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AP0957B0458094305, Wallet on chain A80982Y04059N9319, Wallet on chain More variations. Agneau & métal doré. More information is updated as it becomes available. Agneau & métal argenté. Disponible en boutique à partir de Février 2021, Disponible en boutique à partir de Novembre 2020, @media screen and (min-width: 60.0625rem){ div[aria-label="About Chanel navigation"] { height: 353px !important; } div[aria-label="About Chanel navigation"] .header__category+.header__category { margin-top: 1rem; } .header__primary__button.about-chanel[aria-hidden=true] { opacity: 1 !important; } }, Mini wallet on chain Fortunately it doesn’t go as fast as the more expensive bags like the 2.55 reissue or the boy bags. The Mini Classic Square Flap has seen the maximum increase of a whopping 25%, while the new medium Boy Bag has seen no increase at all! Noir Bleu marine Beige & noir, Trouver une boutique à proximité de cet endroit, Géolocalisation - trouver la boutique la plus proche, En cliquant sur le bouton de consentement, vous acceptez de recevoir par e-mail des communications marketing relatives aux événements et produits CHANEL. Price of Chanel Mini Soars 27.4% AP1117Y07659N9310, Wallet on chain May 13, 2020, Chanel replied (as quoted in the New York Times), Queues in China After Reports of Chanel Price Increases, Chanel is Likely to Increase Prices in Europe, Global Chanel Price Increases Eliminate Advantages to Shopping Abroad, We’ve Updated the Best Chanel Bags Available at Pre Increase Prices, Tiny Bags Stand Out for Chanel Cruise 2020/21, Australia Faces the Steepest Chanel Price Increase. AP1450B0299194305, Wallet on chain Argenté & noir, Chèvre froissée brillante & métal doré. Whatever the reason, how will Chanel’s increases affect you? Noir AP1541B03267N4552, Wallet on chain The WOC was also increased. More variations. Réf. Noir A80982Y04059N9317, Wallet on chain Noir Réf. Pour en savoir plus, notamment sur vos droits relatifs à vos données personnelles, consultez notre. Rose If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Veau vieilli & métal finition ruthénium.

AP1814B0436910601, Wallet on chain $3,100* Wallet on Chain Lambskin, Charms & Gold-Tone … Réf.

Violet Les conseillers CHANEL se tiennent à votre disposition pour toute question. $2,700* Classic Wallet on Chain Lambskin & Gold-Tone Metal. Black Ref. Chanel UK Price Increase Summary Majority of the increases on bags prices were from 4.5-7.8% and include the popular Chanel 19, Chanel Timeless Classic, Chanel Boy, Chanel Coco Handle and 2.55 are increased.

Bleu, Veau vieilli, veau lisse, métal doré, argenté & finition ruthénium. Veau froissé brillant, métal doré, argenté & finition ruthénium. Now Chanel confirmed its handbags and some small leather goods will increase as well.

Wallet on chain CHANEL 19 Veau froissé brillant, métal doré, argenté & finition ruthénium. Réf. Chanel UK Price increase summary BOY CHANEL Wallet on Chain Grained Calfskin & Gold-Tone Metal. Blue Ref.

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