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The Modding update is available now in Descenders on Steam. Complete a full Career mode run for the full set. For example, if the player earns 50k rep in a run, the game will roll for an Extraordinary item, with a 20% chance of succeeding; failing which, the game will roll for a Rare item, with a 100% chance of succeeding. One sponsor objective can be changed per day. You get everything except the bike.

Among the items listed in this category are #SCRAPE-branded goggles and clothing.

A team can be left at any time; however, when this occurs, progress made towards sponsor gear will be reset, team gear will not be able to be equipped, and any team gear equipped will be automatically unequipped.

They are all strictly cosmetic and do not offer any performance or bike bonuses. The Action Henk masks are of characters from RageSquid's first game, and initially existed in the game files as Limited rarity (but unattainable) items. These items are known to exist in the assets, but are currently unattainable for various reasons. *ICEFOXX gives all 5 items of the Cashcow set with one code redemption.

Mods won't be coming to Xbox because of the way Microsoft and the consoles work. The following is a list of items in the game, separated by rarity and unlock method. This was changed due to the introduction of the Enemy team horn. It is entirely possible to score, for example, 200,000 rep in a run thrice in a row and yet not get any Extraordinary out of it due to bad luck. Interestingly, the Flamingo Bike, while not being a 'community item', is classified in this category. Note that Z50 Productions and Siro do not (currently?)

Descenders Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. These jersies are unlocked by purchasing the associated real-life shirt from IndieBox. The rest of the equipment sets that these goggles are a part of can be seen here. *MERRYCHRISTMAS gives all 4 Christmas jerseys with one code redemption, and the team jerseys are classified as team items instead of Limited. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There are a wide variety of items in Descenders. Team unlocks used to be unlocked by achieving a certain amount of Rep; see. have Mod of the Year gear. Note that Pants/Shorts, and Jersey Long/Short are unlocked simultaneously. The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand. This kit was unlocked by setting up Mixer integration: Settings --> Gameplay --> Go Interactive on Mixer. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

All work with each of the three bike types. Rare skins require 10k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 50k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance. These items were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to the game launching out of Early Access. *SPOOPY gives both the Skeleton Jersey and Pants with one code redemption; also, the items are classified as Uncommon instead of Limited. There are a wide variety of items in Descenders. Should any sponsor objectives be left uncompleted on any day, they will carry over to the next day(s) until they are completed; however, no new objective will be issued in that case immediately after completion. The player can only earn one item from this item category per run.

'Normal' skins are skins earned by reaching rep targets during runs and then getting lucky with the dice rolls.

*TEAMRAZER gives both the #TeamRazer jersey and shorts with one code redemption. The Invisibike has no name displayed in-game.

There are also HAOW Jerseys listed in this segment, and is the second real-life brand added to the game. How the item drop system works is as follows: the game first checks your rep earned in a session to see what is the highest rarity item you are eligible for.

Note: "Rep Total" refers to the total amount of Reputation earned in a single Career/Career-Plus run - NOT the total lifetime career Reputation. The system will not skip unlocks for items that you have already unlocked, which means that it will take 16 days at minimum to fully complete a sponsor contract for a single team (48 tasks in total). Also, non mod maps are already pushing the limits of what an Xbox can handle, so the mod maps couldn't run on Xbox … 267, The Last of Us Part 2: PS4 Pro Limited Edition Unboxing, Full Throttle 25th Anniversary Let's Play With Tim Schafer, PUBG MOBILE: Livestream Recap ft. Powerbang, Xbox Series X Hardware Upgrades Bring Scorn To Console, Says Dev - IGN Daily Fix, Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. If that roll fails, the game will then proceed to the immediate lower rarity and do the same procedure.

There are 4 skin rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Extraordinary. For obvious reasons, these are no longer attainable.

To unlock multiple blank sets of Custom Gear (10 each of Goggles, Helmet, Jersey Long, Jersey Short, Pants, Shorts, and 25 Bikes), redeem the code CUSTOM.

The unlock method is preserved below; however it will not work.

The MERRYCHRISTMAS code currently has known redemption issues; a game restart will fix the game. The player starts out with the Flat Basic and Ether Basic skins by default. Complete a full Career-Plus mode run for the full set. This continues until either an item is gained, or there is no more item in the lowest rarity left to unlock. Each of the three teams, Kinetic, Enemy, and Arboreal, have their own sets of skins.

Note: It is highly likely that similar tokens exist for Arboreal and Enemy, but these are not officially confirmed.

All work with each … Descenders is an extreme downhill mountain-biking game that's out now on Early Access.

Mods won't be coming to Xbox because of the way Microsoft and the consoles work. These are among the rarest limited items to ever exist in the game, and there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get them, with some items (accordingly) unattainable. Due to the nature of these equipment sets, it is highly unlikely that these will be released to the public. You play as a cyclist and are tasked with improving your reputation by completing courses, beating … All items are obtained in various manners. The order the rank items are unlocked in is top-downwards, meaning you will unlock the Novice Goggles before the Novice Helmet, and so on. The Gold Horn used to be simply called Horn and was red. These items are limited in the sense that they are only available from contests or other occasions. This kit is no longer available due to Mixer's shutdown.

The Rubber Doggy was initially mis-classified as a Rare; it has since been downgraded to an Uncommon. Asterisks (*) denote additional notes related to the items below the table. The following items were designed by winners of the Descenders Mod of the Year 2019 competition. These items are unlocked by inputting a code under Extras --> Redeem Code. Items are colour-coded by their rarity and unlock method; to determine what rarity an item is, check the background. These items are unlocked during special events. These equipment sets and bikes glow in the dark.

6 Minutes of the Downhill Mountain Biking Roguelike Descenders, Descenders - Xbox Game Preview Reveal Trailer, Externus: Path of the Solari - Reveal Trailer, Paper Mario: The Origami King - Announcement Trailer, Destiny 2: What's Working Best in Season of Arrivals - Fireteam Chat Ep. The following jersies are modeled after the faces of the developers and publishers of Descenders: Uwotmate - No More Robots' founder Mike Rose, Jeroendumb - (formerly) RageSquid's Jeroen Heeren. Will you lead your team to glory and become the next legendary Descender? *You get the pants and jersey simultaneously. These items were previously obtained by playing the game during the War Child Sporting Champions event. When that happens, you will immediately get the community equipment set. These items are unlocked by fulfilling special conditions in-game. These kits were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to game launch.

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