lead cowboy bullets

Bullet: 45 Cal 200gr RNFP Soft Cast Cowboy Action Our 38 Caliber TC Cowboy Action Bullets are specifically designed by us with an improved bearing radius and nose to provide excellent feeding in … SF, Ivan R. Your email address will not be published.
45 Caliber 200 grain RNFP Cowboy Action Shooting CAS Soft Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading. 1-866-848-9834fax: (417)763-3207. For this particular bullet, the company follows strict SASS specifications to make it as authentic possible. Not only that but Stateline Bullets has great customer service! 6311 N 25th St P.O. SASS Single Action Shooting Society. BOX 1835 OZARK, MO 65721. phone: (417)708-5279 toll-free: 1-866-848-9834 fax: (417)763-3207 Payment Options. Ron, Hugh They’re accurate, reliable, easy to load and definitely high quality.

BOX 1835OZARK, MO 65721, phone: (417)708-5279 toll-free: Which includes just the right amount of lube and smooth (no flash) surfaces. Try some you won’t be disappointed. You did not add any gift products to the cart. (verified owner) – February 23, 2017, Great price for the bullets my orders are shipped out quickly. I would definitely recommend purchasing any one of their bullets! The quality control seems to be outstanding. The founder of Hornady had one philosophy: "ten bullets, one hole, " and that led to the creation of the most accurate, dependable yet deadly lines of ammunition bearing her name. Great soft cast bullet for reloading 45 colt cowboy loads. DBA: Rim Rock Bullets, Inc. | 35675 Minesinger Trail, Polson, MT 59860 USA | PHONE: (406) 883-1899 RON Great Bullets, accurate and easy loaders for CAS. I have used their 200 grain .41 SWC bullet in my old Blackhawk and their 245 grain .44 SWC in my S&W 1950 Target, S&W 624 and my CCW Charter Bulldog with fantastic results… if they weren’t out of stock I’d have included 250 of the 255 grain .45 Colt Keith bullet so I’ll be watching their website like a hawk until I can make an order… you’ll not find a better bullet for a better price. 45 Caliber 200 grain RNFP Cowboy Action Shooting CAS Soft Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading. Note: Our 38 cal 125 gr RNFP are Hard Cast Bullets (BHN 16) You’ve got the gear. as well as checks and money orders. This includes 45 Colt, 45LC, and 45 Long Colt.

Great soft cast bullet for reloading 45 colt cowboy loads. SASS Single Action Shooting Society. (verified owner) – August 20, 2020. Meister is the only company that seals their bullets resulting in cleaner reloading for the customer.

Regardless of the option, none of the lead pistol bullets are cast, but are instead…, …quality with Hornady Cowboy .44-40 Win 205 gr RNFP - 20/box. Meister Bullets. Distance: 25 yards They work perfect in my Dillion 650. For your convenience, we accept the following: as well as checks and money orders. 45 Caliber 200 grain RNFP Cowboy Action Soft Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading. For this particular bullet, the company follows strict SASS specifications to make it as authentic possible. Just received my first order of 200gr RNFP cowboy Bullets. (verified owner) – January 1, 2019. Great soft cast bullet for reloading 45 colt cowboy loads. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I really appreciate the fine craftsmanship and dedication that Stateline Bullets provides. Powder: Unique The great level of accuracy and perfection of the Hornady…. Black powder SPG lead Cowboy bullets, Hard cast lead smokeless cowboy bullets and reloading supplies , hard swaged lead , smokeless bullets and reloading supplies , Cowboy Cartridges with new Starline Brass , Hard cast lead cowboy, IDPA and ISPC Bullets and reloading supplies , …

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