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And how much I had to say! Took her Tesla and Range Rover in for maintenance. Terra’s grandmother found her in the family room, trembling and crying. She sought an annulment of their Las Vegas vows, even as Meehan tearfully told her he deserved a chance to prove he was innocent of any accusations. Her friends sometimes joked about her being a “bad picker.” Where other people saw red flags, she saw a parade. Her skepticism only deepened when she and Jimmy drove out to Southern California and met him. Debra wasn’t about to tell her kids that John would be moving in with her. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. Debra would say, “I felt this was an opportunity to love again.”. At that point it was pretty easy. They’d known each other five weeks. She had spent time around doctors, during the time she worked in sales for a plastic surgeon. As you may have guessed, the end of Debra and John's time together resulted in extreme violence when John showed up with a knife and attacked Debra's daughter Terra in the parking lot of her apartment building. They had known each other less than two months. • For more on the real-life romance and surprising revelations that inspired Dirty John, subscribe now to PEOPLE or pick up this week’s issue, on newsstands Friday. She knew some people still thought of her as the little girl who needed attention. They had found each other on an over-50 dating site, and she thought his profile — Christian, divorced, physician — seemed safe. Their house on the boardwalk had floor-to-ceiling windows, and from the rooftop deck they could watch the sailboats and the great yachts slide over Newport Harbor. John towered over her by a full foot, and a coldness came off him. He went to doctors’ offices in Irvine and Mission Viejo and San Diego, a warehouse, a post office, fast-food joints, Tesla charging portals. He looked good in darker tones and pastels. Author & blogger with a unique look at life. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Courtesy Debra Newell. They kissed. She was just his type. Jacquelyn knew she had to be careful about what she told her mom — it could get back to John. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. “Remember, it’s Hollywood,” she told Us. They found a $6,500-a-month house on the boardwalk on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. She bought him shoes, dress shirts, slacks, a tweed sport coat, form-fitting cashmere sweaters — deep burgundy, navy blue. Here came John, instantly transformed by rage. So, how much of that was true? They hired a private investigator who validated their fears: Not only had Meehan never attended medical school, he had a felony rap sheet that revealed he’d served time in California and Michigan for stealing narcotics from hospitals where he worked as a nurse and had swindled and terrorized multiple other women he’d met online. Price includes $14.95 per book, 6% sales tax, and $2.00 shipping and handling. They didn’t want her to be happy. She liked to hire single women and mothers because she could remember how it felt to be alone, with one child and another on the way, after her first marriage broke up. “I think he’s a great guy,” she told Debra.

His name was John Meehan. ET) on Bravo. She didn’t mind his idiosyncrasies, like his habit of wearing his faded blue medical scrubs everywhere, even to a formal-dress cancer benefit she invited him to. Debra Newell is clearing the air. So I thought, 'Oh, he's a family man, this is great.' Maybe even homeless. He wanted it to go further.

