mtb tire pressure calculator is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. When within the recommended pressre range I don’t suffer snake bit punctures or tyres burping air. * And…I really love Silca, I’ve had my pump for 38 years! Thankfully this is quite simple to do, especially since you’re already online.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',103,'0','0'])); By keeping it specific to Schwalbe’s own tires, the Pressure Prof can do clever things like compensate for what type of sidewall casing you ride or whether you’re running their Procore inserts. When calculated for Worn Pavement/Some Cracks and for the Fast Group Ride setting, it recommends pressures of 70psi for the rear, and 68psi for the front. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Keeping the Faith – Part I… Too Many Calories, I have ridden for 40 years and never have gotten a pinch flat @ 95 psi…, You lose traction at anything over 120 psi…, You get more puncture flats at higher pressures…, They put the recommended tire pressure for you to ride with on the side of the tire…. var smartFormsCurrentTime=new Date('Wed Nov 04 2020 01:47:41 +0000'); Road/Tri Bike Tire Pressure Calculator.

For reference, roughly half of the people using the calculator were entering their ‘average speed’ as being higher than the average speed of a ProTour race!

I have no experience or data on DH vs XC casing tires, but have lots of experience with otherwise identical road and gravel tires that have ‘race’ vs ‘endurance’ casings and the like and despite testing for it, have not seen these casing changes change the optimal pressure for a given surface. We offer branding well beyond the standard banner, providing meaningful interaction and powerful connections to drive awareness and sales for your company. If your recommended tire pressure is near the maximum pressure rating for the rim, we recommend moving up in tire volume.

The algorithm was built by curve fitting these 4000+ real world optimizations, so if you want to calculate Peter Sagan’s Roubaix winning pressure, you can just enter his weight/tire size and cobbles and you’ll get his exact pressures… same for Bettiol’s Flanders win, multiple Dirty Kanza winning pressures, and so on.”. Well for my 250 lb body, I don’t get pinch flats with a rear tire more than 135 psi. Rooty terrain. Try out the Pressure Prof yourself by clicking here.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',104,'0','0'])); It recommends 30psi in a tire I keep between 17-21psi. What's 2+2? Mexico (also in North America) went metric less than a decade after the USA stole California etc from them. We love learning the technology and celebrating innovation at every level -from crowdfunded start ups to major global brands- and sharing it all here with you! That’s lower than I have been riding them, but not by much – I typically pump up to 75/74psi before each ride. They say that to truly find the negative side of high pressure you will need somewhere around 20% more pressure that predicted by this calculator. After dropping my address in to check out the Pro version I received a sale notice via email just 18 minutes after receiving the welcome email, so it seems like even if you don’t add your email to the Pro form at the bottom, you’re still signing up for email notifications from Silca. By adding your contact info you gain access to more detailed inputs to help you dial in your tire pressure even further. In short, I never fooled the algorithm! It’s since been updated with the correct link. But what’s equally important to choosing the right tire for your needs is dialing in the right air pressure for them, especially on off-road terrain. Interesting tool. Given that I know the pressures I use work well, I don’t see any value in this tool, as is seems like it’s just continuing the old paradigm of road pressures that are much too high. Wish I’d thought of that…, I don’t see the calculator accounting for construction, sidewall TPI, etc.

That includes details like the surface condition from indoor wood tracks to Category 4 gravel, wheel diameter, average speed, and the bike’s weight distribution or type of bike. PSI CALCULATOR. window.smartFormsItemsToLoad.push({ 'form_id':5, 'elements':[{"ClassName":"rednaotitle","IsRequired":"n","Formulas":{},"Styles":{},"Id":"rnField1","Spacing":"col-sm-12","Title":"Bicycle Tire Pressure Calculator (USA Units)","CustomCSS":""},{"ClassName":"rednaotextinput","IsRequired":"n","Formulas":{},"Styles":{},"Id":"rnField13","Spacing":"col-sm-12","Label":"Your Weight (lbs)","Placeholder":"250","Value":"250","ReadOnly":"n","Width":"","Icon":{"ClassName":""},"CustomCSS":"","Placeholder_Icon":{"ClassName":"","Orientation":""}},{"ClassName":"rednaotextinput","IsRequired":"n","Formulas":{},"Styles":{},"Id":"rnField14","Spacing":"col-sm-12","Label":"Your Bikes Weight Loaded (lbs)","Placeholder":"25","Value":"25","ReadOnly":"n","Width":"","Icon":{"ClassName":""},"CustomCSS":"","Placeholder_Icon":{"ClassName":"","Orientation":""}},{"ClassName":"rednaotextinput","IsRequired":"n","Formulas":{},"Styles":{},"Id":"rnField15","Spacing":"col-sm-12","Label":"Front Tire Width (mm)","Placeholder":"25","Value":"25","ReadOnly":"n","Width":"","Icon":{"ClassName":""},"CustomCSS":"","Placeholder_Icon":{"ClassName":"","Orientation":""}},{"ClassName":"rednaotextinput","IsRequired":"n","Formulas":{},"Styles":{},"Id":"rnField16","Spacing":"col-sm-12","Label":"Rear Tire Width (mm)","Placeholder":"25","Value":"25","ReadOnly":"n","Width":"","Icon":{"ClassName":""},"CustomCSS":"","Placeholder_Icon":{"ClassName":"","Orientation":""}},{"ClassName":"rednaotextinput","IsRequired":"n","Formulas":{},"Styles":{},"Id":"rnField17","Spacing":"col-sm-12","Label":"Precent of Weight on Rear Tire (e.g.

The article listed the average pressure and some changes to be made depending on ground conditions or the ability of the pilot.

Go Bigger – I finally got a pair of 25 mm tires for the first time, we will see how that goes. I favor tires that are bullet proof. var smartFormsUserName=""; For me loaded, I have 55% of my weight on my back wheel. And now I have a headache from all the imperial/metric conversions. I took a look at the graph and knew there should be a way to do that. Our passion is the products, technology and people that make them. I prefer a higher tyre pressure and a softer more responsive suspension.

• Ask A Stupid Question The following are the basic principles to consider when deciding the best pressure to run: There are people out there that can test and find the upper pressure limits and find the pressure that give the trade-offs just mentioned (e.g. From there you need to fiddle with the pressures to see what works best for you. Contact us to connect with them.

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