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Henry was not attracted to Queen Anne, and had the marriage annulled so that he could marry Katheryn Howard.

Shortly after Sir Edward’s death, Dudley was granted his office of Master of the Armoury in the Tower of London and elsewhere, at a salary of 12d per day, with 6d per day for a page, and a further 3d per day for an under-page. The Lord Great Chamberlain took the Patent, and handed it to Mr Secretary Wriothesley, who read it aloud. (1987), G. A. Gibbs & others, 14 vols. It lasted several days, and Dudley led the Challengers, seconded by Sir Thomas Seymour.

V. John Dudley is an actor, known for Burn Notice (2007) and Spaced Out (2006). R. John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley (1494-1553), commonly known as Lord Quondam, was the eldest son and heir of Sir Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley and his wife Lady Cicely (Willoughby) Sutton. The investiture took place on 12th March at Westminster Palace. In the wake of the annulment, Dudley’s old friend, Thomas Cromwell, was executed. As well as the title, he was granted 20 marks (c. £16) per annum. (1892–9); repr. He was born about 1494, at Dudley Castle, Worcestershire. Cokayne], , 8 vols. To celebrate, he took precedence over all other diners (the King was not there). He now had the King’s ear and had obtained a prohibition on the sale that Lisle could not possibly argue with.

On 16th June 1535, Dudley wrote to his step-father.

He was perhaps compensated for any disappointment by the grant of the Priory of Dudley and the manor of Walsall.

The procession entered the Great Chamber, where Henry was waiting with all his Council.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the School of Nock provides comprehensive archery & bowhunting courses, technical and tuning information, how-tos, … Dudley was required to escort the Lady Mary and some of the Queen’s ladies away from the court to Hertford Castle in the wake of the Queen’s disgrace. The Queen’s household, which had been dissolved on the death of Jane Seymour, was reconstituted. The second day, Surrey led the Defenders (26 in number) again, with Lord Clinton taking charge on the third day. Sir John believed that Edward Guilford had intended him to be his heir, as his nearest male relative, rather than his daughter, Dudley’s wife, Jane. Dudley was concerned that if he spent money on the land, and it was then adjudged to be the property of his rival, Sir John Guilford, he would ‘well-mocked for his labour’. This was a role that entailed a great deal of personal contact. In a first hint as to Dudley’s religious beliefs, in the same letter he reported to Cromwell that the Vicar of Tenterden had exhorted his parishioners to avoid the ‘new learning’ and continue in their old ways, and other ‘papists’ doctrines’. Henry forbade the sale of the trees to Button be completed, as it would ruin the park, a message that Dudley passed on to Lisle. Gage was right to anticipate problems – the arguments between Dudley and John Guilford continued for some five years. Sir John believed that Edward Guilford had intended him to be his heir, as his nearest male relative, rather than his daughter, Dudley’s wife, Jane. Others were feeling the King’s wrath, as well.

On this occasion, it was not granted – his friend Seymour, now Earl of Hertford, being appointed instead, but it was a sign that he was part of the inner circle of courtiers.

During the meal, the King’s title was proclaimed, and that of the new peer – Viscount Lisle, Baron Malpas and Lord of Drayton Bassett.

He sent a message to the Tower expressing his goodwill towards his uncle, but the gentleman was so overcome by the stress and emotion of hearing he was to be released, that he had a heart-attack and died. (1862–1954); M. A. S.

Dudley was appointed as the new Queen’s 'Master of the Horse'. Dudley, however, went from strength to strength. Brewer, J. There is no record of Dudley’s reaction – he may have pleaded vehemently for Lisle. Presumably at this point, Henry took the mantle and wrapped it around Dudley, transforming him into a Peer, entitled to sit in the House of Lords. You could not be signed in, please check and try again. Gage thought the matter so serious that he immediately summoned Lord de La Warre to come to Sir Edward’s house to be ‘a stay' between Sir John Dudley and Sir John Guilford (Sir Edward’s nephew, son-in-law of Lord de La Warre).

(1910–98); microprint repr. (1887–98); new edn, ed. Henry’s marriage to Katheryn Howard lasted somewhat longer than that to Anne of Cleves, but by November 1541, she had been accused of adultery and treason. Dudley’s mantle had the two and a half ‘bars’ or lines of fur appropriate to his new rank and was carried by Lord de La Warre, whilst Garter King of Arms carried the Patent of Nobility. The Master not only had overall responsibility for the Queen’s stable, but also attended her personally and was a member of her Council. He promised to obey, whilst complaining that those sent to enquire into the landed estate were not impartial. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a single article for personal use (for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice). Lisle must have agreed, as Henry and Anne stopped at Painswick.

On the death of his father-in-law, Sir Edward Guilford, Sir Edward’s brother-in-law, John Gage, wrote to the Duke of Norfolk, that a dispute was likely to break out over Sir Edward’s estate. Although the position of Master probably entitled Dudley to live at court, he rented a house in Hackney from Ralph Sadleir, a protégé of Cromwell’s who was beginning to make a name for himself. Printed from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Whilst there Henry enquired about a sale of wood in Painswick Park. Dudley requested Lisle’s permission to entertain the King and Queen at the Lisle estates at Painswick, Gloucestershire, or King’s Lisle. Dudley assured the King that no new sale had been made, only the one to Mr Button referred to above. Lady Katherine Dudley, Countess of Huntingdon. Brown, H. F. He wrote to the Earl of Rutland that Henry, having been somewhat troubled by the allegations against his wife, was well, and that ‘all true subjects are bound to thank God that these sudden miseries are so soon revealed’. Dudley led her ‘horse of honour’, directly behind the lady herself, mounted on a palfrey. in 38 Or he may not. It has been suggested that Katheryn was certainly not a popular choice with the evangelical members of Henry’s court, of whom Dudley was one, so it is possible that his servants might have revelled in gossip about her. In October 1534, Dudley wrote to Cromwell from Kent, where the Guilford lands were located. Gage was right to anticipate problems – the arguments between Dudley and John Guilford continued for some five years. Dudley continued to behave cavalierly in money matters. Since the King himself no longer jousted, there were fewer tournaments than in the first half of his reign, but this particular event seems to have been one of some consequence. Dudley requested that the goods be put in his custody until the matter of the whole estate was resolved.


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