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You cannot collect paper Canadian Tire Money on bonus offers. At the start of spring and autumn, it’s a good idea to give your car a good cleaning, undercarriage included. Electronic modules are designed to prevent rust and can also be found in retailers such as Canadian Tire. Even the slightest spot of rust will bring your car’s resale value way down. ®/TMSport Chek is a registered trademark of FGL Sports Ltd, used under licence. The offered rate is exclusive of any bonus or promotional offers or redemption transactions. In that case, get your mechanic to inspect it next time you bring your car in for an oil change. He says rust-proofing can prevent a variety of repairs, such as fuel line corrosion—which can cost $1,000 to fix. Independent reviewers have not left too many endorsements, and the Automobile Protection Association “is not convinced that electronic anti-rust devices provide good protection compared to the available alternatives.”.

The amount of eCTM collected on fuel purchases depends on the number of litres

purchased. Your first option is to have it oiled with a rust proofing spray. Rust proofing helps to avoid, or even completely prevent rust and corrosion, but is the annual cost actually worth it? You cannot collect paper Canadian Tire Money on bonus offers. Some applicants may receive a higher or lower regular annual rate depending on a credit evaluation. Contact your store for more information. The billing period covered by each statement can be from 28-33 days. The Triangle Mastercard and the Triangle World Elite Mastercard do not have an annual fee.
Conditions apply. But if you want to be thorough, you can spray the undercarriage with a pressure washer. If you want a cheap prevention solution, simply wash your vehicle after it’s been exposed to deteriorating elements, such as salt, and you should be good to go. Please contact us here. Rust can create holes or cause damage, plus harm the function and performance of the following parts: Choosing to forego rust proofing can result in more repairs more often, adding to the overall cost of your vehicle’s lifespan. A minimum fuel purchase may be required before eCTM can be collected. Visit for full program rules and Partner location information. MoneySense will always make updates and changes to correct factual errors. When committing to such a big ticket item, it’s advisable to find ways to protect the value of your investment for as long as possible. Salt accelerates the formation of rust when it combines with water and oxygen. Even something as innocent as a tiny scratch or nick can spell trouble. He says rust-proofing can prevent a variety of repairs, such as fuel line corrosion—which can cost $1,000 to fix. If so, how much did you pay and what type do you use? The holes will also be filled in with stoppers, and no moisture or liquid will be able to get in. The benefits of drilling in order to apply a rust proofing solution outweigh the inconvenience of having small holes that no one will ever know are there. Dripless oil spray is very similar to tar-based sprays as it hardens fast. Nevertheless, there is still much debate within the automotive and science community on whether the technology actually works as advertised. Robinson’s final advice? The best way to prevent weather and salt from producing (or accelerating) corrosion on your car is to treat it with a rust proofing solution. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent rust from forming. This covers more area than the tar-based, as holes will be drilled into door panels and other areas so the oil can access more interior regions of the car.

Wash your car’s undercarriage before taking it in, and stay away from sprays that are thick or waxy.

Items may be display models or not exactly as shown and may not be available in all stores. If you charge a purchase to a Program Credit Card, you will only earn eCTM at the applicable Program Credit Card rate then in effect, even if you also present
your Triangle Rewards Card (or Cardless Method).

That portion of the purchases made with the other form of tender may be eligible to earn eCTM at a different rate.

Delays may occur in recording eCTM to a Triangle Rewards Account. * Where a photo is identified as a stock photo, the vehicle may not be exactly as shown. In addition, you may collect eCTM at a different rate if you pay with a Program Credit Card than you would if you
use a Triangle Rewards Card (or Cardless Method). Rewards are in the form of electronic Canadian Tire Money® (CT Money®). The offered rate is exclusive of any bonus or promotional offers or redemption transactions. Please contact our dealership for more information. Access a FREE invoice cost report to see all the latest car prices, incentives and rebates and join more than 300,000 happy customers who saved over $100,000,000 and 3,000,000 hours of free time when buying their new cars with Unhaggle! “Those promote air pockets,” he says, “and that’s where you get rust.”, Share this article Bonus CT Money collected from online orders will be applied to the member’s Triangle Rewards™ account within 5 weeks of the purchase date. It’s considered a common protection upgrade at dealerships. Electronic modules can be purchased and installed at shops such as Canadian Tire from $300, or can be installed at most dealerships. It’s never too late to rustproof your undercarriage.

Taxes payable on price before rebate. Please call 1-800-226-8473 for current rates. 

When shopping at Canadian Tire stores or gas bars, if you forget your Triangle Rewards Card or choose not to use it, you may still be able to collect eCTM on a qualifying purchase if you provide the telephone number that you gave when you enrolled as a Member or you scan at a compatible point of sale device your mobile phone or other mobile device on which you have downloaded the Program App (each of these is a Cardless Method).

Purchases made in a foreign currency with a Program Credit Card are first converted into Canadian currency (as set out in the cardmember agreement) prior to calculating the amount of eCTM that you have collected.

eCTM can only be collected on one Triangle Rewards Account for each purchase transaction.

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