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Thank you I woke up yesterday to eggs, I’m so excited! Filed under: Fire-Bellied Toads | Tagged: barking, bombina, calling, china, crickets, ecosystem, Fire-Bellied Toads, genera, habitat, hibernate, korea, mating, metamorphosis, mountain lakes, natural habitat, oriental fire-bellied toads, ponds, russia, siberia, streams, tadpoles, toadlets, toxin, wild.

A true toad is one from the Bufonidae family – which is in a completely different Suborder and Family. By scribbles in forum Fire Belly Toads (Bombina) Replies: 4 Last Post: September 18th, 2012, 10:07 AM.

Most keepers breed these frogs for the joy of raising little tadpoles. Your email address will not be published. If they’re becoming overweight, dial back the amount you’re feeing them. These frogs are not strong swimmers and may (but rarely) drown in water that is too deep. Create a free website or blog at

Most live plants need UVB to stay alive. In captivity, providing a source of beta-carotene (such as carrots) to the prey insects (crickets) early in a frog's adult stage allows it to develop brighter coloration.[4].
One of which is the Oriental fire-bellied toad, of course. Clean water and rags is what I’ve always used. The Oriental fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis) is a small (4 cm, 2") semiaquatic frog species found in Korea, northeastern China, and adjacent parts of Russia.

If you would like to know more about us click here. When cleaning your frog’s tank do you need to remove the frog(s) from the tank or can you leave them in the tank? Fire-Bellied Toads don’t require a substrate, either on the land or in the water. Having a bigger enclosure will help as well. The number of frogs you’re keeping will determine the size of the tank you need. How are they doing now?

The best way to differentiate the two is by size and sound. .fusion-button.button-1{border-width:0px;color:#000000;border-color:#000000;}.fusion-button.button-1:hover,.fusion-button.button-1:focus,.fusion-button.button-1:active{border-width:0px;border-color:#000000;color:#000000;}.fusion-button.button-1{background: #acfb40;

Problems will quickly arise.

Anonymous . All have the reddish orange and black bellies. These toads are best known for their mating call, which sounds much like a barking dog.

There are two different genera of toads referred to as fire-bellied toads. Apennine Yellow-Bellied Toad (B. pachypus) 2.
As with all amphibians, its best to limit the amount of time you spent handling them.

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