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“Go. For those of you who are new here, check out my profile for 2 Tony-centric kidnapping stories, a thing that also has Bucky in it, and a bunch of introspective oneshots about anything and everything... but mostly Tony. Blue bottle, two pills.".

Thor and Iron Man had gotten off on the wrong foot, but after an offhand comment of "No hard feelings, Point Break," neither of them held any grudge. But anyway, Tony's glad he learned sign language. Tony trusts them. Have at it, green bean." "I second it. However, little do they know, Doc Ock is doing all he can to take away everything that Peter Parker- Stark has outside of his family and friends: Spiderman. Mostly, people in SHIELD knew Tony, and only a select few ever worked with Iron Man. He could tell whoever was in charge was furious that the building was put to hold, easy to tell by the screaming in foreign languages in between moans and flares of pain as Yinsen told him to hold on and don't fall asleep, you'll be fine…. Somehow. ", "And everyone on the team knows but me and Cap?

It's kind of gross.". Iron Man was gaining more and more fame as an Avenger as well as Tony's bodyguard, and more and more people were starting to speculate on everything from a potential relationship between them to the absurd idea that there really was nobody inside the suit. And yet, every day, it was proving more vital. BUT YOU'RE HERE FOR THE IDENTITY-PORN (just an expression, this is not rated M) SO LET'S HAVE AT IT! He's bi, he doesn't care. Tony smiles, and opens up a small pocket on his fake leg, where there's a cord already attached through it. "Something like that.". Go get the asshole, I'll call for back up, okay? "In the area I was in, there were a lot of bomb victims who lost limbs. It had become an obsession the day he had lost him. He's watching down below, of course he is. This is different than Pepper, maybe better. "There's a heating pad and a towel in a drawer in the kitchen. "I fucking knew it! Steve looks way too perfect. ... My brain keeps telling me it was AO3 but it may have been LJ or Fanfiction.net. He doesn't have any choice but to crawl to elevator and the rest of the way to the lab, where the spare arc reactor awaits in its glass case of "Proof Tony Stark Has a Heart". The Avengers, on the other hand, worked with both of them, which quickly became annoying. Tony blinks.

He knew Iron Man really only in passing. That kind of led into problem #2 accidentally. Tony tries, tries so hard not think about his leg because it just makes him feel horrible because holy shit, it's gone. They have to move by the time the sixth agent goes down. How long can he keep his identity a secret while he works with the Avengers as Tony Stark AND as Iron Man? It's much more…", "In a good way, though," he assures. There was a metallic layer to blood that Steve was used to smelling, and in Tony, that was distinctly not present. Tony's okay, he's pretty sure swallowed a mouthful of jungle dirt and there's the sticky feeling of blood on his face, but Clint doesn't look that concerned. ", "That you like him." "Steve, he's a genius, don't get him started about people beating him at things…" Natasha sighs as Tony glares at the crossword puzzle. He really did trust the man, to the point where Iron Man even vouched for him after his disappearance. Pepper explains. "It's infected…very badly, Stark. "What?" Whatever. "Why are you so determined for this? "Whatabuh" he says intelligently. Oh. Your review has been posted. Pepper is not thrilled about this, but it doesn't matter because they're both okay. Tony didn't really do anything to deserve a friendship card from Captain America. Steve says quickly, but Tony waves a hand. They're nosy.". After hearing how Iron Man had managed to save the Helicarrier, he had even managed to earn a little respect from the Asgardian. It was enough that he could get along with the man in battle. Get off." Also in the drawer. It's horrible, and Tony's climbing the walls to get out. But you have to tell the rest of the team, Tony. I thought you hated me for yelling at you. Put the towel under warm water and heat up the heating pad, bring it back to me, yadda yadda."

"Do you want to just…go to the park?

"I am a cyborg from your greatest nightmares, Steve Rogers," he says in a fake gravelly voice. Steve is thrashing and shivering so harshly Tony first thought he was having a seizure. ", She had smiled then, and he couldn't remember her smiling at him outside the suit, not even once unless it was a smirk.
It takes a while, since he renovates several floors into housing quarters and they aren't totally convinced in moving into his place until Fury ordered it officially. Okay, wrong. He pressed a button next to cord and out shot a repulsor blast. Tony's going to do it. Tony squints at him. "Are you injured?

", "Busy." When he wakes up, Rhodey is next to his bed, eyes red rimmed like he'd been crying too.

Asshole birdbrain probably "gets it" the most. Sometimes this impatience was nearly deadly, if the waterboarding and beating were anything to go by.

