plinthe chauffante chromalox eclipse installation

49 $ d'achat). Article #052-2643-4. Plinthe chauffante Chromalox Eclipse de 1 500 W idéale pour les maisons familiales, les appartements et les immeubles de bureaux Format compact jusqu'à 42 % moi One year warranty on complete unit. The top discharge design creates rapid heat flow to the center of the room for quick comfort and enjoyment. Nickel chromium element, Construction: La forme supérieure en aileron de requin montée sur un élément tubulaire permet un transfert de la chaleur accru et une plus longue vie de l'appareil.

Click here to read our Baseboard FAQ's, Finish:

Installation and Operating Instructions - Type Band Heaters PM405 Mineral Insulated Heat Trace. I just got these new Eclipse linear convectors installed and I discovered it provides a quite and cozy warmth, now waiting to find out if it will be more cost efficient than the old electric baseboard heaters. The Smart Eclipse Baseboard comes equipped with an onboard electronic thermostat which controls and maintains a consistent room temperature providing up to 33% energy in savings. Robust, 20 gauge steel construction. The revolutionary design provides a sleek, compact heater profile, while improving heater performance, reducing energy consumption, and increased comfort. Veuillez vous connecter à votre compte afin de profiter de vos rabais en ligne.
Wall-mounted remote control for user convenience (optional accessory), Finish: Includes an on-board thermostat with built-in transceiver which communicates through radio frequency to provide whole home connectivity and comfort. Garantie de 10 ans sur l'élément et d'un an sur l'appareil. Québec, H1M 2W2, Lundi au dimanche : 8 h 30 à 19 h 00 (heure de l'Est), Nous joindre | Trouver un magasin | Foire aux questions, Tous les prix affichés sont en dollars canadiens, OrderItemMove?updatePrices=0&calculationUsageId=-1&calculationUsageId=-3&calculationUsageId=-4&createIfEmpty=1&deleteIfEmpty=*&continue=1&toOrderId=.&fromOrderId=*&page=&URL=ProductDisplay%3FcatalogId%3D10051%26DM_PersistentCookieCreated%3Dtrue%26errorViewName%3DProductDisplayErrorView%26langId%3D-2%26productId%3D728061%26patternName%3DRonaProductURL%26storeId%3D10151&logonId*=&logonPassword*=&orderMoveURL*=&noOrderMoveURL*=&confirmUnsubscribe*=, ProductDisplay?catalogId=10051&DM_PersistentCookieCreated=true&errorViewName=ProductDisplayErrorView&langId=-2&productId=728061&patternName=RonaProductURL&storeId=10151&logonId*=&logonPassword*=&orderMoveURL*=&noOrderMoveURL*=&confirmUnsubscribe*=. The Smart Eclipse Baseboard has a specially-formulated, environmentally friendly epoxy/polyester powder coating finish that resists fading and abrasion for durability and a long life span.

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