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If you think you are pregnant, or if this test indicates a possibility of pregnancy, we recommend you promptly contact your OB/GYN doctor. Did you have short-term bloody vaginal discharge?

Have you noticed the following symptoms: increased sensitivity or tenderness of your breasts, darkening of your areoles or yellowish discharge from your breasts? Many women around the world often have mixed reactions on whether they are pregnant or not after experiencing early symptoms. 10-15 Most likely About the Pregnancy Probability Test: this online Calculator was created in 1999 as the first such test online. Our online pregnancy test uses its "computer brain" to throw all the parts of the equation which you provide it (such as the date of your last period, the length of each period, when you think you may have conceived, what kind of pregnancy symptoms you might be experiencing, and what kind of contraception you were using) to guessimate the likelihood of whether you really are pregnant or not. Most urine pregnancy tests claim to be "greater than 99 percent accurate" and imply that you can use them as early as the day you miss your period, but a study published in 2004 in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has shown that this is misleading. However, if you are using unsafe sex practices, you may be at future risk. You are also asked to provide information on the use of any contraceptives before or after you experienced the symptoms.      A lot of doubt surrounds many of the common symptoms that women experience but online based pregnancy probability tests have provided a simple yet convenient way to ascertain those doubts. Missed Period, but Your Pregnancy Test is Negative: Why and What to Do. Remember that not all symptoms indicate being pregnant and some may not be present at all in some women.

Online pregnancy probability test. If you run into any problems with the pregnancy quiz, please don't hesitate to contact Hannah or Justin.

When your answers are correct, the result of the pregnancy test does not give false results. You have entered an incorrect email address! The best time to take a pregnancy test is about a week after your expected period.

… This means you are not likely pregnant. For a urine pregnancy test to give you a positive result, your body has to be making a detectable level of hCG and that only occurs as a result of pregnancy. Enter the day you think you became pregnant: See the reference calendar below, if necessary. If the later test is completely negative, you may have had a very early miscarriage.

The Pregnancy Probability Test ( is your free tool online to help you determine your risk factor for being pregnant.

This test has been revised five times and today providers instant results. Stump me & our readers with your pregnancy related question! Your kidneys then have to process this additional fluid which results in your bladder filling more frequently than normal.

On average, there are 28 days in a menstrual cycle, but it can last from as little as 22 to as many as 44 days. Certain foods or smells you used to like may become thoroughly repulsive to you.

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My Period Is 5 Days Late with Nausea & Headaches, I Took the Plan B Morning After Pill But No Period, I'm 16, Had Unprotected Sex, Took Next Choice, No Period, I Took Plan B Twice, Negative HPT but No Period, I'm 12 and a Virgin but Have Pregnancy Symptoms, Some Spotting, Slight Cramps and Tender Breasts.

     These are also questions that your gynecologist will ask when you schedule an appointment. Researchers at the University of New Mexico evaluated 18 tests and found that only one (First Response Early Result) was consistently sensitive enough to detect the levels of hCG that most pregnant women were likely to have on the first day of their missed period.

However, according to an anonymous questionnaire, this test has shown results of 91% accuracy because it is based on the common early pregnancy …

This pregnancy probability calculator does not imply or suggest the medical diagnosis of pregnancy. The probability of getting pregnant decreases with age. This online test comprises of a series of general questions that you are asked to provide accurate information. It can vary from an occasional queasiness to overwhelming nausea & vomiting.

5 Important Tips When Choosing a Baby Name, How to Tell Your Children that You Are Pregnant, How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy. This test has been revised five times and today provides instant results. If you have had an abortion or lost a child to miscarriage previously, you may be interested in our free online recovery course, My Healing Choice for Women   NO, Have you experienced any of the following This page has been visited 848,829 this past year. Pregnancy kits may give you false negative before a missed period or when testing early. All these details are used to provide a respectable pregnancy probability result. If your basal temperature remains high for 18 days, then you are likely pregnant. — © All rights reserved.

Gender Prediction Test – How Accurate Is It. The online pregnancy test uses data to plot a mathematical calculation which indicates the likelihood of whether you are pregnant or not.

This website is not to be considered a substitute for professional medical care. (IntraUterine Device) The news of pregnancy brings along a lot of thrill and excitement. About the Pregnancy Probability Test: this online Calculator was created in 1999 as the first such test online.     

here to try out our free pregnancy probability test. cannot be held liable for misuse of these pregnancy probability calculators.     

