400 yard muzzleloader

As muzzleloaders lose energy faster than rifles, you need to stay within yardages where your bullet will still have enough energy to humanely kill your chosen species.

This consistency is vital for long-range shooting. The result is a solid all-weather stock that will not warp under any conditions. We had only one day to hunt and found a big herd of elk but we were pinned down by cows and spent a couple hours of trying to get closer to a bull. It wasn't as hard as one might imagine. In summary, CVA has added some great new options in 2020. The only peep I found that didn’t cost over $300 was the William’s adjustable with target knobs. A unique thing to these CVA muzzleloaders, the Nitride barrels have a CeraKote finish to give additional protection and a better look. That is a whole 'nuther story compared to a slug rifle from a rest. It,s a 1:20 twist. This does require some special muzzleloader supplies unique to the Paramount, but the muzzleloader delivers a very flat trajectory (for a muzzleloader), incredible accuracy, and plenty of energy remaining at ranges in excess of 300 yards. This accessory will be a great addition to the 2020 Paramounts, as all CVA Paramounts and Paramount Pros will now offer threaded muzzles. I won't get into the details of that debate in this article, though. That's great shooting! We would like to give special thanks to Rob Behr at Western Powders for providing us with enough powder for our tests. I have not shot at 500 yards yet and I now have ordered a barrel with a 1 in 18" twist to go out further than 500 yards. Instead of a 209 primer, the Paramount uses a special Variflame ignition system designed for use with large rifle primers. While not every muzzleloader hunter needs a long-range muzzleloader, the Wolf, Optima, and Accura lines are still some of the best muzzleloaders on the market, and certainly have their individual strengths. Had a 443 yard shot. I think Ron is actually is a former member of Seal Team 6.

You have got me to thinking about trying some similar loads in my Traditions Buckhunter/GM 45 project. The target below illustrates a typical three-shot group measuring ¾ “ center-to-center. This article gives you the latest information on the legality of the Tradtions™ NitroFire Muzzleloader and the Federal™ Firestick ignition system. :grin: I was using a .45 cal. “We fired twenty-four rounds at 100 yards. This made the VariFlame a vital component in the Paramount system.”. These are 40+ lbs bench guns. I wonder what kind of group the inline Remington 700 muzzleloaders usually gets. However, the Paramount loaded with the 280-grain ELR Powerbelts makes it reasonable for a hunter to take 200 to 300-yard shots with confidence.

Beyond that (we shoot out to 1200 yards) a wrist rest may also be used. Their design engineers, management and marketing personnel get together each year for what can be called a “big idea” meeting off-site. The second to the last time at the range with a 5 mile an hour side wind. One day I was shooting at 100 yards and the shooter next to me was also shooting at 100 yards. Keep in mind these choices are for Idaho where rules require a full-bore conical. We did encounter a minor irritant with the Paramount. Not sure at this point whether they will be included in the Paramount package, but they should be. I did not see her name on the article, which is unusual. But what surprised us is the consistency that we obtained. Nevertheless, the muzzleloaders on this list are capable of excellent accuracy at much longer ranges than, The "LDR" in the name stands for "long-distance rifle," and that's exactly what the Traditions Vortek Strikerfire muzzleloader is.

That should say I wonder what the Remington gets at 500 yards. The two holes on the right were punched by the 50 caliber Knight Mountaineer loaded with 300g Deep Curl, 120g BH209, crush rib sabot, W209 primer. Is that what your Elite is? The Johnston Muzzleloader has been subjected to just over 125,000 psi breech pressures. The engineers at CVA were determined to ensure that this new gun would be a “stand-alone” muzzleloader ONLY, that was impossible to convert to any centerfire or even rimfire cartridge…. My best is 14 of the 15. I have done all my hunting with the Power Belts just because they are readily available where I am and they’ve worked well. The results with bullets such as Berger and Barnes fall right into line with effective impact velocities.

Following the meeting, engineers started on the design, while the marketing personnel delved into market research to determine if there was a reasonable market for a true long-range muzzleloader.

