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The music industry is no stranger to the name Rebecca, and the same can be said for Hollywood and show business in general. W. F. Albright held that it meant "soil, earth". Rebecca Pidgeon (born October 10, 1965) is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Over the course of the novel, Mrs. Danvers reveals an unhealthy obsession with Rebecca and a determination to punish the narrator for taking her place. Maxim De Winter's second wife and the narrator of the novel. The harbormaster of Kerrith, who informs the narrator that they have found Rebecca's boat at the bottom of the bay. 4 . 3 . Dr. Baker informs Maxim and Colonel Julyan that Rebecca was infertile and had only a few months left to live when she died. If your name is Rebecca, then you're in some great company.

The narrator suspects that Frank also knew that Maxim had killed Rebecca.

Later on, it is revealed that Frank almost quit his job at Manderley because of Rebecca's constant attempts to seduce him. 0 . In the end, Maxim realized that Rebecca manipulated him into killing her so that she would not have to die slowly of cancer. Lacking integrity and given to alcoholic behavior, he was Rebecca's lover while she was married to Maxim.

In Monte Carlo, she meets and marries the older, wealthy Maxim de Winter, and becomes "Mrs. De Winter," mistress of Manderley. After Rebecca's boat is found on the bay, Maxim confesses the truth to the narrator: his marriage to Rebecca was a facade, and he despised her so much that he murdered her in a fit of rage.

Rebecca Alie Romijn ( roh-MAYN; Dutch: [roːˈmɛin]; born November 6, 1972) is an American... Rebecca Gayheart (born August 12, 1971) is an American fashion model and actress.

In fact, however, he killed her himself. Maxim de Winter. After Maxim confesses the truth to her, the narrator is suddenly free from Rebecca's shadow and can assume her true role as mistress of the house and Maxim's wife. He brings in Ben as a witness, displays a note from Rebecca, and prompts the trip to London to interview Dr. Baker.
The narrator concludes that Maxim is still in love with Rebecca and is tormented by her presence in everything at Manderley. Top 10 Movie/TV Characters Called Ted.

The famous Rebeccas below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named Rebecca, athletes named Rebecca, and even political figures named Rebecca. Wang, Bella ed. Maxim's first wife and the beautiful mistress of Manderley.

Even Maxim asserts that all of Manderley's beauty is due to Rebecca's taste and influence.

Rebecca's cousin. Rebecca's cousin and lover. Rebecca Emily Hollcraft (born May 9, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist,... Becca Smith is a violinist and keyboard player. The Greatest Actors & Actresses in Entertainment History, Celebrities You Didn't Know Use Stage Names.

Top 10 Movie/TV Characters Called Dan. Maxim's grandmother. He accompanies them to meet with Dr. Baker and ultimately concludes that Rebecca did commit suicide.

According to the narrator, how has she changed?

The Greatest Black Female Authors in the History of Literature, 23 Famous People Who Are Both Black And Jewish. She employs the heroine as a companion while she travels from one European resort town to another. The local magistrate in the region surrounding Manderley. Rebecca Ann Herbst (born May 12, 1977) is an American actress, known for playing nurse... Rebecca Adlington (born 17 February 1989) is a British former competitive swimmer who... Rebecca Jo Budig (; born June 26, 1973) is an American actress and television presenter. The Question and Answer section for Rebecca is a great Film/TV. Jane Eyre and the Unnamed Narrator of Rebecca as Innocent Victims, Mrs Danvers: A Foil for the Narrator of "Rebecca", Narrative Structure and the Narrative Manipulation in ‘Rebecca’, Social Class or Something More: Relationships and Motivations in Rebecca and Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Memory and Recollection in Rebecca: A Close Reading.
Unsophisticated and timid, the narrator is insecure about her role as the mistress of Manderley and is overwhelmed by the constant reminder of Rebecca in the estate. The titular character of du Maurier’s novel never appears in the book, yet she …