The actual chances of getting pregnant depend on many variables including a woman's age (the older she is, the lower the chances), when and whether she ovulates (no ovulation, equals zero chances getting pregnant), if and when the couple have sex, and sperm level and quality. Your chances of getting pregnant depend on many variables including your age, when and how often you have sex, and other factors. For most women, morning sickness (vomiting/nausea) takes place around a month after conception. is an open discussion site. In addition to his current work, Dr. Amos is using his vast experience to launch Obie, a science-based app that offers personalized fertility advice. When you're ready to test, read the directions carefully because they vary with different brands. However, according to an anonymous questionnaire, this test has shown results of 91% accuracy because it is based on the common early pregnancy symptoms that most women experience. To facilitate further analyses, some more questions may be asked because some medical conditions may cause symptoms that mimic being pregnant. 16+ Very likely. Female condoms Vasectomy (permanent surgery for men preventing sperm release), Online Pregnancy Possibility Test code updated: 04/16/2020; webpage last updated: 04/16/2020. Once you have filled all the test questions, results are provided based on the information given.

What this is: a weighted calculation to determine risk or probability of a pregnancy condition based on your honest and accurate input. Please note that does not collect your personal information nor sell the information which you submit. Please note that we do not collect your personal information nor do we sell it or give it away. Your chances of getting pregnant depend on many factors including your and his age, his sperm count and quality of …

Take our fertility assessment to get your personal fertility report, in just a few minutes.

This online test comprises of a series of general questions that you are asked to provide accurate information. When and How to Take a Home Pregnancy Test. Online Pregnancy Chances Test . Don't assume that one negative result means you're not pregnant. Have you been peeing more often recently?

If this spotting is accompanied by pain, please be sure to see your physician immediately as it could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Do you suffer from spasms, heaviness in the lower abdomen or uneasiness while you’re sitting? Once you get your pregnancy probability results, the best idea is to go for a home test kit which should be used at least a week after a missed menstrual period. Diaphragm Underweight for your height, Were you using birth control when you think you became pregnant? Early symptoms vary from woman to woman and can take a few weeks to even develop. You can recognize early pregnancy clues if you know what to look for. If you're asking yourself the question, "Am I pregnant?

This is a simple mathematical calculation that indicates the probability of being pregnant.

9. Obie helps you and your partner improve fertility with expert advice personalized for your body, mind, and environment.

Most of them are early symptoms that are experienced when pregnant.

If you think you might be pregnant, take our free online pregnancy test - Am I Pregnant Quiz.     

Withdrawal (male removes penis before ejaculation of sperm) Our recommendation is that if you think you may be pregnant, that you should consider making an appointment with a Pregnancy Resource Center nearest you.

Each day, she and Justin answer a couple pregnancy questions submitted by our visitors. Some of the common symptoms of pregnancy include missed menstrual periods mostly for more than a week, abundant cervical mucus, lower abdominal cramps during pregnancy, nausea or morning sickness, breast tenderness and increase in size, fatigue, vomiting, frequent urination, food cravings, constipation, lower back pain and headaches. In addition to his current work, Dr. Amos is using his vast experience to launch Obie, a science-based app that offers personalized fertility advice. Take this online pregnancy quiz to help you figure out if you are pregnant and if you need to take a home pregnancy test … Your chances of getting pregnant depend on many factors including your and his age, his sperm count and quality of his sperms, whether your eggs have a good or bad quality, if and when you ovulate and have sex in relation to ovulation, whether your fallopian tubes are functioning, and many other factors. Frequent urination Changes in appetite For best results, take the test first thing in the morning, when your urine is most concentrated. If you don’t have any flow or strip home pregnancy tests on hand, don’t despair.

Of course, if you really are pregnant, then be sure to schedule an appointment right away with your physician or health care provider. A list of the various birth control methods is also provided for you to choose from.          

Many women get a faintly positive result if they're not as far along as they expected.

Changes in hormones during early pregnancy may make you feel bloated, even before you've begun gaining much weight. Extreme tiredness during early pregnancy may be caused by rapid increases in hormone levels. The accuracy of an online pregnancy test is high provided you don’t mess up with the answers.

this online tool is not 100% reliable and it cannot replace a home pregnancy test. Exercising more than usual Get your answer right now and what to do next.     

If a positive result is more pronounced, congratulations.

Once you have filled all the test … Always call your doctor if you suspect pregnancy! CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 7. How to use the online Pregnancy Probability Calculator: Enter your age, the average length of your period, and the first day of your last normal period. To learn more about abstinence, visit: 10 Good Reasons to save sex until marriage Answer the following 15 questions to get your answer.

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