tau codex 9th edition pdf

T’au came through the 9th edition transition a changed army.

TX4 Piranha: 2x MV1 Gun Drone, Burst cannon FA: TX4 Piranhas [4 PL, 63pts] . Finally, the big Forge World fliers, the two Tiger Shark variants. My Tyranids and Sisters won’t care much about this, but I’m quite sad about my Custodes jetbikes. Then the Ethereals came – regal and imperious beings whose mere presence seemed to possess an intrinsic power to unite the T’au people. One of the reasons they were a massive asset to the Tau in 8th was that they made filling cheap battalions each, but they’re now competing for slots with damage dealing characters and will make the cut in far fewer numbers. Through Unity, Devastation, Advanced targeting system, 3x Missile pod, Warlord . All the talk about balancing Tau and overwatch overlooks that there are other armies specialized in it. Both named Commanders do have the drawback of eating up one of your now-precious Commander slots without mounting the kind of punishment a properly tooled up vanilla one can muster, and it may prove that neither is enough of a draw to make it into lists. It’s quick, and with the correct support systems it’s tough enough to get stuck in with a variety of enemy units. I guess I’ll just have to use something else to deal with shooting down light infantry. As Jon Kilcullen mentioned in his “Reports from the Front’ article last week, Logan did very well with Farsight Enclaves after much whining, taking this list to a 3-0 1st-place finish at the Sunday RTT Jon ran. Get the latest info, sweet deals, and additional Frontline content through our email list. Farsight Enclaves Patrol Detachment -2CP (T’au Empire) [21 PL, 450pts], HQ: Commander in XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit [8 PL, 170pts]: 4x Fusion blaster . Expect to see plenty of Farsight patrols out and about so that people can bring the commanders they want. However, you’re unlikely to want lots of them at their new cost, and if you only want one you’re probably looking at taking Longstrike. 2x Tetra Scout Speeder: 2x High intensity markerlight, 4x Pulse rifle. Such an aggressive tactic shouldn’t be used in every case, of course, but it should be an option in the T’au player’s toolkit. Its presence alone is often enough to force your opponent’s hand to avoid suffering the explosive consequences of leaving a Stormsurge free to do its work, meaning you can use it as (massive) bait to set up deadly counter-attacks with your other units. Custom Sept Battalion – Hardened Warheads/GIfted Pilots, HQ: Coldstar, 4 missile pods, 2 marker drones, puretide engram chip – 190 HQ: Ethereal on Hover Drone, 1 shield drone, Warlord – through unity devastation – 75, Troop: Breachers x5, markerlight, guardian drone, marker drone – 70 Troop: Breachers x5, markerlight – 50 Troop: Breachers x5, markerlight, guardian drone, marker drone – 70, Elite: Riptide, amplified ion accelerator, 2 SMS, ATS, Velocity Tracker – 320 Elite: Riptide, heavy burst cannon, 2 SMS, ATS, Velocity Tracker – 305, Fast Attack: 4 Shield Drones, 6 Marker Drones – 120 Fast Attack: 4 Shield Drones, 6 Marker Drones – 120 Fast Attack: Piranha, 2 gun drones, 2 seeker missiles – 73, Dedicated Transport: Devilfish, 2 SMS, 2 seeker missiles – 123 Dedicated Transport: Devilfish, 2 SMS, 2 seeker missiles – 123, Custom Sept Patrol – Hardened Warheads/GIfted Pilots, Fast Attack: Piranha, 2 gun drones, 2 seeker missiles – 73 Fast Attack: Piranha, 2 gun drones, 2 seeker missiles – 73.

Download & read By in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT and ZIP format. In our faction focus today, we’re diving into these changes, how they affect T’au, and what T’au lists look like moving forward. Divided into five castes – Fire (military), Air (aviation and interstellar travel), Water (diplomacy and administration), Earth (scientific research and construction) and Ethereal (leadership and strategy) – all working seamlessly towards a common goal, the T’au Empire flourished exponentially. Make the model more tough and more dangerous. High speed + fly keyword also means they can pop out from behind terrain in a way that most other factions cannot, letting them leverage that ability to hide into alpha strikes. This comes via the Warhammer-community page. The Ghostkeel is in an interesting place at the moment. The Riptide can sit in the middle of the army and use its Counterfire Defence System to re-roll Overwatch and punish chargers who might otherwise be a big issue, as well as screen out characters.

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