150 Yard Target. Use our muzzleloader and see if that buck 300 yards across that cut bean field gets away from you this fall! It was pretty much a “no brainer” to go that route. The answer is more simple than one realizes. The cds dial was turned as far as it will go to make the 400 yard hits. By that, we mean it was designed from day-one as a bolt-action muzzleloader. Once you have your adjustable peep, you will need to develop an accurate load with a good bullet with high ballistic coefficient (BC).

After considerable thought (and at Mary's suggestion), we decided to find out if this gun would accurately shoot the 280-grain ELR Powerbelt with a reduced load. The sling mounts are on the left side of the stock which allows the gun to be carried more comfortably in the field..

This is just an interest for me to see what others have done and or doing.

Seems to me that noise control may be more important for hunting than for range use – as user is likely to be using less hearing protection, is not surrounded by unsuppressed firearms (other people) and is likely to be exposing third parties to… Read more ». The "LDR" in the name stands for "long-distance rifle," and that's exactly what the Traditions Vortek Strikerfire muzzleloader is. Authors' final note: A friend of ours took a 6×6 bull elk at 240 yards with a “regular” CVA Accura LR this year …. The Traditions Kentucky Rifle Kit lineup features 3 excellent choices for percussion and flintlock hunters and shooters alike. My gun is shooting well to 400 yards. Ron i always get a kick out of your LONG range sessions and i enjoy the 45cal ones even more. Mr. Flynn, my email is : [email protected]… send me yours with this mentioned in the subject line and I will send you copies of the targets. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Here are a few that I have used with good luck: • Hornady Great Plains 385 Grain• Powerbelt 348 grain• Precision rifles Ultimate Spitzer 400 grain.
Again not trying to justify hunting at extended range, but my muzzleloader carries as much energy at 300 yards as my 44 Mag does at point blank range, (with which I have cleanly killed a bull elk), You can discuss this article or ask the author questions, Vortex Diamondback HD 15×56 Binocular Review, Creative Outdoors Montana Bow Sling Review, Mule Deer Muzzleloader Hunt: Film Release, Outfitting An ATV For The Rocky Mountains, I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good – a Rokslide.com Original Film, Video Review—Novagrade Digiscoping Versatility, Precision rifles Ultimate Spitzer 400 grain, Cooper Firearms’ Excalibur—A True Shooter. I’d shot with good accuracy to 500 yards with the M1A and guessed that I could do at least half that range with a muzzleloader. Jim Clary has had two very serious health incidents, recently. The barrel was originally made for the Disc Elite. The only thing I could hit at 400 yards would be the ground . And Dudley McGarity, former CEO of BPI, punched out a 3” group at 400 yards back in Georgia. The CVA Paramount was the most talked-about muzzleloader in years, and we believe that the Paramount Pro will be another great addition. It looks like a Knight? Check the regulations for the states you intend to hunt. The 348 grain Power belt was on the off side against the hide and expanded quite well. Just as the name suggests, the Vortek Strikerfire LDR uses an internal striker instead of an external hammer to strike the primer.

You must log in or register to reply here. I am hoping to shoot to 300 yards this year. That amount would cause failure in most any other muzzleloader. I have worked the past 10 years as a professional scout for WeScout4u.com. What is your best group at a bench with a muzzleloader at 400 yards or longer.

The Gunwerks Muzzleloader doesn't come cheap, though. That is another new concept introduced by CVA to the world of muzzleloaders. We cannot begin to list the number of barrels and various twist rates that were tested. Is it more efficient? The CVA Paramount Muzzleloader Rifle is a game-changer for muzzleloaders. It extends your effective range out to almost 400 yards.
This gives me a good picture of how bullet performance changes at different ranges when muzzleloaders are launching the projectile.

Like what you see here? I am always trying to maximize my potential in the field. For me most of my shots come at 100 or less yards. I think most hunters will likely agree that the wide variety of different muzzleloader options currently available, combined with the confusing hunting regulations in many states, can make choosing the best muzzleloader for hunting season an overwhelming task. It is undoubtedly one of the best long-range muzzleloaders in production anywhere in the world and is about as far from a traditional muzzleloader as you'll get.

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