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To make sure you have an exact color match, the simplest option is to have your Nissan paint color code ready. X-Trail: #3 Door Edge or Door Jamb. If temperatures are below 70 degrees F, allow additional time for the Nissan touch up paint to dry. Click here for an alternate view of our Nissan Leather Dye Color Chart (opens in a new window). The image below is an example Nissan ID tag which lists the color code near the bottom left. From Armada to XTERRA, TouchUpDirect has paint colors for many different types of models. Nissan Paint Code Examples: K36, RAQ, QAB. 1965-1994 Nissan Paint Charts Autocolor 7. Learn More →. Nissan 370Z paint . Buff with a clean cloth to a high gloss. Our color charts provide close representations of the actual color, but hues may vary based on screen resolutions.

They should be used as added verification only and not actual confirmation of the correct color. With its low VOC and the no waste product line, TouchUpDirect is really the best touch up paint you can use on your Nissan. read them, but the code is easy to read and understand. Nissan 300ZX ROADSTER paint. Enter your year, make, and model below to find color matched paint: Microfinish LLC Xterra: #3 Door Edge or door jamb A total of 31 shades appeared on Nissan Qashqai cars. All of our colors are available in our Aerosol, Brush, Paint and the TouchUpDirect exclusive Combo applicators. Altima: #5 hinge area of the driver side door Illustration of Where to Find Your Nissan Color Code Find touch up paint specific to your Nissan car, SUV, van, or truck. Axxess: #2 Passenger side firewall Frontier: #3 Door Jamb or door edge Great product, and will definitely recommend to anyone in need of touchup paints and supplies". POLISHING COMPOUND - The polishing compound smooths everything out with a factory-grade finish.

Nissan touch up paint pens are great for small and quick Nissan paint jobs, while Nissan spray paint is better for repairing larger areas. Nissan 350Z ROADSTER paint.

Operating under the name Datsun in its early years, the Nissan brand was introduced in the mid 1930s. Nissan codes are easy to find as they are always on the drivers door On the bottom left corner of the sticker, you will find "Color/Color … 2006 Nissan Paint Charts DuPont 3. Whether you have a small chip on your LEAF or a bumper scratch on your TITAN, TouchUpDirect has all the application tools and colors you’ll need to give your vehicle a paint job that looks good as new. TUDCare comes free with the purchase of any of our Platinum Kits. Make sure the Nissan touch up paint you applied earlier is dry. If you can't find your manufacturer's color match, we do offer a custom color matching service. THANKS,", "I received my paint today and the color is a very good match. That way, if your dog steals your applicator for his hoard, you'll be covered. the phone number to N. A. Nissan Corporation is 1-800-647-7261. 1975 Alfa Romeo Bertone, very rare RHD car. Their primary market were little pickups and trucks for the simple reason that the use of passenger cars was not widespread in Japan at the time. Please support us by subscribing. Remove all traces of rust from your Nissan with 220 grit sandpaper or a wire brush. Leather Seats, Door Panels, Steering Wheels, Console lids, gearshift Knobs and all trim colors. 240sx: #2 Passenger side firewall For more detailed instructions, including how to use Nissan spray paint, see our Directions for How To Apply Touch Up Paint.

This all changed when they proposed the little DAT car and Datsun car. Our order process is quick and our shipping fast. Nissan's North America phone number is 1-800-647-7261. Our leather interior colors are matched by OEM manufacturer color name. ", "Great web site !!! Please take a look at our full list of touch up paint colors for your Nissan here: Nissan Touch Up Paint. Sentra: #3 Door Jamb, #3 door edge, #5 on in the hinge area of the driver side door, #2 Passenger side firewall, #1 center of firewall 2000 Nissan Paint Charts Martin-Senour 3. Whether they are letters, numbers or a combination of the two. All Models: Engine Compartment, #1 and #2 Firewall, #3 Driver Side Door Nissan 370Z ROADSTER paint.

Placing masking tape around your scratched Nissan paint will help protect the surrounding auto paint. Yes it needs a serious restoration but it is ve... Classic Cars: Ford Mustang Fastback 1971 V8. Has a Dutch registration, VERY solid, no rust.

1986 Nissan Paint Charts DuPont 2 . Nissan paint color codes are typically three digits long and made up of numbers and letters. It has everything you'll need to make your car's coat shine including primer, clearcoat, sandpaper, and polishing compound. depending on what By following these Nissan paint repair directions, you can make your Nissan paint shine again! Apply several thin coats of primer to the Nissan paint you are going to repair. In the example above, the code is "AX6" which corresponds to the Nissan color Redline Clearcoat. From this point on, Nissan made big progress, the Datsun type 15 even became the first mass-produced vehicle in Japan. Nissan paint color codes are typically three digits long and made up of numbers and letters. Here a very original 1955 TR3 smallmouth to restore. Nissan 810 paint. Some require getting pretty low on the drivers door jamb so you can Subscribe now and receive the latest promotion or care tips. Same Color Code, Different Name You need the product to get the job done right and we’ve got it. 1999 Nissan Paint Charts DuPont … Then use rust converter and apply it to the rusted area of your Nissan. If you did not find your code there, it may be located on the firewall - on the center or on the passenger side or on the engine compartment and possibly on the radiator support. In 1999 Nissan entered an alliance with French car maker Renault, the joint venture is now known under the name Renault-Nissan B.V.

