2023 nfl hall of fame eligible

AT 7-0, Pittsburgh is off to its best start ever. It’s an impressive list, with Kuechly the standout.

Welker is an interesting case.

He led the NFL in rushing in each of his first two seasons.

How WRONG you all are. Through it all, Ware carried himself with class. Eight-time Pro Bowler.

QB Peyton Manning When Johnson's name comes up in the voters' room in 2021, I can guarantee you there will be plenty of debate. Great player. Not a first ballot HOFer but definitely deserves consideration down the road. Is Calvin Johnson a lock? Trubisky is in the Hall of Fame verse the pathetic Lions. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. RB Steven Jackson. LOL, Make Peyton wait. Kuechly played in 125 games, including the playoffs, and started all of them. Worth mentioning: In two of those years, he received honors from the national media (UPI, Sporting News).

Two-time first-team All-Pro. WR Andre Johnson Jerome Bettis is in, so I guess anybody that was pretty good for a handful of years should be in, esp if you have street cred. All those Peanut punches and game changing plays!

DeMarcus Ware is the most qualified for the Class of 2022. But tell that to Herschel Walker or Doug Flutie. Here’s your pocket guide to the upcoming classes, with the most notable candidates who will be in their first years of eligibility: CLASS OF 2021

Follow Elliot Harrison on Twitter @HarrisonNFL. Consider his season-by-season sack numbers from his first decade in the league: 8, 11.5, 14, 20, 11, 15.5, 19.5, 11.5, 6, 10. It's not like James stopped running after two years, either. I would understand if he had to wait a couple years though. The committee elected Ray Lewis, Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher as first-ballot candidates in 2018 and Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson in 2017. The Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee has been embracing first-ballot candidates of late, electing three in the Class of 2018 and two more in the Class of 2017. He earned respect all around the league and, most importantly, from the Cowboys and Broncos organizations for which he starred.

But he also has this: A .500 career record, one playoff appearance his last eight seasons and no All-Pro nominations. This guy was a tackling machine, the Ronnie Lott of the AFC. In 10 seasons, Gradishar missed out on the Pro Bowl just three times.

Ware recorded 127 sacks in his first 10 years and 138.5 (eighth all-time) for his career. What about in 2022? I was wondering about that. A few mostly good years before quitting is low even by today’s standards. They're about to demonstrate why. Two-time second-team All-Pro. c wood doesnt seem like a first ballot guy but peyton should definitely be in. WR Calvin Johnson Ken Riley, the CB from the Bungles in the 70s and early 80s? Ware was always productive, never average, thus making him one of the most consistent pass rushers in NFL history.

Vick had some electric plays, and 6,0000 yards rushing is impressive; but he doesn’t have the longevity and stats to get serious consideration.

Jared Allen for sure, the rest are all borderline, IMO. Can the Bills or Dolphins grab the torch in the AFC East? He never won a playoff game and was part of an 0-16 season. Jacoby owns 3 rings on 3 completely different Skins teams and was elite in the NFC for easily 10 years. Can’t go by pro bowl’s anymore.

A player on a winning team doesn’t automatically make them better (and offensive player isn’t on defense, a receiver isn’t blocking on the OL).

Somehow he played for 9 years with Tom Brady and never got a ring. OT Joe Thomas, CLASS OF 2024 only 2 on next years list stand out. DeMarco murray?? Five-time Pro Bowler.

Most of these guys would barely make a pro bowl.

DB Charles Woodson Man he was a beast.

Slippery slope here. nflhistorybuff68 says: Cleveland Browns Close.

FILE - In this Dec. 29, 2013, file photo, Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson (24) talks with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) after an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif. Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson are among 14 first-year eligible candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. These are the words we use so often to describe Hall of Famers. The only pure guard to be elected to the Hall on a first ballot was former Patriots’ star John Hannah in 1991. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs are steaming toward a collision, ranking 1-2 this week in Rick Gosselin's NFL rankings. Gradishar called the signals and beat out strong contemporaries at the Mike, like Jack Lambert, Harry Carson and Bill Bergey, for first-team All-Pro status. Every defensive player is using the Peanut punch now. 2023: Freeney, Harrison, Hester, Lechler, Thomas In his first two seasons, James racked up 881 -- 881! So are the Steelers. Three-time second-team All-Pro. Wilfork pops out, Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning obviously, Boldin, Calvin Johnson, DeMarcus Ware (longevity/consistency and impact), Gronk, Peppers, Hester, maybe Freeney, etc. Most of us know what to expect from the Hall-of-Fame’s Class of 2021: Namely, more first-ballot choices. True warrior. So how come he's been forgotten? Johnson was the best wide receiver in football for three straight years.

For 2021 I’d have to think Woodson and Manning are locks to get in.

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images). Combine your love … Joe Thomas, left offensive tackle. S Kam Chancellor People either are on board with him, or they’re not. NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (1998) All are in the Hall of Fame, and all entered in their first year of eligibility. Of those two single-digit years, one was his rookie campaign (Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas and many of the greatest 3-4 OLBs failed to get 10 sacks their first year), and the other came during an injury-plagued season. (Jared only played in 12 games the year he led the league). I don't think Luke Kuechly will be chosen in his first year since Patrick Willis wasn't even a finalist this year. Here's your short list of the other dudes who've pulled that feat off: Jim Brown, Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson. WR Anquan Boldin All are in the Hall of Fame, and all entered in their first year of eligibility. All he did there was produce 39 sacks (in two 18-game seasons) and get named the league’s Outstanding Rookie in 2007 and Outstanding Defensive Player one year later. Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson are among those eligible …

I give him a .500 shot of getting in. Since Atwater made it, Rodney Harrison and John Lynch are slam dunks next year. Lynch has been a seven-time semifinalist for Canton, and he’s still not in. And, hey, I have been watching and attending since 1966. Although Denver fell short that day, don't blame the defense. Steve Sabol. That's with no Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt or Keenan McCardell complementing him as his WR2, either. The HOF is full of these kinds of players who get in because of the 52 other guys on the team. Think I'll stop there. 36 total TDs isnt a HOF career. Some big names become eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the next few years. His YPC is under 4 at 3.9. As I pointed out in an earlier post, Yanda’s resume reads much like that of guard Alan Faneca (nine Pro Bowls, eight All-Pro selections, all-decade first-team and Super Bowl champion), yet he’s been eligible for Canton for five years and still isn’t in.

With Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson eligible for the Hall next year, we could have as many as three first-ballot inductees -- which is what happened in 2018-19. Five-time first-team All-Pro.

Smith details Waller's hardships and triumphs on the way to a second chance in the NFL and at life. I know this much, Herm Edward’s traded Jared Allen in the prime of his career, traded him the year after he led the league in sacks. Because he'll have to be considered as a contributor, Sabol's legacy will be compared with so many names -- with, unfortunately, so few spots to fill. Getting through the but-he-doesn't-rank-high-in-any-career-categories force field will be like what Bill Pullman faced in "Independence Day" (you know, the "Independence Day" movie that was actually watchable). Unfortunately, his name will have to be snuck onto a ballot through the "Contributor" category. Neither has been a Hall-of-Fame semifinalist. 10 in 2012.

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