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[5] When Lucchese family underboss Anthony 'Gaspipe' Casso became an FBI informant in 1993, he said that Paul Castellano had ordered DeMeo's death, but due to the DeMeo crew's reputation as hardened killers, the Gotti and DeCicco crews had been unable or unwilling to carry out the hit. Charles Padnick, William Serrano & 2 Unnamed. Albert DeMeo later recounted that Rosenberg's murder affected his father deeply, and that when DeMeo came home after the killing, he went into his study room and didn't come out for two days. After the unsolved murder of Spillane in May 1977, James Coonan assumed control of the gang.

Gaggi's nephew Dominick Montiglio claimed that the subject was simply never mentioned between the two men after the initial confrontation, and as long as Roy continued to provide copiously for his boss the violation of his order was never addressed. Charles Mongitore & Daniel Scutaro June 5, 1980 30-year old Mongitore was shot 14 times by Henry Borelli and Roy DeMeo then slit his throat, after he refused to drop an assault charge on the son of Gambino soldier Salvatore Mangialino.

It is around this time that an FBI bug in the home of Gambino family capo Angelo Ruggiero picked up a conversation between Ruggiero and Gene Gotti, a brother of John Gotti. Grillo, who had fallen into heavy debt with DeMeo, was killed after Roy and Nino Gaggi felt that he was becoming susceptible to police coercion to cooperate against the crew.

Shot and killed by Roy DeMeo and Anthony Senter to avoid a war with the Cuban drug cartels over the March 1979 cocaine rip-off murders caused by Rosenberg. Another advantage was that with Gambino deceased, new associates would be eligible for membership into the family. However in the book by Philip Carlo on Anthony Casso’s life it states that Gaggi wasn’t present and that DeMeo was seated about to drink a cup of coffee when the other 3 opened fire on him. As a child, Al was at a loss to explain his dad's job to classmates, but he began to understand slowly. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; Joseph Scorney September 28, 1978 28-year old Scorney was shot and bludgeoned with a sledgehammer by Vito Arena and Richard DiNome after refusal to join DeMeo's auto-theft operation. [14] Through the late 1960s, DeMeo's organized crime prospects increased on two fronts. Aside from the active partners, other associates and crew members performed the actual stealing of the automobiles off the streets of New York. He was ordered to get permission before committing any murders and to avoid drug dealing. He and Gaggi were silent partners in a porno film lab, which was raided by the police.

The pieces would be then packed into cardboard boxes and dumped elsewhere. The owner of Team Auto, Matthew Rega, also purchased stolen vehicles from the crew and sold them off at a New Jersey car lot that he owned. His first murder was allegedly committed in 1973 when he was 30. DeMeo's crew, however, continued to sell large amounts of cocaine, marijuana, and a variety of narcotic pills. Gaggi's attempts at persuading Castellano to make DeMeo were continually rejected. DeMeo crew shot and killed 34-year old John Quinn for testifying before a Grand Jury and his 19-year old girlfriend Cherie Golden. DeCicco allegedly handed the job to DeMeo's own men. According to the book Murder Machine, in his final days Roy DeMeo was seen wearing a leather jacket, with a shotgun concealed underneath. Castellano, to whom Gaggi was a close ally, sided against Eppolito in the situation and gave Gaggi permission to do what he pleased. DeMeo's men placed Rosenberg's body in his car and left it on the side of Cross Bay Boulevard (near Gateway National Wildlife Refuge) to be found.

Much of the book springs uncorroborated from DeMeo's memory. The plan was quickly abandoned due to the presence of construction workers near the hotel room and the body was found shortly thereafter lying in the hotel's bathtub with its head halfway sawed off. Anthony Gaggi, a soldier in the Gambino crime family, noticed DeMeo and told him that he could make even more money with his successful business if he came to work directly for the Gambinos. Vito was head of the Genovese family from 1957 until his death in ’69.

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