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I think that anyone who enjoys watching or reading about college football would enjoy this book. Best RB Duo College Football 1967 and 1968. Freddie was 3 years old at the time and Fred was needed at home. MD Anderson also saved my wife's life when she was 11, so I was also very interested in the those accounts in the book. A beautiful, heart-wretching story about a courageous young man., Yes, and as in the movie, the real Bobby Mitchell credits his friendship with Freddie Steinmark as the reason he made it through the loss he felt when his brother died. By May 23, Freddie had begun to slip in and out of a coma. Privacy Policy / Advertise With the movie coming out in October about his life, I decided to learn more about him. He was all-state and was receiving interest from some big schools. So he had a huge impact on my life. Wheat Ridge went on to win the Colorado state championship that season.

I received this from Santa and really enjoyed it. In junior high at Wheat Ridge, Freddie Steinmark teamed with Roger Behler to form a dangerous combination at the Running Back positions.

Fred was Freddie’s biggest fan and supporter and started coaching Freddie from the very beginning in both baseball and football. They both take a visit to Austin, Texas where c. Freddie Steinmark was an undersized football player with a lot of potential if you ask Darryl K. Royal. Freddie met Linda Wheeler in junior high and they were together all through school. Now I don't want to give anything away but you have got to try this book. It's a story of courage and will to succeed that you will hardly believe - but the best part is that it's all true. I had forgotten that Happy Feller was on that team and that Texas Tech beat UT while I was at Tech. Because this kid was 20 years old. It is no disgrace to be beaten; the great disgrace is to quit or turn yellow.”. Everything I have seen, heard and read about Freddie Steinmark is uplifting. Those old kid football leagues eventually became the Pop Warner that they play today. They hadn’t beaten Lakewood since the 1950’s. Freddie bought an Italian suit and Linda made her own dress. His last visit to the hospital was on April 20, 1971, for questions related to the problem that originally plagued him. His humbility went a very long way with people so when shockingly, he came down with cancer, the world was devastated that. Another very good book by author Jim Dent and this one will make you cry a little. He passed away on June 6, 1971. Freddie Steinmark was the undersized defensive back of the University of Texas with a courageous will to win, whose courageous fight against osteosarcoma (bone cancer) made him a national symbol of courage and determination. Family comes first and Fred gave up his dream of playing professional baseball.

As usual, he outperforms expectations, but by only six months. Freddie Steinmark was an undersized football player with a lot of potential if you ask Darryl K. Royal. Reading about the era at my old age enlightened me to how things were at the University of Texas in the late 1960s. Be prepared for a teardrop or two because I cried and so will you. The balance of the book was also good; between the football and the struggles. Some other members of that included Cotton Speyrer. Jim Dent tells a great inspirational story, the characters were well detailed and the storyline flowed wonderfully. Very good descriptive storytelling of Steinmark's life by Dent, who also wrote the epic "12 Mighty Orphans" and "Junction Boys."

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