elasmosaurus vs plesiosaurus

/Rect [417.120000 449.839999 475.680000 460.399999 ] Judging by all those hoax photographs, you could make a case that the Loch Ness Monster looks a lot like Elasmosaurus (even if you disregard the fact that this marine reptile was incapable of holding its neck out of the water). Loch Ness isn't the only place reputed to have aquatic monsters roaming about. /Font << 1 0 obj The teeth interlocked, and their tooth crowns were slender and rounded in cross-section. [22], Unlike those of many other long-necked animals, the individual neck vertebrae were not particularly elongated; rather, the extreme neck length was achieved by a much increased number of vertebrae. [67][68] Although the placement of Elasmosaurus in the Elasmosauridae remained uncontroversial, opinions on the relationships of the family became variable over subsequent decades. [19] A specimen of the closely related Styxosaurus contained fragmented fish bones and stones in the abdominal region behind the pectoral girdle. Since its initial assignment to the Elasmosauridae, the relationships of Brancasaurus had been considered well supported, and an elasmosaurid position was recovered by O'Keefe's 2004 analysis[71] and Franziska Großmann's 2007 analysis. [53] Wilhelm Deecke moved chilensis to Pliosaurus in 1895,[54] a classification which was acknowledged by Pravoslavlev. However, it is relatively poorly known. /Border [0 0 0] /Subtype /Link The number of premaxillary teeth distinguished Elasmosaurus from primitive plesiosauroids and most other elasmosaurids, which usually had fewer. The depiction of Elasmosaurus in King Kong, possessing an elongated tail significantly longer than its neck, resembles the 'head on the wrong end' version of the creature, a depiction first popularised in 1869 that was later proven to be inaccurate.. History King Kong.

It is from the Sharon Springs Member (Lower Campanian) of the Pierre Shale, Logan County, Kansas, USA. The post-zygapophyses reached over the level of the centrum with the back half of their length. /URI (http://oogoro.easterndns.com/Mfj-n) /URI (http://oogoro.easterndns.com/Tnl-s) His diagnosis of the Elasmosauridae also noted the moderate length of the skull (i.e., a mesocephalic skull); the neck ribs having one or two heads; the scapula and coracoid contacting at the midline; the blunted rear outer angle of the coracoid; and the pair of openings (fenestrae) in the scapula–coracoid complex being separated by a narrower bar of bone compared to pliosaurids. Here’s the thing kids, and I’m going to sound patronising, because there are nufties out there who need to hear this – The testimony, or the eyewitness account of the average & honest man IS FINAL. 1) [29] However, in 2010 Hilary Ketchum and Roger Benson concluded that the results of these analyses were influenced by inadequate sampling of species. Elasmosaurids probably ate small bony fish and marine invertebrates, as their small, non-kinetic skulls would have limited the size of the prey they could eat. [3] It was only redescribed in detail in 2005 by the German paleontologist Sven Sachs. >> Are they the remnants of ancient species, some new creatures yet to be discovered, or just figments of our imaginations? While Elasmosaurus is still the most famous member of this family, which ranged across the seas of the later Mesozoic Era, other genera include Mauisaurus, Hydrotherosaurus, and Terminonatator. The generic name means "thin-plate reptile", and the specific name means "flat-tailed". It's called Ogopogo (seriously!) [50] In 2000 Storrs, Archangelsky, and Vladimir Efimov concurred with Welles on E. kurskensis, and labelled E. orskensis and E. serdobensis as indeterminate elasmosaurids. It is uncertain how many teeth Elasmosaurus had, due to the fragmentary state of the fossils. There is no reason why a large aquatic amphibian...a relic species could not inhabit these Northern Hemisphere cold deep water lakes.

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