botw didn't get true ending

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I only have 57 shrines completed, and I got the ending on only my second Ganon boss fight. 26 years after its original release on Game Boy, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening will be reborn as a new experi... Join the Chase! That means that you need to tell Impa once you’ve conquered the divine beasts, and again once you’ve retrieved all memories. I had meant to get the true ending to this game but, as I was looking for a memory, I stumbled across the Ganon fight and got so hyped, I killed him. How to get the true ending in Breath of the Wild Gosu Noob says the path to the true ending is pretty straightforward. Does the second half of the true ending play after the credits? I think that scene was part of the credits. For some reason I did all memories, divine beasts, story and master sword but I didn’t get the scene of Hyrule Castle. Not yet confirmed. Visit Impa and then she will tell you. I got all 13 memories, and got the Master Sword, and finished all divine beasts. I restarted my game but I found it really hard to complete up to where I got to previously. The missions in question are freeing all of the Divine Beasts from Ganon’s hold, which are main story missions, and getting all of Link’s memories, which is more of a side quest. Curse of the Moon 2 brings classic 2D... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. If you have champions ballad downloaded haven’t done it that could the reason. Wasn’t she wearing the same dress for the past 100 years waiting for Link? I think that's what it was. Also, where did Zelda find her previous clothes again?

We’ll list how these actions affect the ending that you’ll get below. Can somebody show me the other ending? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just beat ganon for the 3rd time to see it. That scene is in the end credits so if you skip that you just get the last scene, You need to free all 4 beasts to se all the champions. But please help! its not working for me, do you need the nintendo switch? And I played with Dhalsim! Anybody know why? It appears at the very end. Only the one with link and zelda at the top of the hill with the flowers etc. I play on Wii U and got most shrines, all divine beasts, must have done all the main quests including all memories because i ended up with the true ending as well. I had meant to get the true ending to this game but, as I was looking for a memory, I stumbled across the Ganon fight and got so hyped, I killed him.

A language teacher and video game enthusiast turned rogue, Joe is on a quest to become the ultimate gaming journalist. When that happened, the autosave icon came on, but when we go back into the game the most recent autosave file is much older. To get the true ending, do I have to play through the game again or just get that memory and then kill Ganon again? A little annoying that I don’t get to witness the true ending in my own playthrough. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. [SPOILERS] I didn't the true ending in botw? the autosave icon is to save the progress at the point where the game is completed, but when you load the game it will always take you back to the point just before the Ganon fight so you can either fight him again or explore the world more. Zelda Breath of the Wild How to Get Alternate Endings.

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