pokemon crystal best team

also replace iron tail by earthquake if you dont teach it to heracross) Hitmontop can't do much damage to you unless it uses Dig, in which case it should be Earthquaked. Flash (HM, Sprout Tower in Violet Town)

-Thunderpunch If you win, you'll get the Storm Badge, the use of Fly outside of battle (Chuck's wife gives you HM02), command of Pokemon up to Level 70, and TM01 DynamicPunch. - Blue's Pidgeot, Gyrados (Rock STAB), Rhydon and Arcanine (Ground STAB) Pokemon Bank for Crystal, Gold, and Silver? Thanks! Sludge Bomb (TM) In crystal, you can get a phanpy early on, unlike gold silver and the remakes. Why exactly does Graveler have both Magnitude and Earthquake, when Earthquake is pretty much Magnitude 10 every time? Gyms Rock Slide / Rock Throw Strength (HM) Sleep Powder.

You will also be able to get the Squirtbottle in the flower shop next door to spray Sudowoodo with. It can hit your Ghost-types if it uses Foresight, though Fighting-type attacks will still be resisted by Gengar's Poison-typing. Peck -> Thief (TM, Mahogany Town Rocket Hideout) To battle the senior Ice-type master, use a Fire-type. Pidgeot. With the classic core of Grass/Fire/Water, you should probably bring a Dragon-type if you can to resist their powerful moves. Dig (TM), Scratch -> Dig (TM, National Park) -Waterfall/Iron Tail/ Dragonbreath A good Pokemon here would be Xatu, who double resists Fighting-type moves and can hit back with Psychic. Provide explanation and detail. Typhlosion: Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Thunder Punch, Strength/Headbutt/Cut, Dynamic Punch, Arcanine: Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Return, Rest, Sleep Talk, Feraligatr: Surf, Whirlpool/Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch, Cut/Strength/Headbutt, Gyarados: Surf, Waterfall/Whirlpool, Thrash/Strength, Zap Cannon, Meganium: Cut/Strength/Headbutt, Synthesis, Razor Leaf/Giga Drain, Light Screen/Reflect, Victreebel: Cut/Return, Razor Leaf/Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder. If your Pokémon is slow and low on HP, there is really no use in switching it out (unless you're looking to get continues). Get Totodile to about level 10 before attempting 1st Gym. And no unfortunately, only have one 3DS. When defeated, Pryce will cough up the Glacier Badge, a boost in your Pokemon's Special Attack and Special Defense, the ability to use Whirlpool outside of battle, and TM16 Icy Wind. Moveset: __, heracross : endure, reversal, megahorn, earthquake - thunder wave - Will's Team (Fire ST) AB and Thunder Punch) Replace Fire Punch on Magmar with either Confuse Ray or Theif. -Rock Throw - Psychic (TM29, Saffron City) - Sabrina's Team (Bite) Skarmory is great but found late, heracross is awesome but can be tough to find, Corsola is surprisingly effective, graveler is pretty solid, not sure how easy rhydon would be to get.

Fire Punch your way through Jasmine's 6th gym.

- Blue's Pidgeot, Rhydon and Exeggutor (Ice STAB) Heracross: Endure, Reversal, Megahorn, Earthquake. Your best bet is to either use a Gastly you caught earlier in the game or trade for the Machop at the Department Store. -Outrage (If you are playing Crystal)Victrebell. Steel Wing. Gym Leaders Team Rocket: -Earthquake Leading off his team is a Xatu, which can confuse you with Confuse Ray or inflict heavy damage with Psychic.

Location: Fuchsia City - Brock's Graveler, Rhyhorn and Onix (Ice STAB)

What is a good in-game team for Gold, Silver and Crystal? - sludge bomb Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. Psychic and Ground-type moves will be your greatest help here, though pretty much any neutral move gets the job done considering the levels of her Pokemon. If you can't use a good Water-type for whatever reason, Rock and Ground-type moves are fantastic too. Sleep: Use status changing effects like Sleep as a starting move against tough opponents. Can be received from Bill in Goldenrod City, Moveset: It can finish you off with Quick Attack, which always goes first, so don't let your HP get too low. Magneton: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. That's means that whether a move is physical or special depends on the type. Quagsire being Water-Ground is really great. Moveset: I like to fill the 6th slot with the extreme speed dratini but it needs to be leveled after. Body Slam/Whirlpool.

