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Equally traumatic was an occasion when I was staying with them, still a very small boy, at a rambling country house. I think it’s a good book . Fr Twohig described Josephine as ‘‘a very quiet laid-back person’’. While on a hiatus from the gruelling shoot for Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, Ollie had fallen off his self-imposed wagon and taken on a bunch of sailors in a drinking game. Mark Reed's father was at times a complex lunatic – albeit a much-loved one. My favorite film starring Oliver Reed was “The Shuttered Room” a brilliant horror flick in black and white. Burton House was built in the 1680s but was burnt to the ground ten years later. ‘‘They drank all night and Walter just managed to get in to mass the next morning.’’. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. A Wealthy Irish farmer has spoken of his love for actor OLIVER REED's widow JOSEPHINE. The widow of Hollywood star OLIVER REED has a new man in her life. A wonderful recollection of Ollie. Josephine Reed, 37, and Walter Ryan Purcell had hoped to keep their wedding a secret until they walked down the aisle. In residence was their father Peter and their step-mother Kay, both of whom were very kind. Though his widow Josephine has said she never thought then she would meet another man, she was marrying Walter Ryan-Purcell - who describes the pair as soulmates. I have the scar to this day. I see there’s a new biography out … not sure I want to read it though. Stonecourt, my grandfather’s house is still there and occupied by a Supreme Court judge, who has changed the name. Walter … I run the website – would you mind if I replicate this article on the website?

JACK'S MY BABY; EXCLUSIVE Ollie Reed widow's joy after giving birth to 9lbs healthy boy. Reed`s second marriage to the tall, beautiful, country-bred Josephine was largely happy though they remained childless. I think fans of Oliver would be very interested in reading it. The groom is hoping the weather will be kind, in light of the large number of guests who will be attending the wedding reception which will be held in a marquee on the grounds. He was a big influence on me, for the good. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He was a lunatic." I watched Gladiator alone in a cinema in San Francisco. I never saw him in life again. JOSEPHINE Reed was devastated when the burly actor collapsed and died while filming the hit movie GLADIATOR on location in Malta last year (99).But she has now become close to wealthy Cork farmer WALTER RYAN-PURCELL. They've shown up at hunt functions together and are a lovely couple. On the way back to the hotel, just steps away, we passed a police car. The arrangements were planned months in advance by a private company and hundreds of guests were expected to attend. In the men’s room I found his clothes and fearing the worst rushed back to the table, where he was sitting calmly drinking a glass of wine, buck naked. The town in which the wedding takes place consists of just 42 houses, a church, a pub, a holiday facility and the village shop.

The only interview Ollie gave was on The Bob McLean Show the next morning, myself directing. Father Patrick Joseph Twohig, who is conducting the service, said: ‘‘Josephine doesn’t want it elaborate. One never knows what will happen.

Walter said they hit it off immediately. PS: Please leave a comment if you like this story, or have any memories of Oliver you’d like to share. ( Log Out /  At 18, I went travelling and our paths crossed less often as he went from success to success. Ollie, who was at the time trying various jobs and attempting to break into modelling and film work, taught me some very interesting life lessons. He came with Jacquie and his daughter Sarah, who as a young girl bore an amazing resemblance to my daughter Rebecca. Skylarking around in the vegetable garden, I put my foot through a cucumber frame and immediately started squirting copious amounts of blood. We drove past it on Friday and it looks great. Cannizaro is much improved as a hotel and fine restaurant and our wartime gardener’s cottage still stands too.

BABY JOY FOR OLLIE WIDOW; Delighted bride Josie expecting first child. They are not doing much in the way of music, just three hymns.
Our planes passed in  the sky. We met through mutual friends. Tomorrow, February 13, would have been the 75th birthday of my late cousin, the actor Oliver Reed, famed for his tough-guy roles and his hard-drinking ways.

After a private ceremony at Reed's home, attended by Oliver's children Mark and Sarah Reed, a big bash for 500 followed at Burton Park. You might enjoy the read . They lived in Castle McCarthy for a number of years but sold it two years ago and moved to Schull in West Cork. Instead of her wearing an engagement ring he decided to keep their plans secret by giving her a horse. Many years later, my father had purchased a mews cottage off the Portobello Road, for use during home leave. By the time we arrived at our destination hours later Ollie was in fine form and I could barely stand. Josephine said: "It was the right time to sell the house. Sections. She and her rich landowner husband Walter Ryan Purcell married in his ancestral home Burton Park, Co Cork, last July. Ollie was heading back from filming The Trap. Our cat had found a nest and insisted on bringing Ollie souvenirs. It is understood she was to wear a suit and, being a member of the Church of England, Fr Twohig said they needed dispensation from the local bishop for the service to go ahead.

Fr Twohig said: ‘‘Oliver Reed was a very nice fellow. They plan to live in the house she and Reed bought when they moved to the area seven years ago. After a private ceremony at Reed's home, attended by Oliver's children Mark and Sarah Reed, a big bash for 500 followed at Burton Park. Bachelor WALTER RYAN-PURCELL never actually met GLADIATOR star Reed - who died whilst filming in Malta last year (99). Josephine Reed (37) will marry Walter Ryan-Purcell in a service attended by family and close friends, including Oliver Reed's son, Mark, and daughter, Sarah. "(RXT/IM/RC), Advertising There are two follow-ups to this story. Much love to you for your contribution to film and screen.
Josephine Reed married Churchtown neighbor Walter Ryan-Purcell after being introduced to him at Reed's favorite pub back in November of 1999.

Walter Ryan Purcell.

The staff eventually saw us off in relief, though he paid the bill and tipped them with a handful of hundred-dollar bills.

One never knows what will happen.

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