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And that is accurate. And of course, I’m most remembered for my unresting pursuit of R. Larkin. I also enjoy watching Caleb and Beauregard a lot, watching what Caleb does to Beauregard and brings out a little bit of her humanity, and her softiness just a little bit. Just a general plot. And this time around he said. Jelly 15 asks, Do you ever watch previous episodes and try to pick up on details you missed when playing?
SAM: Mm-hmm. I just watched football videos for an hour. Thanks, guys. Sometimes he got a little quiet when talking about his feelings and stuff like that, but we all do, and sometimes he got a little sad when thinking about the fact that he was not gonna be around-- spoilers-- not going to be around to see his sister have kids and get married and have a great life and stuff that would make anybody sad. So like for instance a few nights ago on Thanksgiving, she-- well, it was a couple days after Thanksgiving because we delayed our Thanksgiving feast for reasons, she made me an apple pie because she loves me. Audiobooks, because I do listen to a lot of audiobooks. I mean Two Buck Chuck's real bad.

This is good, this is good. There was a question that popped up in chat.

Question: What sitcom would Nott star in? What happened? Liam defends his love of animals while pointing out that Sam has never pet Henry.

Oh, it's a very fancy brand. How am I doing on time? He was sort of my least favorite character growing up. 2-58 (0:00:40) Liam announces his running mate. I used to collect comic books as a kid. Tary... oh, there was another one with Taryon that was real fun, too. I wanted to set the record straight tonight. Okay, I'll look it up, guys. And also the other musical you should think everyone should see is one of those super cuts of me singing a bunch of Scanlan songs.

Nott likes Jester a great deal. And heightening it is taking the ideas that they bring to the table and and making them-- exploring them more or getting into more detail about them and stuff like that. SAM: How would I give Scanlan advice about being a dad? You know, after the big Epic Yarn has been spun, I think Scanlan would focus on building his brand more, maybe a prequel, "The Scanlan Story", sort of like the young adventures of Indiana Jones. But this campaign has changed him. Good question. We sit here at our tables, and slowly the game we enjoy is turning into Romper Room, and all we can do is say, 'Please, I love this game so much.

Unlike some, I take this election eminently serious. I am a nice evening cream. He's interested in Vecna primarily because he wants to find out who is the most powerful bad guy in D&D and we've been-- we've been talking about bulettes and ancient red dragons and all kinds of real baddie bads, and I told him that Vecna might be the biggest bad. Dasbif is here but there's no people. Trappedinagogurt says, "You've mentioned that sometimes you tell your kids what happens on Thursdays as a bedtime story."

Ashley Johnson said that I had lily-white hands that had never worked a day in their lives. So I arranged acapella songs, and then after I graduated from college, I continued to arrange acapella songs for other acapella groups in other colleges.

Oh, Arsequeef is here? Something like "Make Exandria Great Again," or, "I Like Pike," or, "We are all the Sam we believe in," or something. I just feel like for kids, they want to root for one character, and so I had to choose. I need a slogan, and you guys can help. So it was a little bit coincidental. RONIN: [How would you lead the employees of D&D Beyond, who serve at the pleasure of the President? The bits are getting longer, and the prep time is getting shorter. [1] Hij is te zien in 102 Minutes That Changed America, een documentaire over de aanslag, waarvoor nagenoeg alleen gebruik werd gemaakt van beelden en geluidsfragmenten afkomstig van ooggetuigen en hulpdiensten.

Liam, I am stunned. SAM: Oh, hi. It's a great state, it's for lovers, guys, and thank you, WebofWords lives in Nova. Let's go to some more questions here. "Oh, you're not running away from me.

Sam, do you collect anything?" PrimeGrendelsMater says, How do you feel about how Tary's books keep appearing when Caleb is on his magic book hunt? Well, I can tell you what myself is not, and myself is not an alcoholic. Guys, this has been amazing. SAM: It's really good. 21:03. Well, real leaders have to set the tone for their employees and subordinates. Everyone should be a monk. Oh yes, yes, that's a richer full-bodied experience. She saw him get kind of messed up by the initial journey to the boat and the escape from that craziness, and she cares about his well-being and his psyche. I think-- you know, when we were in London for MCM London just recently, I had a really lovely two bottles of wine-- not by myself. Guys, I have an ego problem. Tevens behoort Riegel sinds 2015 tot de vaste cast van de show Critical Role, waarin hij de rollen van Scanlan Shorthalt en Nott 'the Brave' vertolkt in respectievelijk seizoen 1 en seizoen 2. All right. Now, as I've gotten older, I think Mr. Sam Riegel’s iconic bits but the ones where the cast get involved - Duration: 21:03. I saw that question. The rest of this race will be run purely based on merit. The members of the O'Brien-Johnson campaign build themselves as honest, nice D&D; players, but if we're being accurate, Liam isn't nice.

