pushya nakshatra compatibility

The Pushya Nakshatra ranges from degrees 3:20 to 16:40 in the Cancer sun sign. Stop being too critical. Correspondence to the number of Saturn – 4 – makes Pushya a balanced nakshatra helping it to react sanely to situations and assist others. It takes 28 days to move through the zodiac sun signs, translating into two weeks of a waxing (bright half) Moon and two weeks of a waning (dark half) Moon. With sheep’s essential compatibility to buffalo; Hasta and Swati are compatible with Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya Nakshatra 2nd Pada: The second pada of the Pusya Nakshatra falls in the Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury.

80% compatible, 10) Pushya and Magha : You should stop trying to mould Magha in your own image. Take time out to party and have some fun, and earmark special quality time to be together or both of you can drift into a relationship where love takes the back seat. .chinese-template .card-content h3{margin:10px 0; font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;} The Leo Pushya have an expecially intuitive understanding of Uttara Ashadha as they are ruled by the same Sun-Saturn combination. The sheep's friendly relation to female and male buffalo contributes to the mentioned compatibility. You can become too cold and haughty with them. However, birth stars such as Chitra, Dhanistha, Vishaka, and Purva Bhadrapada are noncompatible to Pushya nakshatra. Compatibility of Pushya Nakshatra with other Nakshatras. Take care you do not dash their emotions with your coldness. All these different references and names and links with Pushya Nakshatra suggests its ability to nourish in all the areas of life, including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and materialistic. She is religious and follows all the rituals of the family she is married into. This happens because of misunderstandings due to her inability to express herself honestly to her husband and in-laws. But now those differences can become bones of contention within you. h3{margin:10px 0; font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;} Ashwini are attractive, magnificent and sexy. 61% compatible, 3) Pushya and Krittika : Krittika is your best sexual partner.

He is fond of good dresses. Only one can be in control at a given time. Wherever its energies are directed, Pushya is featured with expansion, whether the field is material, or spiritual or creative. Ashwini will bring enthusiasm and love into your life. Based on holistic matching, Pushyas are most likely to find happiness in long-term partnerships with: Mrigashiras in Taurus; Punarvasus in Cancer; Pushya; Ashlesha; Vishakhas in Scorpio; Anuradha; Jyeshta Though she has a very charming endearing character and peaceful nature and is very submissive to elders, she only gets ill-treatment in return. While he wants to complete the work which he commences or assigned to him in perfect condition, the outcome in most of the cases i.e negative because of his too much independent nature. That is the area most likely to become a divisive issue.

Sequential recommendations for top useful article posts on Aaps.space, Insider’s sneak peek on the views and new adaptations by Astrologer’s community, ✨ A Promise so you always cherish us in your inbox (We support anti-spam ). If the marriage of the native is performing without proper comparison or tallying of the horoscope, he may lose all rational perspective and begin to doubt his wife rather than admitting his own lack of discernment. Your basic ascetic nature does not resonate well with the Jyeshta's excesses. Pushya Nakshatra matching stars for marriage in details is given below. They are shy and diffident sexually. At worst you will fight constantly and feel frustrated.

You flourish in their love. If he pauses for a moment and things hard upon the work he would like to do and then take up that work, no power in the world can stop him from achieving greatness in his chosen field. You have strong sexual connections. He normally undertakes the work where maximum traveling is involving. There is strong support from Planets in Astrology. You do not want to be totally dominated by Dhanishta; this makes you uncharacteristically aggressive. But you never try to understand their free and independent nature. If professional, she is likely to be employed in a very important post for the company. Rasi (Zodiac): Cancer. Circumstances will be so warranted that he will be forcing to stay away most of the time from his wife and children even though he is very much wanting to be attach to them. Range: 03o 20’ – 16o 40’ Cancer. Read Also Beej Mantra of Navagraha to Get Astrology Benefit, With male sheep being its primary phallic symbol, Pushya Nakshatra is most compatible with Krittika nakshatra- its feminine counterpart.

39% compatible, 12) Pushya and Uttara Phalguni : The Sun rules Uttara Phalguni and Saturn rules Pushya. You are suspicious of their sexual loyalty. 47% compatible, 18) Pushya and Jyeshta : You can be both fascinated and repelled by Jyeshta’s extreme sensuality. 41% compatible, 6) Pushya and Ardra : Ardra are unconventional, a bit crazy, eccentric. A negative aspect of this nakshatra is that it may become too closeted in their worldly needs, which makes them narrow minded. 83% compatible, 2) Pushya and Bharani : Bharani stand for everything you disapprove of; they are sensual, indulgent and self-involved. Why can’t they be realistic?

