how old is amalia in wakfu season 3

King Oakheart is Amalia's father and she looks up to him when she thinks of being the future queen. The ancient black dragon Grougalorogran warned Amalia that she would need to warn and rally her people as the future queen of Sadida. Height This Ankama account is already linked to a Steam account. She lost her headband and now ties her hair into a short fluffy ponytail, which is shorter of a ponytail then her hair in season 1-2 so its possible she had it cut. Gender Yugo and Adamai then decided to stay in the Sadida Kingdom and study the Eliacube. Amalia first appears with Evangelyne. At the start of the series, Yugo is 12 (and Adamai by extension), Amalia is 13, Perci is 16, and Eva is 17, Ruel is like 300 or something. He would rather be focused on fixing his damaged relationship with Adamai who is the only one who can understand and help him.

When Amalia protests Yugo rejects her advances, calling the kiss a mistake, hurting Amalia. However, the total Wakfu only sent them back twenty minutes, resurrecting Yugo and the Sadidas, ultimately depriving Nox of all the Wakfu he'd worked to acquire.

She has a bit of a rocky relationship with her brother as she believes that he treats her like a little child and was surprised when she found out that he actually cared for her and was the reason why she was able to run away. They are later seen in the Forbidden Forest around a small bonfire eating. Behind the scenes Amalia in the beginning of the series is a very sheltered, somewhat spoiled child. It was implied they liked each other although Season 3 of the Animated Series confirmed it. This was Yugo, companion to Ruel and Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove. To link this account, please deactivate Ankama Shield in your Ankama Account Management center. Upon meeting Oropo who claims to be an older Yugo, she is seduced by him. Yugo and Amalia will perhaps develop the already deep bond that they have.

Her brother, Prince Armand, and his wife are trying to find her a husband. Daughter of King Sheran Sharm, Amalia is a princess who's as charming as she is spoiled.

They have been together since childhood however their relationship at first was a bit rocky since Eva spoke her mind most of the time but later became close after Amalia was sick and Eva stayed by her side the entire time. They didn't date even at the series end, leaving the couple for the fans and any future Wakfu media to decide if they ever get together. Affiliation(s) Evangelyne is Amalia's best friend and bodyguard. By the finale Amalia gives Yugo the dofus to fight Ogest. Social media make it possible to enhance site conviviality and help promote the site through sharing. Amalia joins Yugo and the others to travel to the forest in order to find out why. When she joined the Brotherhood of the Tofu, adventure got the upper hand over social obligations. Season two takes place roughly 1 year after season 1.

French VA From their first meeting, the girl sensed a noble soul within Yugo and decided that Sadida had directed her to his village to aid him during the war with Nox. 6 years after Season 2, Amalia has taken her mother's position as Queen of the Sadida. The old dragon explained how Yugo was actually the last living Eliatrope in the World of Twelve, the others killed or sealed away during the Mechasme invasion. X. In season 3, Amalia and Yugo's relationship becomes very complicated. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The king's of the world decide to use the Eliatrope dofus to fight Ogest and stop the kingdom of Sadida from being destroyed. Amalia head back to the Sadida Kingdom to warn her father and her kingdom that they were to be invaded by Nox and that the Tree of Life was endanger.

Little is known of her background prior to her adventuring days, however she claims to have been spurred into action through a prophetic dream sent by Sadida himself (though whether or not this is true or just an excuse to run off following an argument with her brother Armand is never confirmed). Yugo kisses Amalia during their fight with Black Bump, however, Yugo abruptly stops the kiss. Later, they witness the village of Emelka being attacked by some sort of bugs that turns people into trees.

968 Season 3 Some of this website's features (content sharing on social media, direct viewing of videos) rely on services provided by third-party sites. Despite her claims Evangelyne decided head out on a solo expedition in search of Sadlygrove. Leaving the rest world to deal with Ogest Chaos.

You may learn more about the type of cookies used, and allow them or reject them either in entirety for the entire website and services, or on a service-by-service basis. King Oakheart Sheran Sharm (father)Armand Sheran Sharm (brother)Queen Sheran Sharm (deceased mother)Aurora (sister-in-law)Yugo (romantic interest) As the princess of the Sadida, she loves her people very much and will go to any lengths to save them.

The two grew steadily closer during their adventures, with Amalia often treating Yugo as a confident and playmate.

Nox's invasion began in the Sadida Kingdom moments later. Yugo is 20 years old in the OVA while Amalia is 21. These features use cookies that notably allow these sites to track your navigation. In this form Amalia went by the alias Amalius.

