spongebob lost episode red mist

After performing several off-key notes, SpongeBob and Patrick begin laughing outside, interrupting Squidward yet again. THIS WAS EITHER A PURPOSEFUL PRANK BY SOME RANDOM PERSON, OR SOMEONE ON THE SPONGE BOB STAFF. The tape, which was supposed to feature the rough cut of "Fear of a Krabby Patty", instead began with a title card using the name "Squidward's Suicide". It would seem the photographer was the person responsible for the child's death. After an unruly performance of a song he dubbed "Red Mist", SpongeBob and Patrick are seen in the crowd booing Squidward, very uncommon for them.

Sorry bro, this shit is real. The true creator for the copy of the episode was never identified. WHAT THIS HAS TO DO WITH ANY MURDERS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED, I HAVEN'T A CLUE. What is odd is everyone had hyper realistic eyes. Area Information: Spongebob Squarepants Red Mist Lost Episode. The tape was taken into the editing room where it was watched by said animators and editors, as well as two sixteen year-old interns. Sandy said she'll go on a family vacation for 2 weeks. Spongebob Squarepants Red Mist clip 2; S7E1-May Fire; Little Guy's Suicide Clip 1; Little Guy Suicide Clip 1 Less Static; Fudd.wmv; Rigby.avi; Community.

Upon pausing it exactly on the frame, the viewer can see a real-life photo of a deceased six year-old boy laying in the forest in his underwear, whose face has been mangled, eye has been popped, and stomach cut open with entrails laying beside him.

:'O. "PRACTICAL GUN"????? The salesman, a Scottish fish, asks if he could have a moment of Squidward's time. Squidward tells him that he isn't interested and slams the door in the man's face, walking back to his room. You just ruin sponge Bob for all kids and people who watch this, shame on you, Okay I studied the whole Internet it's a hoaxthere was no Andrew Skinner and no murders like this nd I live in Scotland and no news of it anywhere, Apparently, it is true. Over the course of the seven frames, the hand of the photographer reaches in and grabs the boy's entrails, as his remaining eye focuses on the man's hand and even blinks once. As a result, three animators (Barry O'Neill, Grant Kirkland, Jr. and Alyssa Simpson) were sent to the hospital, one editor retired (Fernando de la Peña) and one intern (Jackie McMullen) committed suicide. I'D LIKE TO BE CREEPED OUT BUT HOLY FUCK, I CAN'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND A GODDAMN WORD OF THIS, IT SOUNDS LIKE A STUTTERING MONGOLOID DYSLEXIC 6-YEAR-OLD COMPOSED THIS IN HIS SLEEP!!! ABSOLUTE TRASH. Fucking headshoot and red mist! Perhaps by glitch, the same scene is repeated once more which is somewhat common in rough cuts of animation. The wind-through-the-trees sound gets slowly louder and more severe, as if a storm is brewing somewhere.

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