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In 1982, the wars between BGDs and BDs almost came to an end after Dirk Acklin was released from prison and disapproved of how powerful Jerome Freeman had become. Both vehicles then stopped and one of the windows on the taxi cab rolled down and a barrel of a gun appeared as the shooting suddenly started. This was the 4555 and 4525 buildings which the Cobras held since 1962. These Mickey Cobras were known as the “Fidel Castro Mickey Cobras.”  The building that was taken was the 4844 building. Shows that we are able to communicate effectively, bringing about agreements, and a positive state of mind. Later on that day Collins struck Baily in the head with the bat repeatedly which caused Baily to be hospitalized, and on February 5, 1981, Baily died according to court documents (People vs. Harris, 1988). His gives a home address of 8407 S. Morgan. He did a test and led the cops to the end of an alley and sure enough the Stones opened fire and shot at David, the Stones were then arrested but this also ended the peace treaty (Source: People Vs. McChristian) (The Almighty Black P. Stone Nation, Moore, Williams).

In the same year that David Barksdale took over power of the Disciples Richard Strong and his family moved into the Cabrini Green public housing projects that was mostly ran by various small gangs and Egyptian Cobras. * Arrested 24 July 68 for warrants on the two prior arrests, receives 6 months in the “House of Corrections” (i.e., today known as Cook County Jail) by Judge Zelezinski.

Mickey Bull approached White while Terrell walked up and put a pistol to White’s temple and told him to give them all his money. Togetherness is essential in order for us to continue our survival. The taxi cab was apparently stolen to be used in this shooting perhaps as a diversion, after all who would expect a taxi to pull up and start shooting at you? Now by the summer of 1976 he had enough power to order deeds he needed to be done. Although there was a split on the streets there wasn’t as much clarification on the difference between BGD and BD but in prison it was very clear. There were also white and black gangs from outside of Englewood, Hyde Park and Kenwood that invaded and bullied these youths. In January 1996, Gangster Disciple Governor Chuck “Big Chuck” Dorsey was shot and killed on the streets. As the families began moving in the early 60s the Disciples grew stronger in Englewood and gradually a new headquarters was set up at 63rd and Normal in the year 1963 because many homes were razed at 53rd and Kimbark in Hyde Park and the Kimbark Shopping Plaza was built over half of Disciple headquarters. The BDs also opened up in several Chicago land suburbs and in other states. Blue is for the heavenly sky which blesses all Disciples. Black Disciple snipers were posted on the roof of the buildings equipped with high powered and complex sniper rifles while they wore night vision goggles at night so they could spot enemy gang members and pick them off. Black Gate

These sections of Disciples were not very significant but worth mentioning because this was the beginning of BD settlement out west which we will expand upon later in this piece. As Larry Hoover was now sitting in prison while David Barksdale was the main face for the B.G.D.N in the streets David also started to become very ill. Some founding members were Richard “Champ” Strong, David Barksdale, Mingo Shread, Prince Old Timer, Kilroy, Leonard Longstreet, Night Walker and various others. He ran that building and all the buildings around (Chicago Tribune, December 3, 1986). The same exact money that convicted the Stones somehow didn’t get the Disciples convicted even though both groups were technically mismanaging funds. Rag Town A 21 June 71 entry for traffic court. After Barksdale’s passing in 1974, he was dearly missed especially by the Gangster gangs allied with the B.G.D.N. They decided to flip through the holy bible to get ideas and that’s when it dawned on them to use the name “Disciple” in their title. As the 1990s progressed more and more Gangsters Disciple gang members flipped to Black Disciples. He held BD meetings in front of the 4950 building. This was a much more attractive deal for Larry Hoover, and he accepted this offer, and this brought about the birth of the “Black Gangster Disciple nation” name.

When he walked the streets he had a special whistle that BDs knew. Here is a list of crimes on record recorded on David Barksdale from a list I got from the NGCRC website written by George W. Knox. Some of the bullied youths from Kenwood, Hyde Park and Englewood got together as friends and decided to create a club that would fight against all these enemies they had.

