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Ford Benefits is an online employee sign-in platform for Ford Motors employees. Select Research and Enroll on the Welcome page. Go to What is MyFordBenefits? Sign in the use of your Ford Benefits User ID and password.

Logging in the employee/associate can access their HR benefits-related data, wage compensation, pay stubs and W2, and even more. RETRIEVE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION: Please enter the username used to register you for the website. MyFordBenefits – Are you an Employee or Retiree of Ford Company?If yes, insist you to read this article MyFordBenefits till the end because it’s intended for you. MyFordBenefits is an online portal set up by the Ford Motor Company administration for … Sign in using your Ford Benefits User ID and password. If you do not have the necessary information, you may contact your sponsoring Ford employee/retiree for assistance. You will be automatically logged into Myplan: If you are not logged in 30 sec, the user you have logged in with is either not a registered user of this site or has been removed by their Sponsor. Go to myfordbenefits.Com. Current as well as former employees of the company can log in to access their work-related information and employee benefits. View, compare or change your benefits on the Benefits Summary page. Select the Make your Annual Enrollment choices tile on the home page. Select the Enroll on your retiree health advantages tile on …

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