Daughter of King Sheran Sharm, Amalia is a princess who's as charming as she is spoiled. She is also adventurous and free-spirited just like her mother. The group travels into the forest and meet an ancient living tree named Soft Oak. Amalia was the biggest dick throught the show, specially during the second and third season.

In season 3 however, she takes a large turn. Her brother, Prince Armand, and his wife are trying to find her a husband. You will have 30 seconds to retype your account information. Count had made a arranged marriage with Amalia to save both their kingdoms and separate them from the rest of the world.

Grougraloragran is defeated in the battle, and his wakfu was retreating to his Dofus elsewhere. Indeed Amalia often shows the most concern for Yugo whenever he dives into a dangerous situation and is the most relieved when he comes back. Debut The fight begins but before it can go further Amalia take the counts side in order to save her kingdom this act get her friends captured. 13 (Season 1)14 (Season 2)15 (Manga)20 (Special Episodes)22 (Season 3) Amalia Sheran Sharm In the three specials between season 2 and season 3, Yugo the Eliatrop used the Eliatrop Dofus' for a power boost that allowed him to battle on the level of Dally the Iop God, and Ogrest. "The Child from the Mist" Like everyone else, she's about the same height as before despite being 20 years old in the special episodes and Season 3. Yugo and Amalia are very close friends. Your parent or legal guardian refused your registration. Princess AmaliaAmaliaAmiAmalius After returning to the village and being attacked by Nox directly, Amalia and Eva decided to join forces with Yugo's group on their quest to find Oma Island. This feature is not available for your community. Race Yugo opted to allow Nox to retreat, instead choosing to stay behind and mourn the death of Percedal, who had been killed in the battle with Razortime. Login not allowed: your IP address is hidden. After her brother battled Percedal, Eva's bow was destroyed and both her and Evangelyne were confined to her room. Eventually after learning the truth that Count Harebourg who only wanted to marry her for Sadida Kingdom's trees to fuel his kingdom's furnace. In the beginning, they show signs of affection to one another. Jessica Bell (Season 1-2 & OVAs)Christine Cabanos (Season 3) Season 2.5 takes place like 6-7 years after Season 2, and Season 3 is a few months after Season 2.5. level 2 Her male form is tall and muscular, and like all male Sadida, her/his face was covered in green hair and worn in a high ponytail, and had some green chest hair.

Amalia also attended her wedding as the maid of honor. Adamaï takes the Eliacube to find his people and Yugo helps. Deciding that this boy was the reason Sadida had called her to this region, Amalia joined Yugo and his friends, while Evangelyne followed to protect her (MUCH to the delight of Percedal, who was instantly smitten with her). Female Amalia is a beautiful girl with long green hair like any Sadida, a strapless top and a mini-skirt made of leaves and a daisy on top of her head. That is until she see's Harebourg and falls for him.

Like everyone else, she's about the same height as before despite being 20 years old in the special episodes and Season 3. During the invasion, Amalia and Eva where able to reunite with Yugo and Percedal. In season 3 however, she takes a large turn. She does not seem to like barbaric behavior and will retaliate through screaming if treated by it. Season 3 is the only season I watched in its entirety without skimming through stuff, it's just that much better (imo). From enjoying a rough and tumble Gobbowl match in Bonta, to sailing the open seas, Amalia was finally being given the opportunity to enjoy a life of adventure and freedom that she only knew from stories passed around at court. In the end she voids the agreement after learning the Count planned to use the Sadida forests as a fuel source for his kingdom. Anthony "Tot" Roux It's shown later on that Amalia does return Yugo's feelings as they look to each other during Percedal and Evangelyne's wedding.

He doesn't feel ready for anything important and says he has an eternity to live.

She often shows signs of gratitude such as giving flowers. The following day, they were ambushed in the forest by polter spirits sent forth by the great tree Soft Oak in vengeance for his being attacked by Nox (which he mistakenly blamed on the Emelkans). Look at how she treated evangeline, after her fucking boyfriend died in her arms. Amalia Sheran Sharm is a Princess of the Sadida Kingdom and a member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu. However, she quickly realizes the mistake she had made on trusting Oropo and rejects him. He was also very protective of her as he sent out multiple guards to watch over her and was depressed when they lost sight of her when they arrived at Bonta. Much of Amalia's past is unknown, it is revealed that during her childhood her mother the previous Queen had died and that she was very close to her mother. She cares a lot about him and when he was sick she stayed by him at all times, even when her friends asked her to accompany them to stop Ogrest, she needed her father himself to demand she goes.

Leafy Green Aliases After being reunited with her father and trying to create a battle plan with her brother, Amalia was told the truth about the night that she left the kingdom her brother had supported her and told her father that this would help develop and overcome her mother's death.

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