Copyright © 2020 Pandit Ventures Private Limited. You love their sensuality. He expects to be respected by all, but himself respects nobody. The Sun and Saturn are karmically linked and have a challenging relationship. You find the stress of living with Dhanishta hard to handle. When you try to get close to them, they shut their emotional doors. 47% compatible, 20) Pushya and Purva Ashadha : You are responsible and hardworking but Purva Ashadha appear to enjoy life without a care in the world. Pushya Nakshatra 4th Pada: The fourth pada of the Pusya Nakshatra falls in the Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars, and it represents the occult aspects which attempt to connect with native with celestial powers. Meaning: “The Nourisher or The Nurturer”; The Ancient name of Pushya in the Rig Veda was “Tishya”, the Celestial Archer, This nakshatra is also called as “Sidhya” or … It has been observed that he rarely forms strong attachments. The Brihaspati is also associated with planet Jupiter in Jyotisha traditions.

But things will be compensated by other areas of life, making your love last.

So, the year is likely to revolve around your relationships more. They are forever changing jobs, relationships, ambitions and philosophies. Always pay extra attention to keep the sexual vibes alive. Have you ever tried to understand their needs and see the world through their eyes?
It’s very informative and usefull .I appreciate your astro chart. h4{margin:10px 0; font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;} Tishya (which means auspicious) is referred as the older name for Pushya.
They are not willing to give up their dreams. (We never post to your social media without your permission), h2{margin:10px 0; font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;} The female native of the Pushya Nakshatra is unlikely to ever experience peace. The health of this native will not be too good up to the age of 20. With sheep’s essential compatibility to buffalo; Hasta and Swati are compatible with Pushya Nakshatra. The nakshatra relates to breasts and in a larger context to the “milk of human kindness”. Qualities like honesty, purity and peace of mind, truth, philosophy and virtues all come under the domain of Pushya Nakshatra. 33% compatible, 21) Pushya and Uttara Ashadha : You love the simplicity and naturalness of Uttara Ashadha. Thus, there may be an imbalance in your life.

Pushya Nakshatra Female: Compatibility and Family Life. Their features are fleshy, but Pushya natives are prone to bronchial disorders and prefer good food and sociability. Pushya Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of the Pusya Nakshatra falls in the Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. It is so different. Pushya nakshatra Compatibility and Incompatibility. Get to Know a lot About Each Other With FREE Kundali Match Making Online. 76% compatible, 8) Pushya and Pushya : This is a good relationship based on shared ideals and deep understanding.

He will jump upon any work without judging or thinking whether he is capable of doing such work or not, and ultimately push him in to utter failure in any work he undertakes. He also has a strong will-power and overcomes difficult obstacles to reach his goals. Your sexuality flowers under their expertise. Their strong sense of ethics makes them decent, hospitable and courteous. 75% compatible, 5) Pushya and Mrigashirsha / Mrigasira : This relationship has the ability to generate tension and stress. Chitra can hurt you with their careless disregard. economically, socially and in health. Respecting others is unknown to him whereas expectation of respect is within him. Do not make your relationship a cage for them. He finds it hard to make decisions. You admire Anuradha for being so in touch with their emotions. With sheep's essential compatibility to buffalo; Hasta and Swati are compatible to Pushya Nakshatra. As already explaining above, the inherent freedom available in all walks of life will lead to him to the bad company. p{ margin-top:5px !important;} Pushya Nakshatra ruling deity : Brihaspati - the Guru of devas, Pushya Nakshatra Zodiacal Position : 3°20’ - 16°40’ In Cancer, Pushya Nakshatra Translation of Name : Flower, Pushya Nakshatra Astronomical Name : δ Cancri, Pushya Nakshatra Guna / Qualities : Tamas, Pushya Nakshatra Nature : Light (Laghu) or Swift (Kshipra), Pushya Nakshatra Tattva / Element : Water, Pushya Nakshatra Yoni : Male Sheep (Mesha / Aja Yoni). The other name is Sidhya which means prosperous. Pushya Nakshatra’s association with Brihaspati imparts it the rulership over wisdom, luck, eloquence, speech and religious and priestly inclinations. Lesser evolved Pushya nakshatras may not see the benevolence of the larger vista of the family, whereas higher Pushyas concentrate on nourishment and care towards the earth. In most cases, it is seen that Pushy born will have to face the grip of poverty up to the age of 15-16 years of age and thereafter he will enjoy a mixture of good and bad, where plus will be less and minus will be more up to the age of 32 years. Another plus point for him is that he will resist tooth and nail any idea or program or work which is not within the spirit of the law. You will support and love them through the ups and downs of their life. Hence he has to be very careful with his friends. Ashwini will bring enthusiasm and love into your life. In terms of physical compatibility, this makes them an ideal match for persons born under Krittika nakshatra. You may appear to be a boring and pragmatic couple, but in truth there is humour, emotional commitment and pure love. You lose your fear of emotions and are willing to take a chance on love. © 2020 aaps.space All Rights Reserved. 77% compatible, 9) Pushya and Ashlesha : Ashlesha know how to break down your barriers and speak in your language of love, although initially only to love you and leave you. 55% compatible, 7) Pushya and Punarvasu : You are attracted by Punarvasu’s bright personaliy and their interesting lifestyle, but also by the recognition that they can make you complete.

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