5e corpse mound

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. They would burn them, for who knew if the decay could possess them or not. When a corpse flower is seriously wounded (reduced to 50 hp or fewer), its self-preservation impulse kicks in to tell it that it’s not going to survive just by digesting its corpse collection.

What I would instead argue about is the plant even being able to come up with the concept of such a strategy, but I could see it working as the ingrained response of “pummel and harvest whatever is around, moving, and of the right size”. A partially destroyed coffin, lying aboveground—that would be another matter. Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. The rules also seem like they distinguish between “corpses” and “piles of bones” (as in Animate Dead, for instance); even if there was no official line between them, it’s hard to imagine a dusty old skeleton being a particularly nutritious meal for a Corpse Flower, so even if it *could* get into a crypt, unless the bodies were pretty recently interred, I don’t imagine it would have a very good time there.

This movement places it out of reach of its opponents’ weapons, while they remain within reach of its tentacles. The dwarf fought his way out with a snarl, taking Solanka with him. This creates a challenge to the players who may need to start dragging dead Zombie bodies away from the Corpse Flower to deny this. Being undead changes you. | d20 Anime SRD No actual players were harmed during this session, though both PCs and NPCs gave their lives. The Sunken Elves warned them that the decay was coming, descending upon Zazuk’s tribe even as they spoke. They buried her alive, posting guards around her living tomb. None other. It grins at the far wall, clutching a small cloth bag pierced by an iron spike. Your article is excellent and definitely correct, I just add this as an option for DMs. You can control a mount only if it has been trained to accept a rider. Corpse flowers 5e. There is a reason: Harvest only works on humanoids, and zombies are not humanoids but undead. The corpse flower is a horrible ambulatory plant that scavenges the remains of the dead and occasionally belches one of them back out as a zombie. In either case, if the mount provokes an opportunity attack while you're on it, the attacker can target you or the mount. Nothing of the digested body remains. The decay had taken her and turned her into a wild monster. morning wishes good morning fresh flowers. A controlled mount can move and act even on the turn that you mount it. He could see that. …Hmm, I wonder if that would make True Resurrection an effective (albeit prohibitively expensive) tactic against liches.

They crushed him, smothered him, and pinned him beneath the rolling flesh on the ground. It never tires no matter how many victims it accumulates. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.Hit: 13 (2d8 + 4) bludgeoning damage. Zazuk thought to himself. The Kobold Press Blog Archives have all the articles since the start! Therefore, without compunction, a corpse flower keeps attacking an enemy who’s reduced to 0 hp—focusing its attacks on this enemy, sensing that they’re near death.
An iron spike that protrudes from the wall, and is shared by the holder of the bag.

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