I don't know what to do about this man’s ignorance of rogue mechanics and or the flagrant firbolg shooting or the collusion with England and the constant ego fluffing. I was just stressed about the table. Oh shit, that was a good question but it's gone. But I assume he finished that book and so the Mighty Nein may come across it at some point, if it's out there.

I don't know. I had at some point every comic book that Groo had ever appeared in-- Groo the Wanderer, a favorite character of mine. It was very emotional and amazing and Vietnam was beautiful. CRS: Scandal has been an important part of your campaign’s publicity. I have to stop? I will admit freely that sometimes in the retelling of the exploits of the Mighty Nein, I might shine a brighter spotlight on some of the things that Nott does in the battles. I ask them to vote for the person that they think would be the second best person to run D&D Beyond and put their full support behind them. Moonday113 says, "What's your favorite thing that you've attached to your mug or flask? I believe that I've had more appearances than Ashley because she famous, but Matt-- I feel like Matt's on every other week. Which is why I, Sam Riegel, will UNCEREMONIOUSLY DECIMATE THE CURRENT PRESIDENT, LEAVING THEIR BODIES-- I mean, I'm eager to share my plans to improve this already excellent app. Oh, so if Scanlan could choose how many kids he had? They look real cute. Liam: Cut the music. The table top is yours.ASHLEY: Thank you, Mr. President. At some point I had every single comic book he had ever been in, including other people-- other comic books like that he had made appearances in. SAM: Sure. Don't you believe it. How quickly they turn. We're gonna stop streaming right now but I'll still be here talking for a good hour or two more. I don't know, can we-- I think the famous one, Beckham? I've always wanted to be the president of something. His character choices are so emo, Damien Rice called and said that they were too heavy. Let's see here. By the way, I hope not controversial-- ferrets are the worst pet.

]LIAM: He-- well. I mean, that the basics are sort of uniform whether you do short form or long form improv. I don't think so. CRS: If elected, what would be your first act as president? Or maybe it's HermesSandals. Send CV to German accent at Liam O'Brien dot TV.”. LIAM: My fellow table-toppers, I am coming to you in these dark times to bring sense and reason to the table.

These stats have value!” So, I want you all to get up. Hey guys, welcome. Sam, often a D&D character will evolve in unexpected ways when we start playing them. So listening just means paying attention to your fellow players, what they're saying to you, what sort of reality they're bringing to the table, and and saying yes to that is accepting whatever reality or or character or situation they're bringing to you.

You know what would be-- "Sam is stupid." Itchyhoofs says, Question: Was it a challenge playing Nott as a female character? DANI: No, I do not do that. You won't see them tonight.

I think that's on Amazon. That seemed like a great question that I missed. 2-56 (0:00:57) Sam and Liam state their positions. There is no amount of money that would have bought them a victory in that final fight. And he didn't know it was gonna happen ahead of time either, so it's not a thing that he needs to know about. I have many Fantastic Fours from the first 100.
And that is all I have to say. It exceeded all expectations. Vax couldn’t make it through Vox Machina campaign, and Liam isn’t going to survive this one. Wow! Just for some me time. Like Penn & Teller, You Can't Fool Us or whatever that show is.

Hi. Oh, well. No, these are naturally shiny. Oh! Question: Nope, it's gone. Yep, yeah, yeah, she would eat cats, yes. Okay, let me check the email here. Someone says, Has Matt cleared you to-- nope, it's gone. As Liam's running mate it is only fitting that I drop some running hate. This is a really good question. Get up, and hammer that election box with your Johnson. That was pretty nerdy, to send acapella arrangements out to different different groups at other other schools, and to like record myself singing all the parts and stuff. God Bless Samerica. I mean, les-be honest, she is America's sweetheart. I'm a southern boy, so you know (sings Dueling Banjos). She was the first one in her family born here. OFFSCREEN VOICE: You want to go another 15 minutes? No way. Reed Richards is an asshole. It was gone. Do you want me to talk to you during this? Do a word search for coitus. Like they respect each other, they are both a little wary of each other.

I'm not gonna go the Hamilton route, guys.

I'm a terrible person. Wow, this is crazy!

So guys, thanks for your support. I'm not pasty pasty white. And there's probably like a thousand of those people who are just trying to see my junk.

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