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[12] Around ten years after the release of "Epic", the singer was approached to participate in an episode of the documentary series Where Are They Now? ", "Heavy Metal Be-Bop #3: Interview with Trevor Dunn", "Exclusive - FAITH NO MORE: THE LOST INTERVIEWS (1992, Cable Access)", "Heavy Vanguard Episode 8: Diamanda Galás // The Divine Punishment", "Camion Blanc: PUNK & METAL Des liaisons dangereuses", "Bad Brains: Banned in D.C.: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs", "Tanti auguri Mike Patton, voce da record", "Faith No More, il ritorno degli outsider del rock", "NOW A HEADLINER, FAITH NO MORE LETS 'DUST' SETTLE", "Mike Patton, Jean-Claude Vannier Collaboration Predicated on Versatility", "Reanimator: Mike Patton And Jean-Claude Vannier On Corpse Flower", "mems of Faith No More, Porcupine Tree, Blur, Voivod, Pinback & more pay tribute to Cardiacs' Tim Smith", "De retour au Québec : La longue route des Young Gods", "Interview: The Young Gods' Franz Treichler on 30 Years of Music", "Unpublished Mike Patton interview from March 2003", "Bister Mungle (Mr Bungle) Eureka High School Talent Show 1985 (Full Show)", "my Patton interview ( March 2005 via email )", "Mike Patton: A Crash Course in Avant-Metal's Man of a Thousand Voices", "Restoring past glory: Mike Patton's pumped about Faith No More touring", "KEEPING THE FAITH / Bay Area band revamps and goes back on the road", "Tomahawk's Mike Patton Urinating on Photographers Just A Joke", "FAITH NO MORE Frontman Swallows Shoelace At Hungary's SZIGET FESTIVAL; Video Available", "Mr. Bungle Radio Interview (For Locals Only) 1988", https://books.google.com/books?id=RDWxkmx1bj4C&pg=PA36, "Five Noteworthy Facts You May Not Know About Faith No More", "From the Mouths of Bands: Spin's Faith No More Flashback", "That Time Mike Patton Interviewed Moby About Area:One, Fantômas & Stomach Stapling", "MIKE PATTON Hates WOLFMOTHER: Video Available", "Por qué Mike Patton es el ícono máximo de la anti-moda", http://www.negele.org/cvdb2/index.php?id=1997, "Music25YL: Radiohead, Faith No More, and Morphine", "Return of the Unique One-Hit Wonder Stories", "Faith No More powerful at Palladium opener", "MULTI-ENTREVISTA: Fans de Faith No More opinan de Sol Invictus y más! The band toured for more than two years on it. In 2005, Patton signed on to compose the soundtrack for the independent movie Pinion, marking his debut scoring an American feature-length film. [124] The Young Gods would go on to inform him and Faith No More's later use of samples. [66] In 2007, he provided the voice of the eponymous force in the video game The Darkness,[67] working alongside Kirk Acevedo, Lauren Ambrose and Dwight Schultz. [169], In 2002, Patton was reported as having a "mixed relationship" with his fanbase and the press, and, even though a non-reclusive person, some aspects of his fame had "freak[ed] him out" – "[Patton is] a private person who'd much rather shuffle through Burt Bacharach and Joe Meek CDs than talk about himself". Fame is like going to Las Vegas. The record, released June 20, 1989, went platinum and netted a Grammy nomination for best metal performance. [24] He went on to be influenced by R&B singer Sade on his arrival to Faith No More,[116] reflected in later songs such as "Evidence". [140], Since around 2000, the singer has mostly used suits, along with boutonnières, slicked back hair, and both a short moustache and beard. [78] Until 2001, Patton owned a home in Bologna and became a fluent speaker of Italian. by employing a "third or fourth [harmony]" or "whatever [else] needs to be done". [63] His other film work includes portraying two major characters in the Steve Balderson film Firecracker. [76] Since he began to improvise with John Zorn in 1991,[96] along with his discoveries of Demetrio Stratos and Diamanda Galás, Patton started broad explorations into extended vocal techniques and the limits of his voice. [10] Patton's role in Faith No More has often been credited as an influence to nu metal, a form of alternative metal spearheaded by bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit in the late-90s.

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