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Potential use cases of comparison functions probably stretch far beyond responsive width and font-size. It has three arguments: the smallest value, the base value, and the largest value. To fix page-zoom, add a unit that does respond to page zoom in the mix. Let's say you have an article and want it to go full width, but stop at a certain size. Contributors 2 . Bramus is a Freelance Web Developer from Belgium. No jumps as with media queries. Depending on the viewport size, the upper CSS ruleset will apply the following widths to the element: Try it for yourself in the clamp() demo below: Check another demo to see how both the paragraph text and the heading are being smoothly resized between the value limits. As I hope more and more designers come to learn, it doesn't need to look the same across browsers. The min() function can be used anywhere a length, frequency, angle, time, percentage, number, or integer is allowed. Share your thoughts in comments. You can read The Complete Guide to CSS Functions on CSS-Tricks. Functions clamp(), min() and max() (specified in CSS Values and Units Module Level 4) set upper and/or lower value limits, compute and compare values of the arguments passed to the function, and apply the calculated value to the property. Besides being flexible, elements whose size depends on the size of another element or the viewport, also have a bad habit of sometimes growing or shrinking more than we would like them to.

They sound simple but open up a lot of possibilities. The problem relies in the situation where 10vw is being applied as font-size. With min, you can pull this off with one line. We usually solve these problems with media queries or different calc() techniques to achieve more fluid effect. Regarding the clamping of the font-size of a page, you don’t really need clamp(): This is how to accessibly set a viewport relative scaling `font-size` with a min AND max now. Function clamp() takes three parameters: a minimum value, a central, preferred value, and a maximum value. If the calculated value falls between the minimum and maximum, the central value will be applied to the element. Check the Codepen demo below to see both functions in action: Yes, both min() and max() can be replaced with max-width or min-width if the element has width property and only two parameters are passed into the function. The ratio between the font size of the headline and body text grows as the viewport gets bigger but nothing will ever get too big or too small.

Ahmad takes a look into the CSS min(), max(), and clamp() functions. Comparison functions can help us build responsive designs with less time and fewer lines of code. This is a simple example and is far from perfect - vertical rhythm, modular scale, line length, and bazillion other typography related things - it all could be implemented better. UPDATE 2020.05.07: An interesting discussion sparked on Twitter regarding the clamping of the font-size. The base value just controls how fast that increase happens. :root { font-size: min(calc(1em + 1vw), 4em);}. This way it will respond to both viewport width change and page zoom. As with all his articles, he also provides some practical use cases and examples. But it's still embarrassing in a field about constant learning and following updates. This excited me, but then I checked how long some major browsers had supported them. Comparison functions can help us build responsive designs with less time and fewer lines of code.

Then doing some more reading. clamp(), min() and max() can take values or math expressions as arguments (or basically anything that resolves to a value). Breaking a bad habit is tough - and in this case it may require some serious thinking and calculations. View more posts, Your email address will not be published. For example, function clamp() can be alternatively written as max(minimum, min(preferred, maximum)). There is no need for calc() function when passing math expressions in the comparison function. But they're here, they're useful, their names are confusing, but they're mostly ready to go! Your email address will not be published. min(max(minN, midN), maxN) To explain in more detail this equates to a minimum, a middle and finally a maximum constraint value. Also to prove to myself (and the world) I've finally caught up (for now). `clamp()` isn't necessary, since the calc() part already makes `1em` the min, and in a way that respects browser body font size prefs. Yes, min sets the largest possible value, and max sets the smallest possible value. min(), max(), and clamp() are CSS magic! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It's especially true when it comes to the elements that don't have width property (and consequently max-width and min-width), like the above-mentioned font size. They have only recently entered some major browsers but already have decent browser support. So I drew up some doodles for how the values work together as a reminder.
Required fields are marked *. I work at SeeClickFix, a civic tech app that lets citizens report local issues to municipal governments. Those CSS functions can be offered with ways to possess dynamic layouts and additional versatile style parts. Paragraph tags will start at 1rem and grow as the screen size increases.

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