The movie Red with Bruce Willis turns on to the flat screen on the wall and right when Tony is about to sit back down, Thor turns to him. So he calls a press conference right away just as he planned, says hello to Obadiah (who doesn't know, Tony doesn't want him to know) with only crutches and Rhodey guiding him. He's upset that he upset you, yadda yadda. Oops. "No need, honey. That's a lie, by the way, but Jarvis is mean and knows Tony needs to get over himself (and so does Steve, he's mean too, shut up).

"Bastard." "Why didn't you tell me before?" There a release mechanism?"

"So, what did Pepper want you to talk to me about?" Oh God, he hopes. There is still a lot Steve has to get caught up on, of course, but he knows the important basics. How?" Even if that means he and Natasha converse in foreign languages to piss off Clint or he and Clint and prank and he and Bruce do science. Steve was frozen, but for only 5 years until Howard found him... Steve becomes Tony's second father and watches him grow up, but has to live everyday seeing the name of his dead best friend on the body of his son.
Rhodey calls Pepper for him and Pepper cries for about ten minutes and Tony keeps saying he's okay and makes really dumb jokes. If Tony wasn't so goddamn irrationally self-conscious about his body the touching would have progressed a whole lot more. I have you to help me now, don't I?". "You should tell him the other thing too.

He excuses. Natasha keeps her grip firm and steady despite Tony's ungraceful struggles and she lays him on the couch.

It's hard to wake him up, because Tony's not dumb enough to get close and risk maybe being crushed. Clint's been nearly deaf for years, and he still has done damn good at his job. "That's a battle of courage, my friend. Rhodey's telling him to calm down, there's arms holding him but all Tony can do is scream himself hoarse, lungs burning and his chest feeling like it was about to split open, and then he's down under again. It's another Tony-centric story! Guess what? Later, they're on Tony's bed fully clothed minus shirts and shoes but clinging to each other like they'll never have to let go. Tony hasn't been to Central Park in a long time, not since the invasion. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. he snorts. "Popcorn it is," Tony says, and he's pleased because Thor knows Tony likes to do things that make him like everyone else and not an invalid. I was a dick. ", "You've said that a lot, and yet I don't believe you. ", "Amputated. And it's just Peter's luck that he drew Mr. Stark's name. I might be able to give you a few pointers.". He doesn't get the girl because as much as he wants to get it over with and kiss Pepper and tell her how he feels, it's not the time. It's bad at first, and worse when he realizes he's dying of palladium poisoning. Tony asks, horrified. It's okay. "Tease me, I tease you.". So it really didn't bother Tony that Bruce was the first to learn. It was hard to greet Steve and receive a cooler look than he had gotten just a few minutes before when he was ensconced in a suit of armor.

Tony reaches for the things, but Natasha narrows her eyes and pushes him back. We've got a peg leg in action." He grins, patting Clint on the shoulder. Therefore, when Clint told him to do something, Tony did it, and vice versa. Pepper would walk up to him, her pretty features wary and untrusting as she approaches him. ", "Gone. Tony managed not to let anyone know who was actually flying the Iron Man suit. I have my bow and arrows and my gun is out.

"He'll be here."

Whatever it came from, his stub erupts into pain and he grips it harshly. ... Hi! "Yeah. Stark, what the hell?" Clint turns away absently, staring into the foliage, eyes carefully examining. "He was just fine about your arc reactor, Tony. Not the mention the fact that while Tony was almost dangerously loquacious, Iron Man was… kinda quiet. "My face is up here, buttercup.". He should be the first one Tony should tell. ", "Coulson told me that everyone is betting on us to get together, and that you felt the same way. It's like they've formed some kind of group of "Tony friends". "In that way. The whole thing leaves him sweating and he wants to collapse because it hurts, the stitches were almost ready come out but it was so sore on the bottom of his stub. Yeah, that's the only normal description he can get out. Steve insists. It wasn't exactly sanitary there, and by the time I was rescued, it was too infected. And still, the facts were unknown. Jarvis, play something from my list." By the time the military plane touched down, Tony was almost crawling and wow, Rhodey was there, hugging him and shouting out for things he needed and sound good to Tony. Fuck. She remarks casually.

"I'm okay with that." Work Search: Don't keep something like this from me ever again.

Steve is yelling at him and yanking him to cover. Peter Parker- along with Tony's other close friends- involves himself in the mess and drags Stephen Strange with him, only messing the situation up even more. It must be some kind of curse, bullets only hitting that leg. "Tony Stark has a deep dark secret. You didn't say you lost your leg entirely." I'll sleep better knowing the team leader knows your strengths and weaknesses. He waves a hand. ", "Don't even start with the pirate jokes.

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