Ede, #3 Door Jamb, or #6 door Pillar Swatches may vary slightly due to viewing light or screen quality. Once you are ready to repair your Nissan with touch up paint, you need to decide which Nissan paint repair products to order.

Leather Repair Kits Leather Restoration and Care …

Stanza: #2 Passenger side firewall TO DATE, ALL OF MY ORDERS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED WITHOUT ISSUES. Nissan Customer Service: 800-647-7261 M-F 8:00am-5:00pm. What would be better to sustain your Nissan's body paint than TouchUpDirect's line of eco-friendly and color exact match touch up paint? The Nissan Leaf and its truck counterpart the Nissan e-NV200 are the figureheads of Nissan's electric car line. Our color charts provide close representations of the actual color, but hues may vary based on screen resolutions. It’s not always ideal to be shopping for touch up paint. Nissan Paint Chart Color Reference: Click picture for close up view: 2000 Nissan-2 Paint Charts. Let the primer dry, overnight if possible, before applying the Nissan touch up paint. Similar to other Japanese manufacturers, Nissan was also favored in America during the oil crisis for their smaller high-quality economic models. Sit back and know that in no time you’ll have your pride and joy looking great again! Once dry, lightly sand the primed Nissan paint area with #220 grit sandpaper followed by #600 wet and dry sandpaper. Nissan has taken care to ensure that the digital color swatches presented here are the closest possible representation of actual vehicle colors. This alliance proved very efficient for the brand and it completely revived its sales around the globe. Let the Nissan paint dry for ten to twenty minutes between coats. For example, AX6, above we call Redline Clearcoat. Very solid, VERY good body.... Classic Cars: Alfa Romeo Bertone 1975 RHD (to restore!). Nissan 370Z COUPE paint. Maxima: #1 Center of Firewall 2 oz. Learn More →, TUDCare is TouchUpDirect's 12 month, one-time, same color replacement warranty. We have an entire library of instructions and how-to videos designed to walk you through the process. On the bottom left corner of the sticker, you will find "Color/Color Trim" and your code will be right underneath. Please see the actual vehicle and colors … If you do not know your color name, you can contact your local dealer with your VIN number and the parts department can look this up for you. After the final coat, let the paint dry thoroughly before applying a clearcoat layer. If you lose your applicator for any reason, we will send you an entire replacement kit for free. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Make sure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your Nissan with soap and water. Nissan Paint 502 White, 503 Light Gray, 511 Gray, 518 Medium Gray, 521 Maroon, 524 Pagoda Red, 525 Cherry Red, 529 Bamboo Tan, 530 Dark Gray, 531 Bronze, 535 Rocky Brown, 546 Green, 554 Kasumi Green, 558 Green, 562 Turquoise, 563 Sky Blue, 564 Mount Fuji Blue, 567 Nissan Blue, 570 Sky Blue, 574 Blue, 604 Dark Blue, 637 Off White, 639 Maroon, 655 White, 660 Toba Aqua, 665 Yellow, 803 Leaf … Directions for How To Apply Touch Up Paint.

One of our most popular options is the platinum kit. If your label was removed or you can't find the color code for your Nissan, the phone number to N. A. Nissan … Apply several thin coats of clearcoat over the touched up Nissan paint, drying for ten to twenty minutes between each coat. New Orleans, LA 70123, Toll Free: 1-888-710-5192 Titan: #3Door Jamb, #3 Door Edge, Or #6 Door Pillar 208 Plauche Ct Thanks", "YOUR SITE IS ONE OF THE BETTER SITES I'VE USED. Nissan 1200 PICKUP paint. They should be used as added verification only and not actual confirmation of the correct color. 1999 Nissan Paint Charts DuPont 3. the correct paint. For best Nissan touch up paint results, let your Nissan's finish dry for thirty days and then apply a good quality automotive wax. If your label was removed or you can't find the color code for your Nissan, Nissan, like all manufacturers, uses the exact same color across many Usually if you let the Nissan paint dry overnight, it will be dry. Nissan AD VAN paint. Phone: 1-504-818-2334 Pulsar: #2 Passenger side firewall

Looking for help with painting your Nissan? Whether they are letters, numbers or a combination of the two. Use circular strokes while applying even pressure to the surface. Use a wax and grease remover on the area. Apply rubbing compound to your Nissan paint with a clean, soft cloth like an old tee shirt, but not wood products like paper towels. Nissan 100NX paint. Truck: #2 Passenger side firewall, #3 Driver side jamb or door edge We sell Nissan touch up paint pens, Nissan spray paint and other Nissan touch up paint products. All Nissan paint color codes are three digits long and may contain letters and numbers. We hope to bring you new and interesting content on our YouTube channel.

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