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She pilots a combat mecha armed with twin Fusion Cannons, shotgun-like weapons that require no ammunition or reload time. Although his father’s intentions were pure, Vishkar used his equipment to oppress people in search for a ‘better world’. On the map Hollywood, the offensive team must escort his limousine to his trailer, while the defense must stop them. She initially used it as part of the Los Muertos gang that fought against a corrupt Mexican government. - Overwatch Forums", "Baptiste abilities: Here's everything Overwatch's new combat medic can do", "Overwatch reveals its newest hero, the support soldier Baptiste", "Overwatch patches in Baptiste to patch you up", "Baptiste goes on a dangerous mission in new Overwatch short story", "Blizzard's Baptiste short story teased a new Overwatch skin after all, and here's how to earn it", "Confirmed: the next Overwatch hero will be Baptiste", "Voice of 'Overwatch's' Latest Hero Says Role Changed His Life", "Overwatch's next hero is Brigitte Lindholm, here's her abilities, weapons, and description", "Blizzard confirms Torbjörn's daughter Brigitte is the next Overwatch hero, offers first details", "Brigitte is the Newest Overwatch Hero, Live on PTR Now", "Overwatch: Brigitte Will Soon Be Available For Quickplay, Competitive Play", "Overwatch Update Adds New Hero Brigitte And More On PC, PS4, And Xbox One", "The Overwatch-Paladins Clone Wars Continue", "Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan on Moira, Mercy's troubles, and fixing toxicity", "Heroes of the Storm's next character is...Overwatch's Lucio!

Bastion is a combat robot-turned-explorer. As such, Brigitte became close friends with Reinhardt, and grew up on his tales of heroes and chivalry. [139], McCree was one of the few characters developed for the game based on a stereotype, often compared to the Man with No Name,[137][139] but they developed his character and narratives to embrace that stereotype. [78] The Blizzard Overwatch social media accounts also began teasing a new hero starting in late June 2018.

Her ultimate can also disable the abilities of any enemy within its range.

However, he was passed over in favor of his friend Jack Morrison, causing a rift between the two men. Initially, Reinhardt was an Omnic, but later was settled to be a human character, with the Omnic nature later revisited when the development team crafted Orisa. Hanzo Shimada is the son of Sojiro Shimada and Genji’s brother. She also carries a Coach gun which can knock enemies back and propel her up or away from obstacles as well as enable limited rocket jumping, and can throw Dynamite bundles that detonate after a short delay or immediately when shot with her rifle, setting opponents on fire. His ultimate is also easy to use and can wipe out a whole team easily. [59] He has since joined up with Junkrat as his bodyguard, in exchange for half of whatever treasure the ex-Junker knows the location of. He is an excellent swordsman but was repeatedly outshined by his brother Hanzo. [232] He and D.Va have been working together in the MEKA unit. Akande Ogundimu AKA Doomfist is the leader of Talon which he became after killing his mentor. Roadhog is voiced by Josh Petersdorf. When their assassins were unable to get close to Lacroix, they kidnapped Amélie and reprogrammed her as a sleeper agent. We aim to help players find their gaming partner to reach another level of excitement and happiness in … She has 2 useful abilities that can be overpowered if you know how to use them. She quickly became an excellent pilot and protected her country, Korea, from any threats. He had to kill his brother Genji in the near future. A smaller team from those on Titan were given the role to come up with a new project, and they came onto the idea of a first-person shooter that emphasized teamwork, inspired by Team Fortress 2 and the rising popularity of multiplayer online battle arenas, as well as their own development team unity they found to keep their morale high following Titan's cancellation. Hal-Fred Glitchbot is voiced by Travis Willingham. Mondatta and Zenyatta take their names from Zenyatta Mondatta, a 1980 album by English rock band The Police. Its ultimate ability is Configuration: Tank, which allows it to roll on treads and fire explosive rounds from a smooth-bore cannon for a short period of time. That would change during the battle of Eichenwalde, where he lost his left eye to the blade of an OR14 assault omnic: Retreating into Eichenwalde Castle, Balderich gave Reinhardt his Overwatch initiation medal and sent him to rejoin the others, admonishing him to "be their shield". The story of Overwatch takes place on Earth in the "near future" in the years after the "Omnic Crisis," a period in which robots (called "omnics") rose up in rebellion worldwide, and the United Nations formed an elite group called Overwatch to combat them. You can find various companions and team mates to help you in the journey of gaming. "[28] Kaplan explained that the industry was "clearly in an age where gaming is for everybody", going on to say that "increasingly, people want to feel represented, from all walks of life, boys and girls, everybody. [221], Moira was announced at BlizzCon 2017 as the game's 26th hero on November 3, 2017,[220] and was made available to play on the Public Test Region a few days later. His ultimate is considered one of the strongest in-game, especially the strongest when paired with Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

No one would notice Genji’s skills so he eventually got fed up and decided to live a simpler, more entertaining life. His ultimate deals little to no damage but stuns opponents long enough for your team-mates to deliver the killing blows. [54], Reinhardt had started as one of the characters in the cancelled Titan game, as the "Juggernaut" character. Although she has low health Tracer is very hard to hit as she can continuously dash from one place to another.

Her Photon Projector also used to automatically lock onto opponents and its alternative fire used to travel through shields and players.

Her ultimate ability summons B.O.B., her Omnic butler/bodyguard, who charges forward to knock enemies into the air before laying down suppressive fire with his built-in arm cannons.

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