mortuary temple of hatshepsut essay

Queen Hatshepsut demonstrated great leadership during, inherited the crown when Hatshepsut’s father died. I found the natural terrain to be just as interesting and awe-inspiring as the architecture and artwork of the ancient temple itself — despite the supposed significant alteration of the temple as a result of reconstruction during the early 1900s.

Egypt’s success. To continue the royal lineage, Hatshepsut and her half-brother, Tuthmosis II married. She also believed that this place was a perfect spot to build her mortuary temple and tomb due to the fact that the “West Bank at Thebes provided the flat plain they needed for the temple, while, queen Hatshepsut, who was the second historically confirmed female pharaoh of Egypt, and the first to rule with full authority, according to The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson. “The idea of protecting travelers was not new in the West, [but] part of a larger [earlier] peace movement... in France [which] demanded cessation of warfare [among rival landowners] at certain times of year...” protecting certain social groups “including pilgrims and travelers, from attack” (Upton-Ward 1-2). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In addition, Mortuary Temple also contains paintings depicting the deity Osiris transporting the body of Hatshepsut3.

Hatshepsut was the fifth Egyptian Pharaoh and the first female king in the history of the New Kingdom. My visit was towards the end of spring; so there was no chance of me seeing that phenomenon. She went from being portrayed as the beautiful women seen in this artwork.

I am Still Running for President of the United States in 2020. It is one of only three royal sarcophagi that is currently displayed outside of Egypt and is one of they very few from the eighteenth Dynasty that shows multiple alterations and phases of decorations. Hatshepsut prov... ...? The temple was designed and built in 1470 BCE by the Queen’s royal architecture named Senenmut.

Dynasty 18, joint reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III (ca.

However it is due to the peaceful time, Hatshepsut develops economy and making Egypt rich and sustainable. Analysis of Hatshepsut A. Reminding me of a similar azimuth set at a passage tomb in Ireland called Newgrange, the main and axis of the temple is set to approximately 116.5 degrees in order to be aligned to the sunrise of the winter solstice, which typically occurs on either December 21 or 22 every year — allowing the sunlight to penetrate through to the rear wall of the chapel before moving to the right to highlight one of the Osiris statutes which stand on either side of the doorway to the second chamber.

Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face…. We consider the budget, but it's more of the design and its value to us. There are rudimentary washroom facilities located near the parking lot. The hot sun beat down onto the pale beige sand from the brilliant cloudless azure sky upon my arrival. Bibliography Crystalinks, “Temple of Hatshepsut”.
Religious Significance of Art Apart from conflicting issues surrounding the Queen’s gender, scholars also differs on religious significance of artistic pieces associated with the Mortuary Temple.

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