how to clean sticky synthetic gun stock

That’s because the molecules in the raw state are long chains of very weak links to each other.

It's used to cover car rims like a paint, and one day when you will feel unhappy with it, it might be peeled off. Grime and dirt can build up in the crevices of the gun stock and may create damage to the working mechanism of the gun. 3. A spot of old-fashioned beeswax is best for varnished stocks.

If you find that the rubber isn’t coming off (like I did with this camera) you will need to apply several times.
Items you will need . :). Make sure that the area that you are working in is clean.

Soft cloth or rags.

Clean the gun stock inside and out with the cleanser. Soap and Water I removed the sticky coating (and label) from the back of a 10-year old Logitech Harmony One remote. And no, it was not more sticky, it's was just gone, leaving just underlying plastic.Tried on several things with success, try it as well!

Be careful to not get too much of the isopropyl into any electronics areas such as switches or small openings. After the season was over for me, on April 20, I called the Browning CS in Arnold. Once the Isopropyl starts to dry and you find that the cloth is sticking to the rubber, it’s time to add another layer of Isopropyl. Works almost with any kind of glue, and it is effective also on stickers on plastic containers. Comes in two forms:1) A liquid you dip the part into - useful for screwdriver handles etc.2) A spray you put on like paint - useful for applying to surface of delicate things like camcorder, or where you have masked an area for application to a smaller patch.Note I've never used either of these products, but I've seen videos on internet of people spraying their whole car with this stuff!

It can take a few weeks’ work to make your gun look its best so here’s what to do now.

He says that in the fall of 2015, he noticed the coating on his guns was starting to feel sticky, which made the guns … All stock-finishing oils should be of vegetable origin. 3. There are products that replicate the grippy rubber layer. 1. It’s a great way to cover up scratches or any other dings and dents. Reply Answer

Just rub it with some soap and wipe clean with water. All Rights Reserved. Mineral oil ups the ante a tad.

I don't know if there are any other chemicals that will do the same.... but back to the issue at hand. If you just want to get some dirt and dust off of the synthetic stock, regular soap and water will do the trick. Technical petrol doesn't damage them, but test it first on some non-visible part of surface.

Sounds like an attractive deal to the hunters who buy Browning’s products. 7 months ago. About: I've always liked pulling things apart - it's the putting back together again that I have some issues with. I had a very sticky fore stock on my Duratouch Camo Winchester SX2 shotgun.

15 of the best smocks for shooting and stalking, Use minimal amounts (and nothing at all on the chequering). Liquid abrasive cleanser (such as Soft Scrub).

The plaintiff claims he shipped one of his shotguns to Browning in the fall of 2016, yet “Browning has neither repaired nor returned his firearm.”. I've also heard that this can be damaging to plastic so be wary using it to remove rubber and do a test first. Did you make this project? Reassemble the metal parts into the gun stock. on Step 4. According to the complaint, the current Browning catalog contains at least 25 firearms coated with Dura-Touch, “including shotguns in its Maxus, A5, Silver, BPS, Gold lines as well as Rifles in its X-Bolt line.” Consumers allegedly continue to buy these firearms only to discover down the line that they don’t live up to the advertisements.

Don’t use modern spray furniture polishes as many contain a solvent which may damage the oil finish. on Step 4.

6/8/2017 04:59:41 pm.
Because the alleged defect is latent and only appears after years of use, owners of Dura-Touch firearms are left without options, the suit says. I'm looking for a synthetic stock reconditioner and or polish. When he called his local Browning dealer about the issue, an employee allegedly responded, “Let me guess, they’re sticky, right?”, According to Browning, Dura-Touch Armor Coating is “a unique stock treatment specifically designed to improve the grip and overall feel of a rifle or shotgun while protecting the stock with an armor-like finish.” The defendant allegedly markets its firearms coated with Dura-Touch as “extremely durable” and claims they can be used “in all weather conditions and temperature ranges.”. Have some spare cloths handy to remove any excess chemicals, 4.

Accidental discharge can be fatal. Thanks very much for this advice.

Sprockers – the aftermath of ‘Sprockergate’, Tweets from, Our expert reviews three of the best PCP air rifles and reports back. Reply Cleaning synthetic gun stocks should be a part of a seasonal maintenance of your guns. No spam.

Use a clean section of the cloth each time. In the US there's something similar called denatured alcohol (be careful of denatured alcohol though as it has Methanol in it which can be very dangerous). . Ask for tips on how to achieve the best finish. If Browning determines that the Dura-Touch coating is deteriorating, the company will decide to either replace or repair the affected parts, or provide the consumer with a new Browning firearm “of equal or greater value,” the settlement states. Once all the rubber has been removed, you should end up with just the bare plastic that the rubber was adhered to. One drop in each side should do it. 1.

Personally for most of the items that had this surface (and I cleaned it off them) I am perfectly OK just with the underlying plastic, which is easy to clean, and it doesn't decompose as easily as that nasty rubber surface.

Chokes for gameshooting and clays – what’s best? Again I would do a test first to see how well these work before using it. By Linda Batey.

Sprayed it with Rust-Oleum matte clear clear coat spray. Instead, as suggested above, try using a little wax furniture polish, followed by buffing with a clean, dry cloth.

They may damage certain painted surfaces. If the synthetic stock looks dull, you can bring back the shine with ArmourAll. That sticky residue also is very likely vinyl, not rubber and whatever is used will be extremely hard to get off. An invisible internal defect can cause a disaster. This browser does not support PDFs. Instead buff the wood up with a spot of beeswax furniture polish (don’t use synthetic spray polish) on a clean soft cloth.

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