He was the King of the Disciples but when you look at his old rap sheet you really couldn’t tell. Brick City/Baldy World 60th/Steve Drive 59th/Front Street 61st & Indiana/600 The Crack Cocaine epidemic of the late 1980s caused relations between the two gangs to completely break down, mainly because of the Crack trade in the Englewood neighborhood. What you will read all about is how the rival Black Peace Stone nation spread all over the place after that nation was created in May of 1966 to counteract the Black Disciple nation, again it was because Stones were more outspoken to media outlets. Like most other gangs, the Black Disciples have numerous enemies, however their main enemies are often considered to be the Black P. Stone Nation, Mickey Cobras, and the Vice Lords. Permanent leadership ranks also include the Minister, Assistant Co-Minister, and the Demetrius. Even though Bull was still on parole for the 1973 manslaughter he was only given 5 years for the murder and was back on in Robert Taylor by 1977 (Chicago Tribune, December 3, 1986). Violent gang wars erupted in the Robert Taylor and Stateway Gardens projects as gun fire echoed day and night mainly between BDs and GDs. By November 5, 1973 Hoover and Howard were sentenced to 150 to 200 years in prison in Statesville Correctional Facility in Crest Hill Illinois. The BGDs obtained an aluminum bat which ended up in the hands of Fred “Bobo” Collins. * On 3 August 68 charged with criminal damage to property, but on 3 Nov 68 it is dismissed (Judge Zelezinski). By August of 1991, during one of the hottest and driest summers in Chicago history the feuding between GDs and BDs was taken to a new level because of the death of Mickey Bull. The Tower was the largest drug operation the Black Disciples had ever ran but the gang would continue to grow and open new ventures regardless. Maybe some of that money went to illegal activities but a great deal of it went into helping the community. The Englewood neighborhood is Chicago’s most violent and most impoverished neighborhood and just like the high rise housing projects, the Englewood community became a hotbed for Crack Cocaine users which made distribution a large money making commodity. There are many accepted justified reasons for leaving the gang, such as getting a job, returning to school, or any type of problem the member might be facing that prevents them from being a member such as family issues. White said he had no money and Bull searched him and found nothing. Unlike many other gangs where female members are sexed in, it doesn’t happen with the BDs, which is most likely due to the fact that the sets are regional and tend to make up of individuals from a few close by blocks. Every gang that absorbed into the Black Disciple nation adopted the last name of “Disciple” added onto their name. True blue also represents the love we share, which is as deep as the deep blue sea.

Black P Stones and Disciples squashed their war in May of 1968 and it lasted for days until May 8th.

On 4 Sept 69 again for “mob action”, again dismissed (S.O.L., Judge Genesen). Front Street 061 In the year 1982, Mickey bull and the BDs took over the long standing Mickey Cobra buildings near 45th and State. and all the bylaws associated with it, he was also pivotal in getting the word out to Hispanic and white gangs about the Folk alliance. The BDs also took over the 5th Ward and New Town from the GDs in the 2000s. It was not until 1994 when Marvell Thompson stepped in after he was cleared on a murder charge that the violence between GDs and BDs settled down for a while. Mickey Johnson made sure not all of the Stateway Gardens became BGD and even convinced most of the Del Vikings to flip to BDs making the BDs have a strong presence in the Stateway Gardens, this is the story of how BDs got into the Stateway Gardens. In 1971 top leaders of the Black P Stones were officially charged and by 1972 Jeff Fort was sentenced to 4 years in prison. This was the beginning of severe conflict between BDs and BGDs. This large building the BDs nicknamed “The Castle” where they set up a complex $45,000 a day to as much as $300,000 a day Crack Cocaine and heroin operation in this tower.

This organizing led to another big sit down with members of allied and enemy nations to discuss how to control the gang wars in the prison system. His rivals agreed to this and assembled their own coalition called the “People” alliance. They have meetings, parties, and attempts to reach many other geographical areas. In the early 1970s a bid for domination of these projects began and first caught wind in the news when two officers were shot dead by snipers on the rooftops of the project buildings.

These gangs would still retain their original name, but all groups would all have the last name of “Disciple.”  All other branches of Disciples outside of Englewood had their own President.

In an effort to lower their sentences, some of the gang member such as Robert Allen Jr. and Charles Jackson agreed to work the federal prosecutors in prosecuting the other members. Arrested 4 Sept 70 for mob action, held to the grand jury (Judge Dunne).

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