forced to quit 'DWTS' gives health update, WH coronavirus adviser warns of new 'deadly phase', Visiting campaign HQ, Trump says ‘losing is never easy’. It was too messy to be careless behaviour…was there a tradition behind it all? The other is that the Sling is merely an appropriation of the Bronx cocktail, that didn’t contain pineapple juice. The bar is now open again, although the floors are now mostly tiled. Also, that is more or less double what a drink costs in Manhattan.

I loved the peanuts and shells on the floor, it gave the classy bar a laid-back feel. Worth knowing! Throwing peanut shells on the floor and having a few drinks and some dinner. They also have a bowl on the table you can put them in. It’s something you might only do once! Goes back years when tigers roamed free, the residents or staff heard the nuts crackling when the tigers were walking about the hotel. How did Sam like it? I may not be a cocktail expert – I certainly can’t distinguish brandy from gin – however, I can’t think of a better place to enjoy this classic. We did find them much cheaper at Jumbo Seafood in Clarke Quay, about $11 each. I asked the waitress at the Raffles about the throwing of peanut shells on the floor, and it’s a tradition that hails from when the Long Bar was located on the ground floor and the visiting merchants used to do it. Trust me, after 8 years, the insane laws get to you, so you definitely need to let it out.

You don't have to.

Zoom in to see updated info. $27 is just crazy! It’s from a mix! However beers here are fresh and well chilled. I had come to the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel for the same reason everyone else does; to sip on a Singapore Sling in the very hotel where the drink was invented in the early 1900s. The tradition has become a bucket list must-do for any seasoned traveler. Glad you enjoyed your time there. When in Singapore, I always head for the Raffles just to soak in the ambiance…a little Maugham goes a long way.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. the nut shells helped to keep the dust down. No, throwing peanut shells on the floor isn't much a tradition in that part of Texas. Gussy1dog is correct. I remember the Raffles Hotel. Liked all the pictures. It looks like I have a good reason to come back to Singapore now! Required fields are marked *. Raffles Hotel was given the honor of being designated as a national monument by the Singapore Government in 1987. “Would you like me to clear the table for you, madame?”. Texas Roadhouse does that (has peanuts for you to eat).

picture. Well worth a visit.

Of course, people discard shells on the ground at stadiums, but what about restaurants? I was in Singapore a few months ago and, of course, had to visit Raffles for a Singapore Sling. Yes, tradition, I think ... but your question made me try to find out ... so here is an answer from an internet search I did: "Some restaurants have the customers throw the peanut shells on the floor after they consumed the nut for a specific reason: to make it easier to keep the wooden floor clean and free from dirt and dust ; and to make it easier to sweep the floor with a straw broom." Loved the pics and hey… $27.00 is not a bad price to pay for the experience you had.

Peanut shells on the floor usually mean it's a fun place to eat. When they first opened they had real nice hardwood floors and everyone tossed the empty shells on the floor (I guess it added to the rustic demeanor of the place). We stayed at the Fairmont across the street from Raffles, which claims their Singapore Slings are tastier – we took their word for it and enjoyed ours by the pool! Was, according to the hotel, author Joseph Conrad, who was a seaman at the time. It’s too sweet for my taste but one needs to enjoy the tradition.

I would definitely “shell” out the price for the experience too. Therefore, it was only a matter of time that the pearly white halls of Raffles would also be epitomized in song. I don't even recall any of the bars having peanuts to consume with beer. You have taken me on a nostalic trip – many Saturday evenings were spent tossing the peanut shells onto the floor. One eventually closed. Nice to know that spilling food on the floor is encouraged! managed to creep into the comfortable confines of the billiard room and cower under a billiard table.

I’m an Australian-based journalist, editor, and former TV correspondent, whose work has appeared in several local and international titles. It was my first Singapore Sling ever. They now give you a bucket of peanuts and an empty bucket for the shells.

Apparently the Long Bar is one of 18 unique establishments at the Raffles Hotel where breaking culinary rules is the norm. Get travelers from all over the world.

I didn’t make it to Raffle when I was there a couple weeks ago, but did sadly buy FIVE drinks that were over 30 dollars .. wahhh wahhh, Looks like a must-do when in Singapore!

I gulped as I read the price: But here I was, sitting at the Long Bar.

whoaaa… for a non-drinker like me, it will take time for me to try this expensive drink!

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