Contact between Meehan and the writer led to a relationship and he “convinced her to wire him all of her money in two separate bank accounts that totaled almost $40 million,” Bowman says. That he owned houses in Newport Beach and Palm Springs. With a bit of humor thrown in here and there! As he helped Debra move into her new house, he huffed and strained and wrestled her queen mattress down the stairs single-handedly, a show of ludicrous machismo. “And I was scared and angry.”. In the case of Newell, her children’s discoveries made her realize she did not really know the man she had married. It was the reason she refused to have one around, long after people began warning her that she needed one.". In 2014, Meehan found Debra Newell on an over-50 dating website, Newell tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. The first two chapters were launched on October 2, 2017; the following four chapters were released over the following days. So, naturally, you probably want to brush up on some facts about the show's real-life protagonist, Debra Newell—a truly fascinating woman who's being depicted on-screen by Connie Britton. In Debra Newell’s family, the question carried a freight of unspoken dread, because the worst had happened before. They were dirty. Debra's own story is terrifying (we'll get to John in a minute...shudder), but her older sister Cindi's life took a very tragic turn long before the John drama even started. ET) on Oxygen. He acted like a kid himself, vulnerable and sweet, and single-mindedly besotted with her. Debra Newell, 64, tells DailyMailTV that she has a new boyfriend. And then Newell went into hiding, and Meehan responded with a violent turn. Terra screamed at her mother: “How could you let this guy talk to me like this?!”. She thought he looked like a man wearing a costume. He just didn’t want to leave, and she had to insist. High black Gucci heels, designer jeans, Chanel bag. “She helped me with the process of John and the death, helping remove all his belongings, so on and so forth.”. Other things unsettled Jacquelyn, like the slangy, misspelled texts she received from her mom’s number that were clearly not from her. Warning: This article contains spoilers about the real-life events dramatized in Bravo’s Dirty John. ", Debra and her kids eventually discovered all sorts of secrets about John—including the fact that he had a prison record, had lied about his career, and had a highly questionable history with women. “I just want to leave,” Terra said. Debra Newell is clearing the air. His words tugged at her anxieties. Terra began crying hysterically. So I thought he had it all. “Memories in a Daughter’s Heart” is now available for purchase through my publisher, Easter Press, as well as on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now?

“More people are becoming aware that it could happen to them. Terra, though injured, successfully fought him off — kicking his knife from his hand, then grabbing it herself and stabbing him in the chest, forehead and eyes. At 59, married and divorced four times, she had begun to worry that she was too old for another chance at love. This content is imported from YouTube. Before the money was in Meehan’s hands, however, the woman balked. One day he pressed a handgun against the back of her neck and pulled the trigger. She put down a year in advance. Work was the realm in which her success was unqualified. If they wanted to come over, they had to be invited. She had been on three other recent dates, but the men were less handsome than their profile photos, and the talk was dull.

“My mom is a very forgiving person. Then we open our eyes and look around us. Get push notifications with news, features and more. ", Debra has been pretty involved in the Bravo series, telling Us Weekly, "Some of the family members were not for this.

this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Wardrobe-wise, she thought he was kind of a mess, with his baggy pants and University of Arizona sweatshirts. Then, it was repurposed for the Bravo series, Dirty John.

They couldn’t sabotage her happiness — she had a right to it, just like anybody else. She brought John back to her penthouse, just up the block. He wasn’t a good man and my mother couldn’t see that. She wanted a professional’s objective advice. She didn’t want to be dismissed as a meddler. But she's not completely done with California—despite her past there. He had thick dark hair and a warm, friendly smile that invited trust. Have you ever tried to convince a loved one to leave a toxic relationship? It is my hope that this story can be used as a lesson to other mothers and daughters traveling through this journey of dementia and ultimately the grief that comes after losing the most special person in our life.

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Soon Debra and John were quietly looking for a place together. Their two-month courtship led first to marriage and then to tragedy, inspiring the hit scripted Bravo series DirtyJohn, itself adapted from a same-named podcast from the Los Angeles Times. They couldn’t yell at her. Her four adult children were not. He said he had a couple of kids. They were going to do it without us so we felt like, 'Wouldn’t it be better if we were able to have an opinion or share our story?' Please read some (or all) of the stories in my Blog, or on The Feisty Flamingo, and you’ll see what I mean. The first word people used to describe her was “sweet.”. It turned into a fight. On Aug. 20, 2016, for reasons that remain unclear — whether out of desperation or revenge, hoping to track Newell down or punish her — Meehan waited outside the Newport Beach apartment of her daughter Terra and attacked her. The documentary Dirty John: The Dirty Truth premieres Jan. 14 (8 p.m. The answer—which she confirmed to Us Weekly—is a solid NOPE. Dirty John: The Dirty Truth airs on Oxygen Monday, January 14, at 8 p.m. The day came, and John bustled in with his arms full of presents for the children — dozens of presents Debra had bought.

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