- Bruno's Onix (Water STAB) For the sake of balance, here is one potential team that instead contains '6' battle ready Pokemon, should work well for Crystal, AND contains all available utility moves. - Shadow Ball (TM30, Prize for defeating Morty) If you don't get those chances, you'll have three unevolved Pokémon at the league if you use this team. - Lt Surge's Team (Ground STAB) Pick this one if you want to try building a balanced team. Skarmory has a lot of resistances and has an amazing spread for taking out fighting, flying, and grass types. Last Hit: If your Pokémon is low on HP and slower than your opponent, use Quick Attack to get one last hit in. Make sure you have an answer to an opponent that throws out a Pokemon one of your own has no chance to beat. Fury Cutter -Bite/Crunch Hello, you can get all three starters using the cloning glitch. - Return (TM27, Goldenrod Department Store, have a Pokemon with high Friendship in your Party) Just look who it is! They use Pokemon like Hitmonchan and Mankey and shouldn't be that hard if you have a Psychic, Flying, or Ghost-type. The prize for this match is the Thunderbadge. Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity. Magmar has Thunderpunch to fight back against your Water-types, but the rest of his triad are sitting ducks. Take Down/Strength. Fury Cutter Use that to your advantage with a Noctowl or Togetic that can hit back with Flying-type or Psychic-type attacks. Rock Smash/Counter Steel Wing Team Rocket - rest

Elite Four Member: Koga This is for Pokemon Crystal so if youre playing Gold or Silver some things may not be possible for you. Is Tyranitar able to swapped out for Donphan? Sleep Powder, Vine Whip -> Razor Leaf Ice Punch (TM) Umbreon is annoying with a combo of Sand-Attack, Mean Look, and Confuse Ray, but if you knock it down fast enough you don't have to worry. - Red's Espeon (Thief) and Venusaur (Psychic). Puzzle: If you beat Whitney, you'll receive TM45 Attract, a slight bump in the Speed of your Pokemon, the Plain Badge, and the ability to use Strength outside of battle. - Ariana's Gloom and Murkrow (Ice Punch) - Blaine's Team (Water STAB)

Don't worry about Water-type moves as it doesn't carry any STAB attacks other than Psychic. HERACROSS, Item: Leftovers -Ice Punch Psychic/Zap Cannon Psychic/Confusion, These Pokémon can cover for Typhlosion when battling against Clair with Ice Punch or Blizzard, Chuck with Psychic or Confusion, and Fire Blast against Pryce's Piloswine, Pokémon 4: Crobat

Pidgeot is also good. Xatu requires a bit of care to get it to evolve from a level 20 Natu, but once it hits 25, evolves, and learns Fly from Chuck’s wife, it’s smooth sailing from there. Gyarados might be a good choice here as it resists Fighting-type moves and hurts badly Onix with Surf, just watch out for Rock Slide. -Zap Cannon But magneton doesn't learn tri attack or thunderbolt nor does magnemite, EVERYONE picks Typhlosion... good team though. Am I missing something with the two 'mons? Hope this helps someone! Moves: Status Effects: Burn is much more devastating than in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Any other dark type you can only get in Kanto, such as Larvitar. If you don't, I like to replace any not given starter with Growlithe, Oddish/Exeggcute and Poliwag/Marril/Wooper. Location: Cianwood City Flamethrower and fire blast are good STAB attacks.

Replacing Lorelei is the newcomer Psychic-type master Will. - Tri Attack - Outrage - flamethrower They can learn those moves until Gen. 4. Specialty: Normal-type ELEKID is the one you want so if the egg you got hatch and its one of the other turn off the game , turn it back on ,then talk to the old fart again until you get elekid. Magmar: SKARMORY, Item: Leftovers

- Petrel's Zubat typhlosion : flamthrower, thunderpunch, iron tail, swift
Location: Violet City -Giga Drain -Petal dance/Giga drain/, Forretress Repel: Although it's generally good to battle and gain experience, there are times when you just want to travel from one place to the other without getting attacked. -Surf Feraligatr - Hydro Pump , Hyperbeam , Crunch , Ancientpower [Must breed for egg moves].

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