huion kamvas pro 13 display not working

If you are using a counterfeit, the solutions down below will not be work with your hardware.

But still there is nothing, I got the pen to work with the screen but that's about it. I checked my port, I checked my display drivers, even my bios or firmware drivers, sometimes after I rollback the drivers that would work. Fix 1: … Huion pens are usually programmed to only run with Huion tablets. In this article, we will go through all the different reasons as to why this issue occurs and what the possible workarounds are to fix the problem. Here you’ll have 5 fixes that have proved useful for the Huion pen not working issue. Check if you connect the Kamvas 13 to your device in the right way, Method 2. Does your Huion Pen Display show a black screen or no signal when you turn it on? Some people may find it hard to do the driver updating stuff. My sister had bought the tablet and has connected it to her PC, which is one of the HP sets with a monitor with a touch screen. In case of a laptop, try plugging in all USB slots present on both sides of the computer. The tablet works but I'm currently not able to receive any signal to the screen. Please help! I think this is related to the USB-C on the new Macs that require a dongle.

Connect the red USB-A end of the 3-in-1 cable to a USB power adapter, and plug it into a power outlet. Don’t choose PC screen only or Second screen only. Huion is a popular company which provides graphics tablets and pens to the users. Hello, I have recently got a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 and I've been looking everywhere for something that works for configuring buttons. 3) After downloading the driver, open your folder in which the driver is downloaded.

hello! 4) Expand Put the computer to sleep: and select Never. Note that some of the functions in your drawing software may be unusable if you disable Windows Ink. How to Uninstall the HUION MAC Driver V13 or V14 Properly. Check if the Kamvas 13 has enough power, Method 3.Test with another computer or monitor, Method 4.

How do I connect the Huion Kamvas 13 to my computer? 3) Click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system (this requires the Pro version – you’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All). Setting your Huion as the primary display can solve this problem, but that’s not really necessary, and it may not be what you really want, as you may have a better display that you use for other things. All rights reserved. I just bought a Kamvas Pro 12. I'm using the system with Adobe (Ps, LrC, etc.). But now I realize that once I did that huge update of my system, my Wacom driver won't kick in as quickly maybe as soon as my Huion's driver so it used to start displaying and working. Another thing to try before starting other solutions will be power cycling your computer completely. Fixes to try if you are using the 3-in-1 connection, Method 1. Connect the included USB-C to USB-A cable or your own USB-C to USB-A cable to a USB power adapter, and then plug into a power outlet. Check if the issue is resolved and Huion Pen is working properly. Please note: The positive pole should be pointing to the same direction as the pen tip. Driver Easy takes care of everything. It was working all fine at the start but it used to stop as soon as any windows update pop up. Do NOT buy Huion (for anyone reading this).

Check if the Kamvas 13 has enough power; Method 3. If Windows Update can find a newer driver, then it'll download and install the update automatically, hopefully fixing any issues with the pen display. If the logo will not appear and the power button's LED light will not turn on, then the issue is with the 3-in-1 cable. How to use multiple monitors in Windows 10, What to Do If Your Huion Pen Display Shows A Black Screen or No Signal. When your Huion digital pen is not working, you can check the solutions listed below respectively to see if it can fix your pen. Hi folks. The problem is with the AMD Driver, because when I uninstall it it works without problems, and the moment I reinstall the graphics drivers it fails again.

It’s all done with just a couple of mouse clicks – easy even if you’re a computer newbie. Update your computer's graphics driver; Method 1. Unplug and re-plug the VGA/DVI/HDMI/ 3-in-1 cable. If the shrapnel of the negative pole is out of place, as shown in the picture below,  you can fix it with a simple tool such as a nipper. Turn the display off and then on again. I have a KAMVAS GT-221 Pro. Here in this article we will completely restart your computer and remove all the power so all the temporary configurations get erased and get set as the default values. The buttons work and so does the pen. List of Compatible Devices Support USB-C to USB-C Connection with Huion Displays. The problem is, when connected to this PC the screen on the tablet doesn't work, displaying "Power saving" message and going dark. Method 1. Comfortable grip brings enjoyable drawing experience. Before installing the latest drivers, you should uninstall the existing Huion drivers from your computer. The methods are somewhat similar. or Solution to the Installation Problems under Mac Mojave to install the driver correctly.

Replace the batteries if need be and check again. Meine kamvas gt 156 hd habt eine vackelkontakt. Everything so far is going well except the pen will not stay in alignment after being calibration. it makes it really hard to draw.

Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. An insufficient power supply may cause a flashing screen and black screen.

If you are using the Kamvas 13 as a second monitor, please make sure the display option is Duplicate or Extend mode. Test with another computer or monitor, Method 5. Make sure you are in Duplicate or Extend mode, Fixes to try if you are using the USB-C to USB-C connection, Method 3. I started and restarted the Huion program, checked connection and as soon as I touched BOTH sides of the pen (eraser last) the pop up saying TabletDriverAgent needed permissions. 5 fixes for Huion pen not working issue.

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