A mildly retarded man who lives on the Manderley estate. Visit to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. Directed by Ben Wheatley. During their time at Monte Carlo, Mrs. Van Hopper introduces herself to Maxim and inadvertently prompts the friendship between Maxim and the narrator. The shipbuilder who built and maintained Rebecca's boat. A cultured, intelligent older man, and the owner of Manderley, a prized estate and … Top 10 Movie & TV Characters Named Rebecca. What can we infer from the narrator’s thoughts in the last paragraph of chapter 1? After Rebecca's body is discovered, Favell contends that Maxim murdered her and attempts to prove that they were planning to run away together. When Rebecca opens, Lily James' character is working a job with the insufferable Mrs. Van Hopper as a lady's companion. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. The name comes from the verb רבק (rbq), meaning "to tie firmly"; Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names and the NOBS Study Bible Name List suggest the name means captivating beauty, or "to tie", "to bind". She despises the heroine for taking her mistress's place.

Colonel Julyan dines with Maxim and the narrator and is unwilling to accept Jack Favell's accusation that Maxim murdered Rebecca.

Her... Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström (born 19 October 1983) is a Swedish actress. Rebecca or Rebekah (Hebrew: רִבְקָה (Rivkah)) is a feminine given name originating from the Hebrew language. One of Maxim's pet cocker spaniels and the narrator's favorite. 1 . Ben is the only character to describe Rebecca in a negative light from the very beginning of the book. Maxim's kind, loyal overseer at Manderley, he befriends the heroine almost immediately. The overseer of Manderley. Rebecca study guide contains a biography of Daphne Du Maurier, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. A shy, self-conscious young woman from a lower-middle class background, she begins the novel as a paid companion to Mrs. Van Hopper, a wealthy American woman.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I'm sorry, my text has no page numbers, can you provide a quote from the section in question, so I can do a search? A London doctor who saw Rebecca the day of her death, One of Maxim's pet spaniels, and the heroine's favorite. A vulgar, gossipy and wealthy American woman. The Greatest New Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years. At the inquest, he testifies that the ship sank because of holes drilled in the bottom. Rebecca's maid and the housekeeper of Manderley. At first, Maxim is a mystery, seemingly tormented by the memory of his first wife. Lauded for her beauty, sophistication, and elegance, Rebecca seems to be the superior to the narrator in every way.

His testimony supports the coroner's assertion that Rebecca killed herself. After Dr. Baker seems to confirm the coroner's findings, Favell returns to Manderley and presumably sets the estate on fire with Mrs. Danvers.

A local noblewoman who suggests that Maxim and the heroine revive the tradition of holding an annual costume ball at Manderley. Like Jack Favell, Mrs. Danvers suspects that Maxim was involved in Rebecca's death and ultimately sets Manderley on fire.

Not affiliated with Harvard College. The narrator's personal maid.

"I have forgotten much of Monte Carlo, of those morning drives, of where we went, even of our conversation; but I have not forgotten how my fingers trembled, pulling on my hat, and how I would run down the stairs and so outside.

The narrator and Beatrice visit Gran on one occasion, only to have her become disoriented and ask repeatedly for Rebecca.

Rebecca Caroline Ferguson is a British singer-songwriter.

9. #12 of 409 The Most Beautiful Women Of 2020, Ranked#129 of 168 Who Is The Most Famous Actress In The World Right Now? The young footman at Manderley.

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Mrs. Danvers assigns Alice to the narrator, but the narrator is intimidated by Alice's superior manner and replaces her with Clarice. This list includes Rebecca Romijn, Rebecca Black, Rebecca Gayheart and Rebecca Mader. In life, Rebecca was the beautiful, much-loved, accomplished wife of Maxim de Winter, and the mistress of Manderley.

To read more about these notable people named Rebecca, click the corresponding row of who you want to learn more about, and additional information will appear. Athletic and outspoken, Beatrice initially intimidates the narrator but eventually becomes more supportive. Jasper leads the narrator to Rebecca's cottage on the beach. How many celebrities named Rebecca can you think of? Maxim made sure that the both of them, narrator and Mrs. Van Hopper, had coffee with him. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Rebecca essays are academic essays for citation. She meets the wealthy widower Maxim de … She began her... Who Is The Most Famous Actress In The World Right Now?

A young newlywed arrives at her husband's imposing family estate on a windswept English coast and finds herself battling the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca, whose legacy lives … GradeSaver, 6 August 2010 Web.

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